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  1. IW is working on it and said they are...."taking care of offenders" They said it stemmed from modders, and that anyone who had played in a room with them, subsequently ended up with the same 'mod' on their harddrive....hence the need to reboot
  2. jdub240

    unreadable disc

    Ended up sending it back in, and 'renting' one from walmart for the time being. Hit me up with a friend request for some play online for MW2, as most of my buddies were on PSN For now my xBox name is buoy361 That will change....but im using up whats left over from my buddies account
  3. jdub240

    unreadable disc

    What up fellas....its been a long time since i logged on here. I sold all my gaming stuff earlier in the year, but picked up a shitbox this week for nothing so...back here I am. So Ive been hearing that MW2 discs having been giving the unreadable err message, and the new one I just unwrapped is doing the same for me. In fact, Its the second new one. Ive done everything I know. Clear caches, reformat, unplug..... Any clues?? It only does it with this game.
  4. Chaka Talked with your girl... I dont know.. closing on the house on the 2nd. Things are getting tight on this deal. If you try Sat, you know I'll be there anyway. Holla, when you know more
  5. Can want to start playing around with sigs and ps3 themes, can someone recommend a program that is relatively inexpensive.... I dont need many options (resizing, text, and 'lasso') thanks.
  6. 1 Pulp Fiction 2 Blazing Saddles 3 Flamingo Kid
  7. Sorry to see'em go, great group of guys...good luck in the future
  8. jdub240

    PS3 Themes

    nice theme..looks good
  9. yeah...hilarious!!...figured it could turn out something funny
  10. Can someone help me out with a sig from the link below....The one of the superman ninja....Thanks..
  11. jdub240

    LPK ....add

    yo fellas....I play on PS3 with LPK, but add xJDub240x on the box as well. ALSO, try adding TW Anubis....he may be able to get you some scrimmages with 'tactical warfare' which boasts a number of squads....peace
  12. Holla...whats the correct spelling for the UF staffer at the clan-map pick meetin for LPK? IM tempin for Chaka UFStaff_25??????