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Found 48 results

  1. I was in Best Buy today buying a PS3 for my boy. I got on the subject of having my PS3 since the day they first released. The guy starts telling me that my PS3, in good working condition, is worth $600-$700. Then he tells me even if it's broke they're selling for $200. Anyone know this to be true or false?
  3. with video. hope it's true...
  4. My friend sent me this link I hope this is true it's kind of long, but if this is not a hoax it's good news for all us legit gamers!]-sony-to-begin-perma-banning-with-new-fw.html
  5. so before anyone says it, yes, this should prolly go into the "movies" section. but this is not about movies. this is about america, and john wayne is about as ameri-fickin-can as you can get. they remade true grit? they reinvented rooster cogburn? this is not about a movie. this is about a shitty economy, a gevernment that is full of crooks, and now a remake of a john wayne movie. you cant remake a john wayne movie. it would be like rewriting the bible. it would be like flamebroiling a big mac. it would be like a gay lil bowtie on a good ol ford. what the hell has happened to this co
  6. Wow I don't know bout Gyllenhaal but it looks sick, maybe this will be the one movie to stay true to the game...
  7. So my sister and some of our friends drove up to Crater Lake. It's about an hour out of town here. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and the 7th Deepest of the world. It was formed by a volcano. It's really pretty. The water is crystal clear and you can actually take a cup and drink right out of it. They have said that a plane crashed into it and it's never been found due to it being so deep. It's 1,949 feet deep. At certain times through out the year, they say you can see about 134 feet down. It's just that clear! But here is some pics of it and us. My twin sis
  8. Just Kidding ;D Just reminding you guys how it feels when you hope for something to be true, then it crushes you when you figure out its not.
  9. Yeah you know it's true eww girl i love you!! Ooops wrong thread, but yeah we looking for people who want to have a good time and win! Get in before its toooo late!! My contact info: AIM: JnkYardDogg313 website:
  10. Its true, I have a hell of an addiction. Its called Street Fighter 4. Ever since I picked this game up, I just can't seem to put it down to play another game... I actually slightly care about rank.. Tho I don't know why.. Its like this constant desire to see if ill kick the next persons ass. Im hoping I can pull away from it soon, so I can get back to cod, or [email protected] Lol.. Ugh... anyone wanna fight? Lmao
  11. I was looking around at for a battery powered water gun for the kid.. and came across this! Famas Softair Spring Powered BB Gun $29.83
  12. This is the greatest video ever. if you are not rolling in the floor laughing at this, you are not a "True socom vet!" I dont normally post video's or outside links. but this one deserves it.
  13. we have 2986 members i wonder how many are still active probally 85 percent of them 3000 and 25000 more to come this is the true test of how great of a site ya'll got goin on.. o yeah and the tourneys and community are cool too good shit fella's (creators to the staff) keep it up
  14. my friend sent me this as a joke, and to be honest, some of this is true. ;D
  15. So we heard this on tv. And we were wondering if it was true or not. They say, every time you sneeze. It is 1/8th of an orgasm. Some people around my work and stuff said they have also heard that. has anyone else heard of this before?
  16. I am sorry to all and I have moved on and I wish all could do the same. Again I am my true self now and no longer afraid to show the real me
  17. Even though I am voting for Obama, 'McCain' is a GREAT MAN!:,5620,695220514,00.html?printView=true
  18. Ok here's my new one I rendered both the images in the sig and ill post the pics I rendered them from. Here are the renders: Here are the images in there true form.
  19. This is being argued over in the Playstation forum. Personally I don't see this as a beta. A true beta would allow us to give feedback to the developers, I don't see this happening.
  20. So, just all censorship bad? Should people have free reign to be outspoken and speak true on their feelings? SHould people be subjected to being curtailed when voicing out? Are there situations where censorship is acceptable? "Talk amongst yourselves." -Mike Myers
  21. I see i am going about thing the wrong way, But you guys need to lay off me i am trying to make thing's right and now i am trying to build a clan from the bottom UP. And need support not people talk stuff about me, I am hearing the 411 about me ,i see i am not liked that much. But once again i do need support in trying to make this happen ,not people talking shyt if i did something wrong pm me or post something nice like hey anthony or brxstatic w/e u want to call me you messed up on the application or hey look u should change ur website around and make it look th
  22. Announcing the Newest Clan True Clan is joining the war in cod4 and socom. Founders of True Clan. Ka Hazard & Ba-Fighter Cheif Of Command Brxstatic (Website under way) Wish us luck in are up bring of this new clan ;D
  23. I hear it's true!