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  1. What is ViTAL ? [TABLE=class: container_table] [TR=class: container_table_row] [TD=class: container_column leftmost rightmost] ViTAL is an elite group of gamers who compete in the popular game series Call Of Duty, investing time, energy and raw skill into becoming the most impressive players they can be. ViTAl was conceived as a place to harbour gaming talent and, in turn, take over the competitive gaming world. For years, these members involved in other clans, such as BLuR & the Uprising, have taken feedback of their gaming career to develop a team which will set the trends in eSports and set the new "example". ViTAL GAMING is looking for mature players to join the team. We just put in an app for the up-coming tac map and looking for skilled gunners ready to go to war. Applying to ViTAL. Once Your application has been approved, you will be under a recruitment trial. This will consist of wearing the recruit tag (vitl) and then you may proceed to try out. All clan events are listed on the forums page and also under the info page. Things to remember: 1. You need a working microphone 2. ViTAL only wants respectful members and are eager to play fair and game hard! 3. 18+ If you fell this would be a clan your intrested in sign up at our site at or add me crazyblazer on psn and you can shoot it up with us! [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. Would like to thank everyone that showed interest to me. Played with some really cool guys here but the clan i am going to join is ViTAL GAMING. See you guys on the battlefield!
  3. perfect game 90kills 0deaths add me on psn guys.
  4. Whats up guys crazyblazer here some of you may know me. Just left the Uprising was in the clan for years. Would like to shoot it up with some clans that play here at uf, add me on psn, mostly play bo2 and looking for guys that mostly play that and guys that like to win. k/d 2.00 w/l 73%
  5. sweet sig critikil and our camp is open if you dont get a lot of ppl racingboy you can join us search the uprising
  6. any of you guys play ufc online? some of us at the uprising have made a fight camp and we are looking for more members to join up shoot me a invite crazyblazer and will set it up.
  7. give hogwild a award for still being alive! what are you like 70yo now!!!
  8. sure it will help, if ur gonna make it be sure you add yourself to tha top of tha list
  9. yo last since you like making posts you should make a list of all tha clan hoppers around so we know not to add them to our clans.
  10. how about a round of applause
  11. Im sure your mom will get it for you

  12. hey mike i got an itchy spot on my left nut can u get it