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  1. Sorry about the crappy footage my camera sux in the dark btw it was a Fox body "supposedly" on
  2. X2 i was so bored i had to flip over to "The Universe" on Discovery
  3. Stock that car turned a 16.7 it now runs mid 13s......... on a bad trans. Shooting for 12s in April THATS why its sitting on the track That pic was taken Oct '06 @ M11 (MI GM Event) first time i hit 13s. Shes my 4dr sleeper/grocery getter/grandpamobile I had all intentions of working on a SOCOM sig for here and our site, but have been way too busy working, redoing our site, and doing a few for some friends. That coupled w/ the fact that the sigs on here put my PS skillz to shame, so i just stole one from one of the car forums im on
  4. *cough*DORKS*cough* ;D J/K Guys although every time i see a heated comic book discussion online, i cant help but picture a mass of "comic book guys" from the simpsons sitting in the room correcting each other LOL
  5. im still waiting on the socom edition ps3 , im sure theyll be out on the same day as the pice drop lol enough sarcaism, anyine hear anything new on th white ps3?
  6. I fess up.. it was me but it was cocoa crispies w/ choco milk
  7. comment away
  8. fwiw got it resovled, although not the way intended using the sympatico router w/ wifi disabled linksys plugged into port 1 as a DHCP router and PS2 in port2 ty all for all your help & suggestions
  9. Connection Type: PPPoE Login Status: Connected Internet IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: DNS1: <- *primary DNS? DNS2: <- *Secondary DNS? DNS3: MTU: 1492 * = for manual setup in ps2 connection? if so i tried these and still nothing the IP address for the port am connected to (port 1) is LMK if theres anything else i should do
  10. sorry guys forogt my [email protected] home today so no posting from work, as usual It is a wireless router, but i am using a wired connection for the PS2 PS2 was in port 2 w/ pc on 1 w/. the older router (stock sympatico) now no hard wired pc, PS2 nogo from port 2 or port 1 wifi signal is good where it is, w/ new router DHCP is enabled tried logging in/running setup disk w/ autosettings, wont connect Right now the only thing connectd to the router (aside from the modem) is the PS2 9wired connections)
  11. couldnt find one arond here, G/F needed ti "now" since she has homework and decided to move the office to the second floor, from the basement, where everything worked fine
  12. as stated in my other thread ok so i grabbed a WRT150N.. now im beating my head against the wall trying to connect error the connection attempt has timed out return to the netwrok settings menu is going to be burned into my screen by the end of the week. I opened up the correct ports (10070-10080 tcp and 10070 udp) the linksys help line told me to assign it to and its enabled... but still no lick, and all they tell me to do is call Sony