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  1. Are there any Madden players here in UF? If so, I am always looking to play a game of football with fellow socomers. Hit me up on the psn AminalMotheR for a game. Oh yea I play Sim style football on there. So if you use the vick cheese or go for it on every 4th down, or use the same money plays over and over, dont bother.
  2. I'm just curious what is everyone's favorite sports moment of the year? Any sport baseball, hockey, football...etc. Ofcourse my favorite has to be the last pitch of the World Series Brian Wilson vs. Nelson Cruz, and the Giants win it all.
  3. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It's time to get fat and the comatose during football this afternoon...then maybe play some games this evening. Everyone have a good one!
  4. Plesae take the season off and start over!
  5. Ok so I'm gonna vent here..... The Bears Brian Urlacher has once again come up injured (calf injury). I'm positive this injury will be used as a crutch all season for his supporters to say why he isn't producing again. God I hope I'm wrong, otherwise the Bears will go down the crapper quick. Urlacher hasn't played productivly since Oct '08. He is the new Mike Brown of the Bears. Awsome when healthy, but he can't stay that way. I think the bears should dump him while he's still worth something and get some quality players to fill the voids. Imo, for all fantasy owners out there, stay away from all Bears players. So far in the two pre-season games they've played, they have looked sick. The addition of Martz is a good thing, but it won't help Cutler or the receivers enough to make an impact on a fantasy team this year. Matt Forte....to unpredictable to draft higher then a late 2nd rounder; especially with the addition of Chester Taylor and the unknown on how he'll be used. P.S.- I think the Saints will re-peat.
  6. Is anyone doing a fantasy league? And can I join it?
  7. http://www.parentdish.com/2009/12/02/as-little-boy-loses-sight-he-asks-to-see-usc-football-as-final/?icid=main|aim|dl3|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.parentdish.com%2F2009%2F12%2F02%2Fas-little-boy-loses-sight-he-asks-to-see-usc-football-as-final%2F heart breakin but good show of the kinda people we need in this world
  8. Well after months of constant speculation it has finally come to an end. Charlie Weis was fired from Notre Dame today after setting multiple ND records for losses. I personally thought he handled the whole last few weeks very classy and I hope things work out for him. He recruited great players but unfortunately he just couldn't bring them together. It is time for change in ND because college football needs ND to be a powerhouse again. To bring the ratings back to the North and away from the SEC and Big 12.
  9. Now I know some of you guys play fantasy football so my question is who was your first draft pick? I'll start: Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints 37 points against the Lions!
  10. Where can I watch the games on the internet? And Free?
  11. College football is just a few days away now. Anyone else getting excited???? GO DUCKS
  12. Guys We have a Fantasy Football league Setup and ready to go But would like 4 more teams Anyone interested can PM me for the Info. Our Draft Is tomorrow Night at 8:15 Central So Hurry up
  13. Just wondering if we plan to run another Fantasy football league this year. Maybe a paid one to make sure people stay active....Or not. either or.
  14. Chili327

    Football Fans.!!

    Any NFL team.!! NYG SD You know which one im getting.. Get em soon. (8/7/09) for $14 - http://www.gamestop.com/Browse/Search.aspx?N=133+164 And yes they even have the Raiders.
  15. How about Hells Kitchen Fantasy League? Ah Ha.... It's sort of like Fantasy Football except with Hells Kitchen. I set us up a league if anyone interested. So come on! http://www.fafarazzi.com/group/urgentfuryhellskitchen <a href="http://www.fafarazzi.com/tv_pick_team.php?slug=Hells-Kitchen&utm_medium=widget&utm_source=widget_w_Hells-Kitchen"><img src="http://static.fafarazzi.com/images/hells-kitchen-6/team/w_176858.jpg?t=1247517930" border="0"></a>
  16. i started this on cBF and RVNs website i and just think i should start it on here to. someone asks any type of sports question and the person who answers the question correctly has the floor to ask a question. ill start... which football and baseball team did bo jackson play for?
  17. Getting ready for the season to start since football is over. Go Rowdy!
  18. Jan 3rd 2008- Study some results from LY Sandiego VS Indy Last Year play offs: In this game these guys beat the hell out of each other- In my MANY years of watching football it was the most physical hard hitting game I have ever watched. Who ever won, you knew would not be able to play worth a shit next week... Both teams took heavy injuries from this game into the begining of THIS year. 3 words for the simple minded- Healthy Sleepers WIN
  19. 1st - Wrecking Crew (aka. Trayne Wreck, aka Big Money ) 2nd - DriverHome 3rd - Joker/Churchy http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/224118 Congrats guys See ya next year
  20. I not sure what to do to day with out football! I guess I will have to play socom all day!
  21. OK this is how it's going to work. In the 4 major sports (i.e NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL) you will pick one person and only one person for each sport on who you think is the best player ever for that sport. No object to this. This is just to debate who is the all time great for that sport. I'll start. MLB - Ted Williams NBA - Micheal Jordan NFL - Jerry Rice (Football is hard to pick from man) NHL - Wayne Gretzky
  22. Man I don't think I want to watch football this Thursday. Ten Vs. Det. Sea Vs. Dal Ari Vs Phi Anyone got better ideas on things to watch anythings better then the first two. The Arizona and Philly game is maybe ok to watch but man those other two are horrible.
  23. I need ppl to pray to the College football gods and have OKLA ST beat Texas (which i highly doubt will happen) and PSU beats OHIO st. so PSU can move up into the top 2. LOL still no scoring in the game
  24. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog/dr_saturday/post/Welcome-to-the-SEC-Stephen-Garcia-Signed-your?urn=ncaaf,115984
  25. Man is it me or is this new NFL commissioner a real dick head. As soon as he took over he came in with this hard ass attitude that I'm getting sick of man. This dude is a real jack ass. I hate T.O however he has a point that the NFL = No Fun League. We, well myself love the TD dances and shit like that. Some I agree are to much for NFL like points the FootBall at someone and pretending to shoot them while they fall, yea is to much for tv. BUT The reason's ppl are getting fine for are crazy here is what put me over the top. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3637802

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