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  1. Party System Bug Should Be Fixed... During our maintenance window last night we rolled out what should be the fix to the UI overlay issues that sometimes creeps up when you're playing as a party. That is, you should no longer be pulled out of a game and back into a voting screen or get an image overlay with the RADAR still up in the corner. If you still run into any issues, please let us know and we'll look into them ASAP. Of if it works all day, then let us know as well! Thanks everyone! -------------------- Chris Roper Community Specialist, Zipper Interactive --------------------
  2. Alright guys, so I have been trying to get on Socom since last night. I can get on and get tot he point of joining a game. In the process of the game loading, the bullets on the bottom are moving, then they freeze and won't move, I let it sit there for about 5 minutes multiple times. Then tonight it was loading and i got to a black screen and I could here people talking, anyone know why this might be??
  3. Ok latley i have noticed some of your guys sigs look broken on my screen. Not saying link is broken but visually there like broken up into 3 pcs.Just wondering if anyone else was seen the same? look at ReDOctobers or couple of the guys from lpk those on my screen are the ones that seem to be like that. if u dont see it it may be my computer.
  4. Anyone else try it out? I just played a couple of games on it, and man, I can see it giving you a headache. And it's not 3D per se, the screen has 3D depth. But it's still a cool little system. If your in the Chicagoland area, stop by 500 West Madison. They have about 10 on display with a bunch of different games.
  5. I lost my menu bar at the top of my screen. I believe that's what it is. The bar that has, file, edit, view, favorites or bookmarks. How do I get it back? I'm an idiot.
  6. What's a rootkit? Just got the warning from Avast when I logged into my PC. Also, should I be concerned that for a while now when I go into User Account's on my PC, the screen is blank. I can't change anything now.
  7. So i was wondering who if anyone will be in route on my way back, or any great spots along the way that you guys suggest. I will be flying out roughly May 13th to Chicago and then will be hopping in a car w/ my brother and making the drive back to Oregon. I know there are a few of you in Chi.. and im sure there are more along the way... here is a screen shot of our projected route which may change due to various factors but this is the easiest , quickest way back.. Like i said.. if any of you are in my route home and want to meet up for a beer or a blunt.. let me know.
  8. Well the whole server snafu > took my thunder, but We are pleased to announce that we have added Hulu to the toolbar... It's not much but now you can click the Hulu Button and find a show to watch. It creates its own little container that can be moved anywhere on your screen. You actually do not have to go to the Hulu site to watch the show. Like I said its a little enhancement that has been added to the tool bar. ;D If you don't have it yet, go to http://urgentfurycommand.ourtoolbar.com/ to download it for free.
  9. Well guess who decided it would be a great idea to step over the power cord to my laptop only to catch my toe on it and knock the laptop off in the floor. lol damn it time to order some parts not sure if it's the screen,backlight, or inverter but has to be one of the above. Took it apart and i'm really thinking I just need a new lcd screen for it so easy fix if that's the case.
  10. I know several of you guys have made some nice videos... I was wondering how you went about capturing it? I used the dazzle a while back and it did a decent job, but are there other ways to capturing video or taking screen shots and transferring over to a computer? What hardware, software, etc do you guys recommend?
  11. Vigilance Screen shots and MAP
  12. Since Sunday, I have been having Socom network disconnects. It doesn't disconnect me from PSN only Socom. Sometimes I will try to just go to the channel list and I get "Network Connection Failed. You will be returned to the title screen." I have checked socom.com and don't see anything about it, I am hoping someone else here has had this issue and knows whether or not it is just socom or if there is something I need to do.
  13. My daughter did something to my laptop and now the task bar is vertical on the right side of my screen. How do I get it back horizontally on the bottom?
  14. It f*cks all my stuff up. It changes the screen size like it enters some kind of special program for Youtube. But the mode stays with you when you go to other websites. It finally switched back but I was worried there for a second. Is that only happening to me? Someone try it.
  15. Anyone elses pc getting stuck trying to access the TacMap for Chain Reaction? I get stuck on the screen that says accessing database. The access bar only goes 1 quarter of the way then freezes. I cant get in with Explorer or Safari. Help please. Thanks in advance.
  16. So, I know this is long gone and all...LOL...but a friend sent me this video today as a joke and as I watched it, I couldn't HELP but think to myself....."I know where Havoc disappeared to." After watching the video, you may agree with me...for specific reasons. LOL *Not safe for work* Well.....depends on how close you have people looking at your screen, I guess. Ok, bye now. - TOW
  17. Guest


  18. does anyone know where to get a program to take screen shots of things on ur puter?
  19. According to SCEA’s John Koller, due to the brighter LCD screen on the PSP-3000, the system's average battery life will see about a 30 minute decrease. “Battery life will decrease by a small amount; it’s about 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, and that’s because there’s a little bit of a larger power draw with the brighter screen,†said Koller. The new PSP-3000 model is set to hit retail this October for €199 or US$199.
  20. It's looking real good!! 5 more days!! ;D http://kotaku.com/5041888/will-the-real-new-socom-confrontation-screens-please-stand-up
  21. This is to inform the members of the UF community that Andawg, the screen name, is being retired. Andawg is a name I've used for a very long time and many are familiar with it. I choose it on a whim, it is the nickname I've used since high school. After a long time and much thought, I am changing my name. The decision to unviel Sgt.JoeFriday now is to be prepared for Confrontation.
  22. Sometimes when I load cod4 it will go to a screen thats just black and white,it looks like when you turn your tv on with no antenna plugged into it.Also I'll be playing and my dude will just start running straight or in circles for like 2 -3 seconds... Any help?
  23. Hey guys I'm thinking of buying a Samsung P2 today and I was wondering if any of you guys have it, if some of you have it, will you please answer this questions. Is it good and worth the money? Is it easy to use? Is the touch screen anoying? Is there another mp3 that is better than the P2 that isn't Ipod or Zune?
  24. So i went to Buffalo wild wings today for an extended lunch, after a few tall beers, i was leaving and 3 employees were leaning on a rail watching a big screen tv that had a weather report about a tropical storm on it. As i walked by i yelled "everybody run, there's a shit cloud coming!" they all just looked at me with a weird look, and i said " what you've never seen Kingpin? then i just laughed and walked out. I love beer.

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