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  1. Got this kool little PC in from www.xi3.com to review.... if you look not only does the box fit on my laptop the PC fits on the corner of my laptop. Review coming soon!
  2. And all I had to do was DL a $9 app. I know I posted about this before but this is the victory post. The reason it has taken me about a month to figure this out was because I have this invoice app that needed a print option. The app gave an option but was going to cost $99. So it was eithe that or get a wifi printer also about $100 bucks. So I found Print N Share in the App Store for $8.99. I don't have a wifi printer just my laptop and a cannon printer. But with Print N Share I can print from my iphone anywhere in the world. I had to install a program from Print N Share on my laptop and it works as the access point for the servers. But it works... All for $9 bucks.
  3. How or what do you use to print with your cell phone? I see they have printers out that are wifi... But what if you don't have one of those? I tried hooking the phone to the laptop and nope. Also some of my apps have a button that says Print. So lets print.
  4. Just picked up a tablet, looking to sell my old laptop I bought in 2007. Asus G2S-A1 17" http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220185 Core 2 Duo T7500 2GB DDR2 160 GB Need a new battery, looking for $300.
  5. Anyone out there have any experience with Tablets? Trying to decide whether or not to sell my laptop and pick up one of these: http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Pad_Transformer_TF101/ . I currently have an ASUS G2S-A1 (Newegg.com) and I figure I can get $325 for it. Then I would only have to spend about $200 to pick one of these up. Looking for a near laptop replacement for school and some graphics capabilities.
  6. So I decided to take apart my laptop today and give it a good blow job... get your mind out of the gutter! lol Anywho, I got sick of hearing my fan run at high speeds while the system was basically idling. I decided to see what the temperatures on the CPU were in a before/after scenario. Before Average temp at idle: 75 *C Average fan speed: 5000 rpm Average temp at max load: 85 *C Average fan speed: 6000 rpm After Average temp at idle: 67*C Average fan speed: 3700 rpm Average temp at max load: 75 *C Average fan speed: 5000 rpm Isn't it amazing what a little dust can do to your computer... This makes me want to go blow out my PS3 so it doesn't YLOD!
  7. Well guess who decided it would be a great idea to step over the power cord to my laptop only to catch my toe on it and knock the laptop off in the floor. lol damn it time to order some parts not sure if it's the screen,backlight, or inverter but has to be one of the above. Took it apart and i'm really thinking I just need a new lcd screen for it so easy fix if that's the case.

    CS4 Help

    I bought a new laptop with Win7 on it and my copy of Photoshop Elements 6 isn't compatible. (figures) I DL'd CS4 trial to see if i would work and it does. Anyone have serial# to share?? hmm?? Thx And Merry Xmas
  9. Anyone know a way to change a password for a mac laptop without actually having the password? Let me know cuz I might be able to get one for 300$.... Edit: Also does this work? http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-7...thout-the-disk
  10. My daughter did something to my laptop and now the task bar is vertical on the right side of my screen. How do I get it back horizontally on the bottom?
  11. How do I get some of the files onto my new computer? Is the an online program that can help? The Laptops start up has a file transfer option from your old computer to your New. But the Laptop is not plugged into the internet. I suppose I need to connect the computers someway.
  12. I'm getting a Laptop I put it on layaway at a Pawn Shop. It's a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4697. Pretty excited because I have never owned a Laptop. But What I to do is make everything wireless. I'm so tired of being tied to an area. Mainly the internet, and Printer is what I need to be wireless to the Laptop... The Laptop has wireless wifi stuff built in. So what do I need to buy?
  13. I just spilled about a tablespoon of water on my laptop. How bad am I screwed? I shook it and took the back off and it was pretty much dry.
  14. Ok guys I'm in the market for a new Router since the one i have is obviously crapping out. Anyways I need help looking for an affordable wireless router that will work with any wireless adapter. I have 4 computers at home 3 desktop 1 laptop, and a PS3. Also my budget is $60.00 no more than that. SO PLEASE HELP!!! me? lol
  15. Hey guys, Got a laptop infront of me. Hard drive is shot. I bought a new Hard drive.. Tried loading windows on it and it just shuts down half way through the process.... Any ideas? I was thinking If I could get a recovery disk I might be able to still use the old HD? I just want the laptop to work...LOL Thansk for any help!
  16. an online webchat? like a stickam, or a blogtv? this is of course straight from my PS3 to online, not through my laptop bc it's not supported there. does anyone know of a way to do this? or a website to use that works? i've tried blogtv, AND stickam, neither work. help is appreciated!!
  17. Greedy Bastards! ;D LOL! But seriously, I'll be having some extra money soon and there's some things I want to get for my new house and the bedroom and I could really use the help in finding the best deals as I've never been too savvy in the past. I have about 1400-1600 to really work with and the most bang for the buck really counts here. I would like a: -Full Sized Bed (Just mattress and box-spring) Firm, possibly padded? And a place where I can get good bedding for cheap prices!? -A 32-35" 720p or better LCD TV -A PS3 -Any extra money left-over then a laptop would be nice. Something with 2 GB of Ram and at least an 80-100 gig hard drive. Decent graphics and sound, with microsoft office and vista
  18. CDBS14

    mac or pc?

    i am planning on getting a laptop but i dont know which one to get? any words of advice, dont worry about the model or brand or whatever, just PC or mac, i am disputing as to which kind i should get.
  19. Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard http://www.theonion.com/content/video/apple_introduces_revolutionary?utm_source=embedded_video
  20. Hey all, Question for you techs. I have a laptop that the hard dirve shit the bed. I have a new harddrive for it now. But my question is about getting windows on to it. I have a windows key that is for the laptop but dont need to get the software onto it. I can get the recovery cd...will that work? I have a windows xp cd...but its for another pc...does it matter, or can I just use that cd and my old KEY that was for this laptop?
  21. what is better a sony vaio or an HP laptop with the same ram and memory and everything, the only difference is the brand. so which one is better?
  22. anyway i just got this for school,im taking multimedia design in college and it came preloaded with Ps CS3, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3, Dreamweaver....etc... its pretty cool http://www.hdatech.com/hardware/MacBookPro.jpg
  23. I was wondering if anybody could make me a cool wallpaper for my work laptop. The theme I'm looking for is Union Pacific Railroad Police, Special Agent. Here are some images to use. The only suggestion I have is to have one of the new trains facing the old one. Thanks in advance. http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/2351/upbigboyde8.jpg[/img]
  24. I think I might have posted this a while ago......but some one new might have come along with the answers I'm looking for. I want to run my PS3 through my laptop. I am using SPRINT MOBILE BROADBAND air card. I JUST completed a BANDWIDTH speed test. Here is the results 156.14 kilobits per second, and 19.06 kilobytes per second. I s this sufficiant to support the PS3 online? Or am I just dreaming? I have 3 usb ports and an ehernet port. Any solutions?
  25. How do I get my video shot on a camcorder sent off to Dv8? It is a JVC mini DV GR-D271. Keep in mind I'm using my work laptop and would prefer not to dl anything onto it.

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