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  1. i played last night online, i saw no lag or anything was actually having lots of fun, only problem i saw is the game froze for a couple of seconds every once in a while but other than that, i was having a blast.
  2. I actually like MoH single player than mw2, I stayed up last night until i beat the game and im going to do it again tonite, ill hit the Mp later lol.
  3. decided to get mine to have something to play for the next month, so far i love the Single player.
  4. watched the 2 eps so far, i gotta say is very interesting. Hopefully it won't become crap after a couple of eps.
  5. I got my ps3 move bundle today, couldnt find a 2nd move anywhere at the moment so i order one. I played a couple of the games and I gotta say i was having a lot of fun, I really love it cant wait to get the 2nd controller.
  6. i will rent MOH for the single playerl Def getting cod
  7. Thanks for the review Irish, I'll be picking up a move in a couple of days.
  8. All i can say about the Season premier is holy shit.
  9. lmao man nah im just asking if anyone can help me find one in amazon so that i can buy the right one. I really want to be prepare this semester unlike my last 4 lol.
  10. Ok next week i start my fall semester in college, I bought all my books and I'm ready to go. Last night i started to read my math book which is Mathematics for Electronics and I found out from the book that is wise to have a Full-Function Scientific calculator with display and rounding capability. I been looking on amazon for a scientific calculator but so far i have not found one with the special functions keys i need. here is the link for the functions that i need. I'm looking for something affordable and something i can get thru amazon if anyone can help me find the right one i will thankful for the help.
  11. I saw it yesterday and I really loved it.
  12. all of it is awesome, i will def get this game when it comes out.