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  1. After much debate, we feel we have found a way for players looking for clans to accomplish that, without the frenzy that usually occurs with a free agent post. If you have any feedback about this forum, feel free to shoot me a pm. Threads can be started by any player. However, only the original poster will be able to reply to their thread. Interested parties will then contact the free agent directly. Make sure you list your preferred method of contact so clans can get in touch with you. After you have decided on a group to play with, please reply to your thread, informing people that you have found a clan. As always, the Master forum rules are to be followed. Thank you, Urgent Fury Staff
  2. Looking for the two games- the original bioshock 1 and mirrors edge. lmk
  3. Well my luck finally ran out. I finally finished the latest stage of the second job and turned on the ps3 last night for the first time in weeks. Yellow light of death!! DAMN IT. I have an original 360 and lucked out never to get the rrod, but my ps3 gets it. Anyways, I'm stuck between sending it in to get fixed or just buying a new one. Does anyone know if anyone buys machines that have ylod?
  4. Hello all, Decided to poke my head in here and look around. Its been awhile. For those who don't know me, I'm one of the 2 PS3 Leaders of the Divine Knights, and an Original Founder. Good to see ya again.
  5. original video if you havent seen it: most epic song remix ever:
  6. Pathogen-


    So I can't believe we don't have a thread about this here....I"m so jacked to see this. The original was why I painted my room black in high school and put blue neon everywhere! Except my parents wouldn't let me paint it black so I rebelled and painted it "peacock blue" which is a dark, hideous version of Teal. Still, everything glowed and chicks really dug it. That and the treehouse out back, but I digress. This movie looks visually cool as iced balls, the tracks are composed by Daft Punk and at least in the trailer, make everything seem bad ass. I can't wait!
  7. i need some help from any car guys/gals in this community. i need a set of back doors for a 49-52 chevy panel wagon....straight and rust free. original or aftermarket works, i just need em. any help or info is greatly appreciated
  8. idk how many of you remember the original doom but i saw this and brought a good laugh and waves of awesome memories
  9. http://www.urgentfury.com/blog/2010/02/05/xbox-live-for-original-xbox-to-shut-down-on-april-15th/
  10. Was working on a possible new sig border based off another post recommendation. Here are some variations from the original concept.
  11. I knos some here must play the original here are the trailers and gameplay for number 2. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09-left-4-dead/50348
  12. RNG187

    PS2 socom

    hey guys, anyone up for some REAL socom, on ps2? i'm definitely down for some CA, or 2, or even the original. anyone else in?
  13. I reorganized and I'm back up and running. Everything is my original ideas. There is a few clans out there using my ideas but failed to listen to them fully or wanted to add there own twists. If anything looks like it from other clans it's because it originated from me. In my clan everyone has a role and a position on the team from the get go. Built from the ground up. The Clan itself is even a Socom Clan Game. Different then anything out there. Need a Clan? Join me... http://www.maraudersclan.com
  14. Why is there clans that have applied to hellweek ,without any replies back saying acceptance or denied they are just the original post? did they just drop out or did something happen i was just a little curious to find out I'm sure its probably not any of my business but i just thought i would ask
  15. You know you love the 'special' attention Undertow pays each and every recruit. Anyone who wants to hear some original music sang by RVN recruit KAZZADORE please follow this link and head on over to the Intel section. http://ravenfall.net/Main.html
  16. They are changing posts to read what "they" want them to say then banning the IP#s so the original poster can't correct or modify the post that they are changing. Class act over there guys.... I called it a long time ago..... That site is a complete joke and it's ran by 2 idiots that completely deserve each other! So, just be warned that this is the type of immature shit they have went to. For the life of me I don't know why ANY clan that has grew up here would want any part of that hack site that any 10 year old with an Eye Toy could create.
  17. Well, after Call of Duty 4 returned iLL GaMeRS back into a clan, we decided to return to our original clan name of ToP BiLLiN. And with us winning the first Crucible, we decided a treat for the guys was in order. So, thx Sniper for putting up with me and creating EXACTLY what I had hoped for. So, all you UF junkies go check out our new home. http://www.top-billin.com
  18. 101's new web site is freaken awsome, I love it. Excelent theme, looks sharp and VERY original. They did a FANTASTIC job. I encourage the entire U.F. community to check it out. And no......they did not pay me to say this.
  19. C'mon Tow, put it up in Urban Fury..!! (or maybe outside the Bar & Grill ;D) Story - http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?cl=7440427 Ebay Auction - http://cgi.ebay.com/The-Original-Pacific-Wheel-Ferris-Wheel-at-Pacific-Park_W0QQitemZ290222956722QQihZ019QQcategoryZ13878QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  20. hi guys I know most people here don't know me or remember me better as M16Assassin from Chili's Warriors back in the day. I don't have a sig anymore and I would really like to see what you guys come up with. the name Prane has no significance, I made it up because every possible name was taken on the damn psn. I'm looking for something original, not necessarily something overly complex. I don't want you guys to spend too much time on it. I would love it if it could be based around the toxic avenger(old 80's b-movie). I'm a big fan of toxie. Ideally the original cover with him holding the mop. I hope this isn't too much, if you don't want to do that I'll take anything you guys could come up with. It would mean a lot. Thanks!
  21. I want to change my email account here on UF. Is it as simple as retyping the new email or am I stuck with the original one? The only reason I ask, I tried it on my clans website and it screwed something up. I can't log in now. UF and \H/ are designed the exact same way. TOW wasn't sure and advised me to ask you guys.
  22. Guest

    Website Wars ?

    How cool would it be if UF had a website war where you could win different categories such as: Most active Clan Forums, Most appealing, Most Original..so on and so forth just an idea obviously you should take it tweak and torque an add on to it but just an idea.
  23. xREVERENDx


    Hello all. I'd just like to let ya'll know that [inU] has changed to [aKr]. We are now AssKkrzRevivL. This was my clan before we merged with inU in S3. With all the original inU gone it did not feel right to carry it on. So if you see us in the servers dont look at us in a bad way...lol...J/K... Oh yeah, Thanks for the war last night P-K, you guys are a class act. Peace. REVEREND
  24. 1st Place Trigga47 - Custom sig and sig template Runner-up Sniperwolf - Custom sig template with requested UF4 theme Both of you have been sent a PM with a download link to the original Photoshop files. Congratulations to both of you on a job well done.
  25. I saw a really shitty copy of Transformers. The story line was pretty cool but the copy was so crappy, the graphics/visual effects sucked. My question to ya'll is this..........do you think they will make a Beast Wars movie? I watched this show on a regular basis due to its Badassedness, yes thats a word. If they make a movie for this, I would be way more impressed than w/ the original, but thats me. I mean come on, Megatron being a T-Rex and Optimus Prime being a Gorilla.......cant get much better than that.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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