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  1. this is how i see it going: Busa- Hey! Girl/guy- hey there Busa- i don't really know how to ask this, but did you used to be a man? girl/guy- Haha, no. I can prove it to you. Busa- How? girl/guy- I'm pregnant just remember, things can always be worse
  2. yeah, i remember hearing about this since i live in Ohio... he was one of my favorite guitarists. I've got a poster of him on my wall from guitar world
  3. they have to be adding more than two snipers, unless they plan on using only small maps. I'm looking forward to the ice pick... haha
  4. You guys have done an amazing job here putting together tournaments for everyone, good luck with everything.
  5. Don't worry everyone, Me and Nika have to talk on a daily basis because of [-Fc] and I still hate him because of WoW... haha
  6. I just picked an 80 up from best buy... for $400 it came with mgs4 and kz2. But uncharted was one of the best offline games for ps3.
  7. lesnar is a huge bitch, but i think carwin might be able to take him. lesnar hasnt fought anyone his size and carwin has more experience. that would be a close fight. fedor would roll through lesnar though.
  8. well, youre gonna find a noob gun in almost every game you play... *cough* p90 *cough*
  9. I might be picking this one up
  10. is a site that you can do different jobs for people, like web development or converting things for money. Anyone ever been here? It's a good way for people to make a little extra cash. And now I realize after reading this, that I sound like a spam bot, but I promise i'm not
  11. Well, this kind of shows me that KZ isn't really awesome at pushing out dlc, because treyarch is catching up and they're bringing out maps quick. IW was just really lazy with cod4, which is really disappointing.
  12. Well, I got it too, and was able to fix it myself for a while. It deals with the gpu and cpu losing connection from the board due to the soldering. Theres a video on youtube and somewhere on UF on how to fix it. I'm not positive on this, but I think if you send it to sony, you'll lose everything on your HDD. Someone might want to confirm or deny that before you ship it in though.
  13. if shes gotten a new computer with (or) a new operating system lately, that might be the problem. Try going to lexmarks website and download the latest drivers for the printer
  14. Well, socom and me don't get along very well. Constant screaming, multiple headaches, and i'm pretty sure hes been cheating on me with the thousands of other players that play with him on a nightly basis. Plus, the financial security isn't there, i just couldn't do it :-\