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  1. 101 Has a proven record of being a competitive team in the UF arena. We strive for excellence on and off the battlefield. We have a long tradition of teamwork and loyalty. Come be apart of that tradition and check us out
  2. Which one do you guys like better? In my time zone both shows come on at the same time. So I always record Chase and watch Hawaii 5-O. I think that the season for both shows is over and I think Chase was the better show. Each show was pretty good but I was always enjoyed the Chase show better it seemed. I liked watching them Chase down the bad guys. And the last New show where they fought that escaped convict in the Hospital morgue. I thought was a very good show. The one guy that also escaped the little drug dealer. They were chasing him in the car. Talking about how fast he could run. Kind of funny. Now Chicks on the show.... Annie Frost was very Hot. But then Komo or what ever her name is was very Hot too. I did love her in the Bikini's and she could kill a pair of jeans. But anyways what did you guys think about the shows? If you even watched them.
  3. LMFAO.... I was talkin to [*S*] Sw3rve earlier on AIM and amidst my boredom at work, towards the end of our convo about socom I was like... dude... If socom were were a dude, I'd be gay for socom. So... lets see if you fellas can put aside your male pride, and manhood. Would you be gay for socom for your love of the game?!!?!!?! *Note: I realize this is an insane topic, but figured if anything it would get a laugh.. LOL --- And for the record, I have thick skin, so your "neo is such a fag" jokes wont phase me. Im pretty damn secure about my manly manhood. LOL
  4. I just watched Zack Greinke win his 8th game, and throw his 5th complete game last night. His ERA crept all the way up to .84 from .82 after allowing a run to score in the 1st. The pundits keep saying it's Halladay's to lose, but I don't get that. They both have pitched 75 innings, and Zack has 4 more complete games (5), 18 more K's (81), and the same record but sporting an ERA that is 1.68 LESS than Halladay. I guess I don't get to watch enough of the Jays, so is there a REASON that Roy has the edge for a pitching award? Lemme here it UF!
  5. I was around to watch a little bit of UF2 on the forums and website... and finally got my clan of the time involved in UF3 (which still holds the record for being the longest lasting UF tourney, not to mention the untimely end) During UF3 we plays clans such as the Tactical Assassins, and The Warriors (Chilli's clan) 9 Straight weeks of Tidal Fury Control Points... lol... Just curious how far back do YOU go? *And yes chilli, we know that you were here since the beginning.. ya bastard.
  6. its pretty friggin sweet Its like Vista's look / feel, meets XP's stability and functionality. I like it alot, and I think the final release is gonna be great. Vista was right up there with windows Millenium edition for worst operating systems ever released. For the record I DONT have a stellar pc Im running this on: Intel celeron 2.8ghz processor 1GB RAM 200GB HD (split into 3 partitions) 256MB nVidia Geforce 6300 and it runs smooth as hell check it out if you can visit your friendly neighborhood torrent site!
  7. Wow the game is sick! It uses licensed aircraft (which I didnt know). I like how you can record and post your games- Shit is fun as hell... Only one problem- Me and a friend were playing and having trouble with the mic's- breaking up, etc (tested on other games and it worked fine). Anyone know if this is a known issue or if it has specific ports needing opened? Thanks, US25
  8. You are such a GLITCHER!! LoL j/p What I wanted to know what do you use to record and play in HD? I thought those videos you added to the PSN forums were sweet and were they in HD if not that's some nice quality you got there. Also anyone who records in HD and play in HD can respond to this I just saw Shane's videos posted and rather just go over to the cBF site and ask him I thought we all coulde use this info!!
  9. Hey guys, i was wondering if there is anyone who can record and get some good qulity. I want to shoot a stupid/funny video on socom. Let me know
  10. Have the collapse that the Mets had last year? OR Have the best record in the NL and get swept like the Cubs?
  11. I'm surprised no ones put this up who do you guys think the NL and AL Cy Youngs should go to? My picks: NL: Tim Lincecum: Leads the league in K's with 265 of them was 18-5 ERA 2.62. I got to watch him pitch all year he was just amazing. AL: Cliff Lee: He was also the AL come back player of the year, he had 170k's he's was 22-3 with a 2.54ERA. He was amazing just unbelievable this year especially coming back from the minors with a ERA over 6. Both players years where great even with the fact that their teams just didn't play good. Cle. with a 81-81 record and SF with a 72-90 record. This was just a funny thing I noticed but every game I went to the Giants won lol.
  12. i need to find a cheap but good way to record game play. I don't really need the sound of the game, but it would be good to at least get video. I don't want to spend anything more then 100 dollars. Any help would be great. If you recommend a product, could you please give me a link to were i can look in to it. thanks
  13. I would like to be able to record the 'conversations' that go on during gameplay with Socom: 3 / CA. Are there any devices or ways that this can be done? Even an External Speaker and Mic system, would suffice! ???
  14. You gotta be kidding me... I dont live in ct, but Im on the road as part of my job, and I'm in ct often... thankfully i dont pay for gas in my work veh. , but this shit is just wrong For the record, i did not pump gas at this station, i was in such shock that i felt compelled to take a picture..
  15. I haven't heard of anything on this yet. Only rumors that it will be. Can someone please fill me in on what the plans are on this?
  16. I am trying to record my next clan match but have no idea how i am using a Ps3 and a t.v. plus i have the computer any ideas anyone please and thank you in advance....
  17. Hey guys, So i know there is a program on my computer were i can record sound through my mic. I have yet to test the quality. Is there a good program to record sound?
  18. I need a favor if somebody can do this for me. I need a section of the game recorded and put up on Youtube for reference purposes. Anybody?
  19. For those of you who are avid hunters like myself, you'll appreciate this. Look at how many birds there are, I mean shit lol. Guess what, I was there 2 weeks ago and just missed this phenomenon. That's snow goose hunting though, you just can't predict what they'll do or where they'll be.
  20. I was thinking what would be nice is to be able to view the matches as spectator or if you could somehow get the matches up on a website and we could watch them live as they happen. I know we can record but I am talking live. I think would be a lot of fun....
  21. On the rules about no explosives. You have to Record the infraction? Who has recording equipment? Why not just have a few spectators from other clans or 2 from the competing clans?
  22. Well, get this! Brett has had 5 games already this season of over 300 yards. He actually only has to now get 182 yards in each of the last 8 eight games and he will break ANOTHER Dan Marino record of "career passing yards"! He needs 1456 yds. to pass Marino. He'll definitely pass more than 182 yards per game and will soon have THAT record too! WAY TO GO BRETT!!!!
  23. Guest

    Adrian Peterson

    All I can say is WOW! He has over 1,000 yards rushing at week 8 and i think 9 tds. AMAZING. He broke the single game rushing record tonight. Can u say MVP? Rookie of the Year without a doubt. Anybody else think that he has a good shot at breaking the single season rushing record? If he keeps having these big games and gets the ball at least 20 times a game I think he will come close.
  24. This is a link to one of the slideshows from last years event. The goal is to shoot a 7-8 lb Gorde, not actually Pumkins, as far as possible. Current record is 4434 feet. http://www.punkinchunkin.com/images/galleries/2006/bartholomew/index.htm I think this looks like a good time.

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