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  1. this thread sucks, it's some sort of stupid ass RVN recruit experiment. it's not funny. stop it.
  2. i'm going to say fox, because she said she likes geeky/nerdy guys. i might have a chance. my life depends on this, too. because if i can't have intercourse with megan fox, i might not be able to live the rest of my life completely. only partially.
  3. well i don't come here very often, or i'd have posted. listen man, i don't think you should tell anyone this story, period. it doesn't matter how drunk you are, you should always do the adams apple check. better yet, check her pointer finger. if it's longer than her ring finger then you're golden. some girls pointer fingers aren't longer, but it's rare. i mean, if you want to have sexual intercourse with a man, then by all means don't do this test. it's your choice man. i'll still vote for you when your tryout is done. PS - Tool_Minion has been sucking yards and yards of cock for the past week and a half.
  4. can i trade 500 coupons for subway sandwiches?
  5. as long as RNG doesn't delete his account, we'll be fine.
  6. Forgive me for missing the joke. Theres nothing funny about having a little girl dancing to some b.s. like that. For anyone to even think that shit is funny, would be suspect in my book. Does anyone here have any common interest with R Kelly? i think.... if you take it literally, as in "lil jon is talking about that girl" then you're mind has a tendency to be "suspect." the fact that they are polar opposites, is considered funny. but hey, forgive me for having a sense of humor.
  7. everyone should loosen up.
  8. NSFW I guess. I pee'd a little when I seen it, though.
  9. basically, it doesn't mean anything until brock beats fedor.
  10. no, i don't. i just wish it was padded or something.
  11. it's uncomfortable, but works extremely well. it's really clear/has a mute button (good feature)
  12. hey skuba how are things under your rock?