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  1. WTF are you talking about?! RPG's were sweet! I rocked them like crazy! There wasn't anybody in UF during UF3 besides my fellow ReD Cell member H.N.I.C. that could tear it up like me. I could hit you where you were, where you were running, where you were going to be, while running, and even knew how to hit the walls/ground around where you were if I couldn't get to you; in order to get the kill. I had mad skills! lol you're just mad Red because you didn't have the skills to share in the destruction! I've been around these parts since UF2, didn't fully participate until UF3 though.
  2. I almost ALWAYS check Facebook before I even consider UF, DK, my e-mail or anything else for that matter. On Facebook 5-10 times a day, whether from my computer or's sad really :-[
  3. Truly, what is 'bated' breath without a 'master'. ??? Please explain! Wow Thats deep and wrong on so many levels lol
  4. somebody around here has to be able to clean up that audio file and drop the secret on us...any takers?
  5. Deutscher75

    Yay Farve

    I hope Urlacher makes Favre permanently retire this year
  6. Normally I'd be hoping for the Browns to do something, but though I somewhat still favor them I'm definitely a Chargers fan. I'd love to see the Cards and I definitely don't want to see the Steelers making it past the first round of playoffs...bitches >
  7. Deutscher75

    District 9?

    I'll have to pester her for the link. It was pretty decent quality, not high definition, but pretty damn good. Camera recorded, but digital so it came out well.
  8. Deutscher75

    District 9?

    My sister downloaded it on torrents and we watched it, the money will be well spent to see it, that's all I'll say!
  9. Sexy time?! Nope you get a gibbs!
  10. I'm all for health care reform but I do not agree at all with what Obama and his administration are pushing. By socializing our health care system, it's going to do 2 things because of how corporatized medicine has become like every other American industry. What I foresee happening with the current reform plan is this: As the government will be the primary supplier of health care services to the citizens, each person will be subject to a panel of advisors who will determine which medical services a person can receive and when. And the legislation that has been proposed will base much of that decision of who receives treatment based upon how productive a citizen is to society. i.e. if you have Autism, your dicked, but if you're a full-time worker in a major industry, that broken leg that needs screws and problem! 2nd what will happen is this: The best providers of medical services, the top-notch hospitals and doctors, will all become privatized and make themselves exclusive for those who have the money to pay for the services provided by these top-notch facilities. Which will in-turn subject everyone else or the "average citizen" to the half-ass doctors and hospitals that would stay on board under the Federal program. What this means is that not only will your healthcare be very selective in what services you receive, the healthcare you do receive will be half-ass at best. The reform that should take place is in the pharmaceutical and hospital service industry. It's already been said that price gouging needs to end and that would resolve 85% of the problem. I'd rather pay for my own healthcare, then pay for everyone, including the son-a-bitches who sit on their ass all day long and collect on welfare or who just don't work when they have no reason to not work, while I bust my ass barely making ends meat trying to provide decent living and healthcare for my wife and new son. I agree with RedOctober, the Government needs to stay the hell out of this, except when it comes to regulating prices on pharmaceuticals and hospital prices. On the political spectrum in concern with this and other issues where our government is turning us into a socialist/fascist state, we all need to stop being "Good Republicans" and "Good Democrats" and start being GOOD AMERICANS! So that we can protect ourselves from the Government which we are supposed to give it's power to, and to protect the rights of the average citizen.
  11. Backlash and I have been around these parts for pretty much the same length of time... So NO Neo, not everyone with 2,000+ posts is a post-whore Stop trying to justify you having that many posts in 8 months! Over an 8 month period with an average of 30 days per month that's 240 days. 2760 posts/240 days=11.5 posts per day...that is the definition of a post whore gentleman. And there's nothing "manly" about admitting your a post whore lol Oh and let's end the thread, CpDude just wanted to pop that cherry. I understand his need to lose his virginity though, I mean seriously he had to do it somehow whether in the virtual world or the real world! Much love to both of you
  12. You lame asses all need to go to bed ;D