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  1. At the risk of redundancy, let my reiterate that no one gives a shit about the content of the threads Shane read. It's that it happened, Shane realized it happened, and no acknowledgement or apology until we switch hosts. Mistakes happen, we understand this. There are right ways to go about handling things after the fact. Those things did not happen here. Crossing your fingers and hoping that no one finds out about an inappropriate action is not the way professionals are expected to behave .
  2. Keep up the great work! Bang up job, really . See, the problem is that this is not from an issue with your free "service" to the community. You were paid to provide a service. This kind of behavior reflects very poorly not only on Shane, but on you, AC, and Urgent Fury Holdings as well. Even giving Shane the benefit of the doubt, the appropriate action would have been an apology on our site at such time that he realized he ended up where he shouldn't have. Not a week and a half later because he realized he was caught. I don't think any of us really care what he read, but when a thread is posted in the "Leader's Lounge" section of our site (a distinction shown in no less than 3 places on each page) you have to be an idiot to not notice. Honestly, my first reaction was to laugh when I re-read the threads he was snooping through. All kinds of fun stuff in those, but that is besides the point. If you catch the cable guy going through your wife's underwear drawer, you won't be okay with it because there are only rotted-out grannie panties in there. There are expectations and standards that go along with representing yourselves as some sort of legitimate business entity. The fact that you guys have a difficult time recognizing this reveals a lot about how UF ended up here.
  3. Shane, did you really think a thread titled "Fuck UF" would be posted in a public section? Child, please.
  4. Remove any and all personal/sensitive information from my profile
  5. hardly.. but ok! No, he's right.
  6. is somebody going to win this or what? ???
  7. Been a damn long time since I've heard your lovely uvula at work! you spelled 'vulva' wrong
  8. Sure they will, seeing how it will be the only team in the Big 10 to be able to compete with the SEC, PAC 10 and BIG 12. Seriously? Outside of OSU's massive flops vs LSU and FLA in BCS games (one of which they had no business being in), the Big 10 is extremely competitive with all of those conferences, especially the Pac 10 and Big 12. This "SEC conference pride" bs hyped up by ESPN is a bunch of hooey. The SEC is definitely the strongest football conference in the country right now, but they are nowhere near as deep as the 4-letter network (who has huge contracts with both the SEC and Big 12) would like you to believe. The same goes for the Big 12. UT, OU and mediocrity.
  9. As a Wisconsin/Big 10 fan, I would like to see Mizzou join the Big 10 followed by Notre Dame. I think the B10 wants to go to 14, and if its not ND/Mizzou I see them adding Rutgers and maryl, which would SUCK. Plus I like mizzou, Brad Smith was one of my favorite QBs to watch, pre-VY.
  10. you wont see anything like this at a rhode island fighting peters game.
  11. the best is when guys have to wear basketball shorts under their jeans because their boxer shorts aren't long enough to reach where the top of their belts. Seriously, what's the point of even wearing pants at that point?