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  1. Gamestop price's are getting rediculous. I had a friend who went over to try and sell his extra copy of COD MW and they offered him $9 for it. Then just the other day I went over there and priced a used copy to replace mine. Can you believe they wanted $44.99 for a Used copy, and so I looked at a new copy and they only wanted $49.99 for it. I laughed at them and walked out. I later found a used copy from a friend of mine for $20 and so I bought it. I think some one should set up an area for people to offer to trade games amongst each other. If you have a game you do not want anymore, I am sure there is someone out there that would be interested in it for a decent price.
  2. I usually go with 450X200 or so, with mine. that is with my border, now I just need to make a new border, something really good, I am really getting bored with the Rectagles, even rounded Rectangles, I want something that would be called AWESOME!!!
  3. If you think this might help out, then maybe get the guys to go to that server, and then accept the invite to the room, that way it is still private, and if this does make a factor in the Lag, then it is still possible to help out.
  4. I am not replying to your question, I am just makeing a general comment, I am thinking about starting to put an Identifying mark on my SIGS, does anyone have any input on this, do you guys think this would be a problem?