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    [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad
  1. The [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad is now recruiting for Call of Duty: MW3 in addition to Socom 4! Visit the today to see what we are all about.
  2. ****A CANADIAN SOCOM: 4 & MW3 CLAN**** The [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad is an elite, organized, and tactical SOCOM clan that is structured by an internal chain of command. We are respectful, honorable, and serious when it comes to our clan. We structure ourselves to gain much more from the game that couldn't otherwise be had. When it comes to the game whether in practice or battle, we hold [cKs] to the highest standards. We treat all other clans and players alike with respect and dignity. [cKs] has an extensive history. We have been around since SOCOM I, and have seen our fare share of battles. We've made it through the toughest and darkest of times and because of this, we are a close bunch that has grown together throughout the last few years. The average age of our squad is 24, and are always looking for respectful, mature, and dedicated SOCOM players who want to experience more out of the game through organization and tactical teamwork. We work hard, but play harder. If you are interested in joining the Canadian Killing Squad, please visit and click JOIN US or simply follow this link to our 'Application Form' Also If you wish to join this clan you can always add our Recruitment Unit members on the PSN or send an email to [email protected] Recruitment Unit members DeathAwaits- X-COFFIN-X spikeknott *Forums*
  3. "I want a BETA code!" @SOCOM #SOCOM4 #betacode
  4. The map 'Discovery' looks just like an old CounterStrike map.
  5. Now we just wait for Zipper to make it official; hopefully in today's podcast
  6. DeathAwaits- April 26th, 2011 Also read this if you havent:
  7. How long did it take you to complete the BlackOps singleplayer? and on what difficulty? Is it longer than MW2?
  8. :laugh: :laugh: Good post Xanthe Watch this video I found it funny
  9. The screen at 13seconds everybody has it. On your XMB leave your screen focused on Socom like his is and let it sit without hitting 'X' the background Socom screen will then show up as it does at 13seconds.