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  1. I need a good gaming pc. Whats up Chaka!!
  2. The Socom souce folks have moved to mod of the source game Insurgency, and it's now called Resurgence: It's a great fit for socom, as it supports many of the old game mechanics (prone, lean, etc). The remade maps are well done. I played this for a couple of hours the other day, it was so fun to be running around on desert glory, crossroads and all the other classic maps again.
  3. YO! Whats up people! I wonder how MP will work in destiny. Can you restrict weapons, armor, et all?
  4. and FYI a simple google search showed this, and anyone could get it. the page did not even require authentication.
  5. Asking for the file isn't a big deal, especially when it was made publicly available on the internet. In fact, it's still up:
  6. I think you highlighted the wrong section there: "I will access private information on computer systems only when it is necessary in the course of my technical duties." part 2 assumes you did part one and are then to keep private info confidential. The issue here is he did not need to access the data. It was not necessary in the course of his technical duties.
  7. Noone cares about what he found, there isn't anything special about those threads. I would be more than happy to repost them anywhere. It's a matter of ETHICS- it's certainly NOT expected behavior for an admin to look into private areas just because he's called in to fix something- if he didn't own this place and he were an employee of a private company he would most likely be fired. Just because you have access to something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. The guy(s) who manage the servers that store your email aren't entitled to go reading through it just because you report a pro
  8. Actually you read both (2) threads your search returned. I've viewed the apache logs and have the proof and we are willing to provide these to anyone who wants to see.
  9. netflix might pick it up:
  10. Hey UF and clans who run they own websites... I recently came across this site: which offers free basic ssl certs. ssl certs are the biggest rip off on the internet- people make tons of cash on these things and they can be generated in seconds, and once the creation process is automated it costs these companies next to nothing. there have always been free options (, self signed ssl certs, etc) but the problem with those is that they are not in any of the web browsers root cert store- but apparently startssl's are, so they work as an
  11. While the Lucas Oil Stadium was crammed with fans watching the biggest sporting event of the year on Sunday, there was also at least one well-equipped sniper in attendance. These pictures started circulating Tuesday night, and though speculation about their authenticity lingers, the original source has confirmed with me they are genuine. Read more:
  12. "i was just informed that this is not a GOP website." It seems like he's upset because it's only GOP talk. Sorry but the Dems already hold the office, so there really isn't anything to discuss about the incumbent. Perhaps he doesn't understand the current political landscape and why it's popular to talk about GOP right now.
  13. crazy!! ----- A group of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have built a prototype of a small-caliber bullet capable of steering itself towards a laser-marked target located over a mile away (approx. 2,000 meters). The dart-like design has passed the initial testing stage, which included computer simulations as well as field-testing prototypes built from commercially available parts. The four-inch (10 cm) long projectile is to be used with smoothbore arms, meaning ones with non-rifled barrels. Rifling involves cutting helical grooves in the barrel to give the bullet a s
  14. how disappointing. I see TOW start a thread with the topic "dont be a bitch" and come in there to see this? what a letdown. I was expecting so much more...