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  1. tried to reregister ... wont let me ??
  2. yo whats up my long lost friend
  3. was tryin to get on the rvn forums but no luck somethin is messed up
  4. Stream Name: daveritchieaz Author: X_-GHOST-_X Stream Submitted: 29 Jan 2015 Click to view stream
  5. hey whats up im back .........
  6. WOW ....i guess you gotta be a girl to get a sig made in this section .....glad to see the rangers right on that .... ghost who ????????
  7. i want a custsom ufgl sig .... not one that everyone has ..
  8. could someone make me a UFGL sig ......
  9. Hey any body here work at or own a machine shop i need some stuff made........... Call my cell under my avatar
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