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  1. Yeah, I've signed WOLF up on Socom. About time eh!? WOLF-CLAN (WLF) on Socom. I have to get enough recruits for a Socom team yet though. Good to hear a welcoming voice! I think the Staff here finds Me quite irritating lol.
  2. WOLF is still hangin in. I've been down for a while, but We're BACK! LOL. Listen, I heard UFIC went to crap 'cause several clans left that particular tourney. What's goin on with You guys? You want more Clans here, but it sounded like You're running several outta here. Just rumors in the wind, that's why I'm askin. Anywho, If You've lost WOLF's info, here it is... WOLF is a COD/Socom Clan that has been around for nearly 5 yrs now. We hold "Practices" 3 times/ week, unless We're in a Tourney. To be clear, WOLF does NOT play at or for Game Battles. (Horrible site). We've played nearly everywhere else. The Founder/ Leader is AMBJE. Our Clan Rep is woundedwolf. If you're interested in joining, want to clan war, or just shoot the breeze, You can PSN us (easiest way to get a response from us). Our Website is See ya soon.
  3. good luck tonight. give em hell

  4. where do i go to confirm our invite?

  5. Beasts of Rawr, Welcome to UF and good luck getting in. We all look forward to gettin to know You folks. Don't be afraid to ask questions if ya have them, these Guys here at UF are good at gettin back to ya with the info You need. See ya soon.
  6. Ok Bro it worked, thanx for fixin whatever was wrong lol.
  7. I tried, but I keep gettin error messages User exists yada yada yada
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Urgent Fury and co.! Any one care to post what they're thankful for? I'm thankful this year for Family and Friends, and of course the UF Family as well. You guys are alright! See ya soon!
  9. Lucky, that looks quite cool! You ought to get a job doin Anime!
  10. [WOLF] rises! Glad to be the new Drill Sarg man! let's keep up the good work and get ready for the upcoming tournys!


  11. WOLF clan has a new website, it's Please update for WOLF clan, the previous site is no longer in use thanx.
  12. I'd like to register WOLF clan for the upcoming Black Ops tourney.