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  1. Fluid__


    I did this as well. For mine. Just run a wire down the hall when I play lol so I am hardwired. Both using wireless at the same time is going to kill your speed.
  2. This final beta is only for a week i believe. Not worth the long download IMO. It was a good game for something dif sine socom got soooo darn boring there towards the end. A decent filler game but thats about it for me
  3. Just google sig tutorials and you'll get a ton of links.
  4. Did these a while back. Based off some forum templates out there on the net.
  5. yeah my thoughts as well. A bit too busy for my taste so Ill prolly offer them up to others with various textures. Like I did with the helix clan
  6. Was working on a possible new sig border based off another post recommendation. Here are some variations from the original concept.
  7. Shoot me a PM and I will send you a download link to the PSD file.
  8. will send you a template in PSD once I get it finished.
  9. Before I spend any more time wanted to see if this is something that will work for ya? I went to your site and mimicked your main page. Still need a lot of shading to do but you get the idea. and for all you artists out there, other than the ACU texture, everything is 100% vector
  10. online ranking I believe is server side. Only your single player info is saved on the xmb
  11. I have an idea for this. will take a lil bit but should fit well.
  12. I like this one better popping out than the other. Nice job