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  1. add me as well if you play defiance! me and puddy normally run around together most nights.
  2. i too can not wait for this game to drop. i've been watching and reading about this game for awhile. i was a huge CS player. it was all i played before i got a ps3 and started playing cod4 mw. i hope they adapt alot of what they do on the pc to the ps3 release thou. i do know a few from SxB plan to at least check it out. i hope to see some 3/4 x 3/4 clan matches here. i use to be a cs clan that competed and they were a rush for sure. hell, i might have to reinstall steam and cs:s just to get use to the maps again. lol
  3. lol, chili got his thread jacked! i don't have photoshop installed right now chili to even try to help you. when i get out of being lazy, and you still need help, i'll pm you. i know i need to make some sig for some clanmates too, soon. @eddie, i totally agree... love the sig @corruptor, most sites that i've noticed... want you to be a member and have a certain post count to show you are active before they will make any type of sig or gfx for you. and even then, some or most will still want to charge you some type of fee.
  4. agreed... i like where this is going. sleek!
  5. lol i like the second one more than the first.. nice work! i'm not very good at all with templates.
  6. very clean looking template. i like it alot. great job!!
  7. couldn't sleep... so here is try #1. let me know what you think. if you want something different, just let me know. it was late and i saw that i misspelled your name... but i fixed it today after i noticed it. heh and 2 avatars and
  8. what type of sig are you looking for? like a style type... i can try to make ya something til lucky can make some time maybe?
  9. if you like the circle with the tag, i'd make it smaller... more inline with the border maybe... like said above thou, very nice job for a first sig. my first sigs were made in ms no where near what that looks like. =)
  10. I wouldn't watch any other way, the english voice actors suck well half of them at least. i agree!! lol after watching it with subs, i can't go back. plus english version is soooo far behind. oh, and i love the effects in sig 1... i like how it stands out and says look at me. heh
  11. i already some naruto sade mode renders cause i was planning on making a sig with it anyways. i don't expect you to use it since wrath is gonna make you one... but i thought i'd post it anyways. i'm still learning really, but have been making sigs for a few years. can't wait to see others. heh