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  1. What's up guys. Been busy the past couple years but should be slowing down a bit, figured I would get back into it. Wondering if the old timers are still around. Obviously Sniper is, but Chief, Wrath, Rav, Gator, Rock, Demo? Hope you're all still here and doing well. Shoot me a pm or something and let me know what's up. -X- Ps. Sniper, the site looks awesome. What a difference from the first one.
  2. First, old school, classic. ingredients White bread Melting cheese, Velveeta or most "melting cheese" will work Real butter Step one prep the griddle just under 350 F While griddle is heating up, butter one side of each piece of bread Cut a slice and a half per sandwich, ensures full coverage and a tastier sandwich Place all the slices on the griddle butter side down, and let sit for a couple minutes Then move the cheese onto one side and cover with one of the other slices Then once the cheese is melted a little and both sides are toasty brown...enjoy For you griddless people or lazy, I have another way I'll post later. There's other additions like ham and onions and green peppers and all kinds of variations. Whichever fits your pallet.
  3. We got a daushand puppy last Feb. He is about 5 months old. Wednesday I take him into the vet to get his shots etc. The next day he started feeling bad, not eating, diarrhea, and throwing up. All of my past dogs usually were kind of sickly after getting shots. But this dog kept feeling sick even today. So I took him back to the vet and he now has parvovirus. And they are keeping him to get an IV in him and antibiotics. Which sucks on a couple of reasons. I took him up there for shots to prevent parvovirus. He got shots for it and now he has it. Also he was perfectly fine before hand. Little frisky excited dog. And also this dog replaced a dog I had to have put to sleep in January.
  4. Crowsauce


    Due to the PSN crashing, the extended wait on a Socom party system and the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality a couple of us over at apkclan.com bought xbox's. The XBL interface is really top notch and we are having a blast playing BO. So with that said if anyone is interested in playing with some rag tag players add FilthyCrow and Obviouslyodin (Norseman325). There are a couple other apk'ers (AVR off hand) as well but I lost track of their XBL account. Anyhow, have a great week.
  5. So you will notice that we have added a couple of banners to the Zazzle Mother's Day Sales... just a friendly reminder not to forget about your Momma's out there!!!
  6. I was skeptical of it before, but now that I've used it for a couple days, its really a nice app. I know VR and UF have it installed, are there any other clan sites that do? I would like to add them to my favorites for easy viewing if so.
  7. I am selling this headset for 40.00 plus S&H. It is not new in the box, but I only wore it a couple times, still new looking and work just fine.
  8. Wife and I are moving and new place won't allow more then 2 pets. We have a couple extra and are looking for a nice home for a couple of our babies. 2 years old, get and black tabbies. All shots and fixed. We live in NC but moving to WV near Ohio.
  9. Anyone else try it out? I just played a couple of games on it, and man, I can see it giving you a headache. And it's not 3D per se, the screen has 3D depth. But it's still a cool little system. If your in the Chicagoland area, stop by 500 West Madison. They have about 10 on display with a bunch of different games.
  10. Come play in a Urgent Fury Blow Out preview room. Just a couple maps with the UF Blowout set ups. Come get a feel for it.
  11. Well after being very disapointed at Socom:Confrontation i sold my Ps3 a year ago, Now ive decided i want to comeback and play again, so im buying a Ps3 again tommorow and im going to start playing again. For those who dont know who I am, I played S2,S3,CA, I played with and was on ZZZ Blacksheep and ApK Apokalypse and a couple other clans. Ill post my new PSN up tommorow.
  12. Here ya go dude imma do a couple others cuz I found another few images I wanna use haha.
  13. Here are a couple sig templates i made for [D*C]
  14. Hey UF im the leader of Da just dropping in to say hey and whats up lol. Ive been on the UF forums for a bit now and was in a couple clans that competed in your guys's torunys. Would like to get my clan invovled with you guys once we get a good amount of mature players in the clan. just wanted to say sup to tool minon and undertow and the guys from RVN.
  15. Summers almost here which means family trips, road trips, and adventure. I'm making a road trip across the US all the way LA from west,warwick RI. with a couple buddies of mine. we plan on makin it with only $1,000 (we figured it was a nice number) as theres 4 of us. heres our planned route looks the least painfull to figure out http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=West+Warwick&1s=RI&1a=26+Ivy+St&1z=02893-1807&1y=US&1l=41.71414&1g=-71.50285&1v=ADDRESS&2c=Los+Angeles&2s=CA&2z=90001&2y=US&2l=33.9727&2g=-118.2479&2v=ZIP how bout you guys any crazy plans for the summer?
  16. Our own Commander Claymore Fury was kind enough to set me up with a couple of sigs. Now I come to the community to ask which one should I display first. Thanks again Commander Fury. Option 1: Wanted Dead or Alive Option 2: Shut the F**K Up
  17. Is it just me, or is the site hanging a bit at times? Seems like every couple of pages I view, the site will just hang and not finish loading. All I see at the bottom is that its trying to load network.adsmarket.com. Anyone else experiencing this? Any way I can fix this from my end?
  18. Anyone here do it? I found a couple good sites, but looking for a forums or a few that are good and have alot of active people on them:) anyone?
  19. so after the eval war tonight i got in a room with a couple of my clan members and my ps3 froze so i got up and reset it ...well i got the yellow light of death upon my attempt to reboot it. so imma try and run out and buy another tomm. hopefully
  20. We've finally updated our previous site so feel free to stop by and check it out. Look forward to shooting it up with everyone in the future. We have some HD video in the video section and a couple wallpapers to download. Thanks for stopping by. www.imrclan.com
  21. Here are a couple beta codes for Battlefield Bad Company:2 PS3 Beta. Im not sure if they are still open or how many users can still use them. Good luck.... North America Bad Company 2 PS3 beta codes: R8LF-28BL-P5P7 5HE5-CABH-GD3G NAKH-47BQ-BB3F Download is about 900+ megs
  22. It seems that my PC seems to be slower DL'd vids and music. Like watching Youtube or using Playlist. Its not buffering very quick all of a sudden. Everything else is working fine. Any idea's on how to make it fast again. I say again, because it was working fine a couple of weeks ago.
  23. aight im a bit smashed right now and i just walked in the door and i gotta tell sumone so fuck it imma tell you guys tonight i hit up a party with my boys and shit was great there was dancin and beerpong i got my ass kicked by two hot chicks that ran the table then i was talkin to my boys bro tellin him i got his brothers back and shit no matter what happened and went back to playin beer pong and shit then maybe 30 min we took a break from it and couple guys stepped outside to smoke some shit and we hear a commotion outside i open the ddoor to find my boys bro gettin the shit beat outta him then suddenly chris was right there in it then another guy smashed my boy upside the back of the head and i jumped in and hit him a couple times i remember catchin his teeth with my fist and then next thing i know im on the dirt and i hear people screamin then my boy picks me up and is like we gotta go lets get the fuck outta here so i get shoved in a car and we are gone and then the car ride i kinda blacked out and now im here typin this shit to you guys like wtf we left my boy there and shit
  24. A woman walks into a bar and sits down, she notices a man sitting a couple seats down. She watches as he takes a shot, runs to the window, jumps out, flies around the building and then sits back down. Astounded the woman asked how he did this. He answered, 'magic shot.' She tells him to do it again to prove it. He slams another shot and repeats his performance. The man looks at her and says 'go ahead give it a try.' The woman orders a shot, slams it, runs and jumps out the window and falls to her death. The bartender looks over at the man and says 'You know Superman, you can be a real asshole when you're drunk.
  25. Neither of these videos has anything to do with each other, i just didn't feel like posting 2 new threads. ;D Serious matter.!! If you cant afford kinds, dont have any.!! Immigration_by_the_Numbers.mov Not so serious matter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOsgqG5OOlM

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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