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  1. Oh ouch I just saw some new videos for MW3, and the mass amount of chaos made my head hurt! I think I need to go lie
  2. Fast moving images leads to head aches ouch... I wish I was young again....wait nevermind no I don't lol
  3. I think the games left me behind a while ago lol
  4. I guess that could work, but then you have to try to relate them and there hipping hopping music... Whatever happen to music with a meaning? I'm aging myself here big time aren't I lol?
  5. So a few years back when I turned thirty I noticed something rather odd! My ability to play some of these newer faster paced games for some reason was just not there. Not that I was ever really any good mind you, Games like COD just seem so fast and frantic to me it's almost All the new arcade style shooters coming out lately are just beyond my comprehension, ability level, and dexterity capabilities. Am I the only 30+ gamer feeling like the current style of gaming is just way to chaotic? Whatever happen to simple slow paced games like pong lol?
  6. I know but everyone has seen I mean seriously you get drunk at parties and show it to everyone who will look....sinner
  7. That looks awesome thanks for the vid Irish. Now i have go kick my Gamestop reps ass for feeding me BS info be back
  8. You do know GRFS will have no multiplayer right? Only co-op as of the most recent previews. The Ghost Recon Online Pay 4 Play will be the only GR game this year with multiplayer from what I've heard...
  9. Man with everyone registered to this site only three clans are getting involved in the new Battlefield really....?
  10. Well if anyone wants to get down on some BFBC2 we'll be on Sunday night around 9pm est. just hit me up with a friend invite online. Savageruin it's the same everywhere I like to keep things simple You can also message me on our site or just find us in game. Later Savage