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  1. Your 60gb probably had bad soldering like mine and everone else's. It can be fixed, I fixed mine I'm thinking about taking my 80gb apart and cleaning it out. I think I've had it for more than a year so the warranty is expired anyway.
  2. Oops, I can't read. I thought they were changing to 10 minute Yea, 5 minutes isn't bad.
  3. Rounds are going to be way to long imo.
  4. Honestly, it doesn't really matter. I have been debating with myself whether to make post or not, but I decided to. I am a member of a clan that has chose to leave UF. I do not agree with all these threads going up like they did but that is what the leaders chose to do and I respect their decision. If everyone is truly finished with this place then leave and move on. I am tired of all this excessive drama and I am sure everyone who still wants to participate in UF is over it too. It's time to leave. Nothing anyone can type out on the forum can change how things are ran here whether you agree or disagree with the Directors. If everyone is truly done, let's move on. Thanks for the fun and not soo fun times UF. Good luck in your future tournaments.
  5. I don't mind the accuracy of the hip-firing being toned down a little from the past socoms, but I shouldn't have to zoom in to kill a guy 2 feet in front of me.
  6. I loved the demo. I'm gonna have to pick this and mlb up.
  7. mic--

    KZ3 Beta

    I've had a fun time playing it. The knifing is really
  8. If he wants to play straight up, take out the 203s and rpgs. I would much rather be quickscoped than 203d.
  9. I didn't see this posted anywhere on the site yet, so here ya go: Quality isn't very good There are a few videos on the site.
  10. The reviews I've read have been pretty negative. Interested to see what you guys think about it.
  11. mic--

    Ufgl is live

    I did the same thing, made a new user name and now i can log-in.