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  1. i popped your message cherry :)

  2. Rockman: I wholeheartedly agree. Again, I am no expert , and I only know what I've read in this thread. For any of us to sit here and pretend we're able to be judge jury prosecution and executioner on either of the two issues or people is a complete waste of time. As impartial as I can be, My opinion is this: There are at least 15 opinions here on "what really happened" and what "each persons motives are". Whatever happened to being "innocent until proven guilty?". Its difficult to maintain this when there are strong opposing issues that have come to light. (The "thread/privacy issue" and the "source file issue) Timeliness in getting your side of the story on the table/in the open is better then waiting for something to happen to give your version of events. Timeliness was an issue here. I think this is the only valid conclusion anyone can draw from all these posts. I think this thread has gotten to the point. It can either: A) continue so there are 100+ peoples" perception as reality" and judge all the parties involved and continue to make accusations. This is only damaging to Shane, Johnson, LPK and THIS UF COMMUNITY. or Let the parties involved deal with this themselves. Its time to show EVERYONES SINCERITY FOR THE UF COMMUNITY AND RESTORE THE PRIDE.
  3. Negotiatator, Not sure why you felt the need to post such a sarcastic and snide comment here, as opposed to PM me. To my knowledge you still have access to the RVN forums, your still on my PSN Friends List, and you've had my AIM account since Socom 2. If you have an issue, YOU know how to get a hold of me. I will not respond here.
  4. Let me start by saying this: To those not involved, but are clearly "experts" on what they perceive as the truth: This is between LPK, Johnson and Shane/UF. I mean seriously guys. Some of the stuff from people not involved in this is just simply unbelievable. Those who posted up that there are more important things are exactly right. This community needs integrity and support from everyone here. Not distraction. As a forum admin myself, as much as you try to police private areas, inevitably nothing on the internet is private. Just a fact of the day and age we live in. I always live by the philosophy that I only put in writing or say what I want everyone to hear/see. I'm wont pretend to know any facts or be an expert of this situation. But I will comment on what I have observed here: 1. Timeliness over Shanes post? Probably would have looked better if it were sooner. I don't think anyone here has disputed that. But it got posted. That counts for something. 2. The fact Shane actually posted this for public viewing? It shows his efforts to admit a mistake was made. Disclosure. . I wish more people in this world were able to readily admit they made a mistake and face the music. In my observation this is completely an un-needed and senseless distraction. I commend Shane for posting this publicly. It shows a level of integrity few people here would consider, for fessing up to a mistake. As far as ANYONES SPECULATION over his motives or anyone elses "thoughts, dreams, wishes, opinions", All your doing is making conclusions based on incomplete facts. The only person who will ever know is Shane. All anyone is doing by speculating is causing drama that none of have time for. Lets focus more time on rebuilding this community and stop the witch hunt. [RVN]Paramedic Co-Leader of RAVENFALL
  5. Hello All! After settling into our roles earlier this year as the new leadership of Ravenfall, we have re-evaluated our structure, participation, and addressed many issues that we felt have helped to improve RVN from within. We have now come to the point we can make this announcement public. In an effort to remain competitive and active in the gaming community. Ravenfall is excited to announce that it will be joining the Call of Duty Community by adding Modern Warefare 3, to its list of supported games beginning 11/8/2011 and becoming a "Hybrid clan" supporting as always: Socom 4. It is with great pleasure to reaffirm that Ravenfall will continue to support and participate exclusively in Urgent Fury sponsored tournaments with Socom 4 and Modern Warefare 3. We look forward to meeting you on the battlefield! -Paramedic
  6. Darth some stuff is visible to guests you still have to register again. None of our tapatalk settings changed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We will be keeping immediate forum registrations open through the end of the week! (does not require admin approval) If you were a member of the Ravenfall forums prior to our database failure here is the easy opportunity to reapply. forums are new and improved! Hear the Call!
  8. Good Afternoon UF community, We had an unfortunate and unexpected error with our forums today while upgrading them, it resulted in a system wide failure that rendered our backups useless. Anyone with an account will be required to re-register. We apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. Please bear with us while we rebuild what was lost. If there are any problems, I will personally check into this thread and direct the other RVN leaders to as well. You can register here for a limited time without need for admin approval at'> Sincerely, Paramedic
  9. Thank you all for the well wishes, this has been an unexpected ............Humbling.....and exciting experience. Unlike many clans who fall apart under pressure and stress. Undertow, Grav, and Sniper lead us through our rough times the last few years that would have spelled "Endgame" for most clans . I've known these three since I was a refugee of Red Cell many years ago. They welcomed me into the APC/Ravenfall family when I had no home. Word's can't express my gratitude. They gave me a home. Simple words seem appropriate but doesn't quite sum up their success's which in turn were RVN's success's as a family. Because thats what Ravenfall is. From all around the nation and globe we're a family. The countless hours and sleepless nights everyone has put into Ravenfall and the limitless hours of fun we've had under their leadership will without a doubt continue. I look forward to working with 46 and Attitude to continuing building on Ravenfalls foundation of successes which have been 9 years in the making. To any gunners or former APC/RVN members taking refuge without a home, we are here, we are waiting: I just want to end by saying Thank You to Tow , Grav , and Sniper for making APC and Ravenfall into an experience that I personally will hold dear to me the rest of my life and wish you luck with your earned extra free time!
  10. As of today Ravenfall forums now support tapatalk!
  11. I hear ya' date=' I feel the same way when I play with your clan, tell Pres I said whats up. [/quote'] This just made me pee alittle. Dont worry , thats not an abnormal thing for him....
  12. This is the final final version of my EMS Tribute video im doing in celebration of the 30th year anniversary of my Emergency Service. I need people to rate it and comment on it on youtube!!! Thanks to all in advance! -Medic
  13. Didnt Miss it for the WORLD AND MUST SAY IT WAS AWESOME!. SO SAY WE ALL!