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  1. We know that fans are excited to find out more about our next-generation console, PlayStation 5, and exactly how it will bring about the future of gaming. Today we’re proud to unveil more details behind the technical and hardware components that make PlayStation 5 such an innovative and powerful platform – the ultra-high-speed SSD, integrated custom I/O system, custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, and highly immersive 3D audio. With these capabilities, PS5 will allow developers to maximize their creativity, building expansive worlds and new play experiences in the games they design. This presentation from Mark Cerny, lead system architect for PS5, dives deep into the hardware system’s architecture and how we designed PS5 to benefit developers and the games they create. View the full article
  2. Hello! I’m Josh from Raredrop Games, the studio developing Warborn – our upcoming turn-based tactics game featuring powerful mecha units, known as Variable Armour. Today I’m very happy to be able to share with you the release date for the game, which is June 12. So you’ll soon be able to jump into the world of Warborn and take command of your own mecha strike force! Warborn is set in the Auros System, where the discovery of a material known as Eionite has given way to rapid technological advancement. Expanding into space, disputes over territory leave mankind divided, dragging the system into an era of war. This new age sees the creation of the “Variable Armour” (or VA), an advanced bipedal weapon controlled by a human pilot which changes the face of warfare across the system forever. The campaign of Warborn sees you take the helm as one of four commanders, each with their own allegiances and motivations. Tensions between factions are high in the aftermath of a major conflict and new threats are beginning to emerge. As commander you’ll be deploying your Variable Armour forces to battlefields across the solar system, from the planet Cerulia to the space colonies of Nethalis. Gameplay is turn-based, swapping back and forth between you and your opponent. During your turn you’ll be aiming to complete various mission objectives by directing your Variable Armour units across the battlefield, calling in reinforcements from dropships, and issuing commands to engage the enemy. After moving a unit you’ll be presented with a set of skills that are unique to each type of Variable Armour. These skills allow you to take action, attacking the enemy, capturing structures or assisting allies depending on the abilities of that particular Variable Armour. Once the enemy is in your sights and you’ve chosen an attack skill, the tactical map will explode away and transition into a cool combat sequence. Warborn is a turn-based tactics game but there are also some elements you’ll be familiar with if you like strategy games too, such as capturing structures to gain resources and spending those resources to deploy new Variable Armour units. When we’ve taken the game to shows, players have often commented that Warborn is fairly easy to pick up and play, which I think is great. But for those of you looking for more depth, there are plenty of advanced systems you can master to gain the upper hand! A good example of this is the defence rating system. As you learn more about the capability of each Variable Armour you’ll notice attack skills are categorised into three damage types: kinetic, energy and explosive. Variable Armour units have different defence ratings against these damage types, so knowing which one to use against an enemy Variable Armour will give you an edge in battle. Aside from the single-player campaign, Warborn also features a skirmish mode where you can play against the computer with custom match settings, or if you’re feeling competitive we also support online multiplayer. If you want to get creative, a full map editor is also included with the game and you can play your custom maps against either the AI or other players in private multiplayer matches. It’s very exciting to be able to talk about Warborn on here, so thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you enjoy turn-based tactics games as I do, please check out Warborn when it launches June 12 on PS4. View the full article
  3. Hello, over the past few years, PlayStation fans have become familiar with the name Hello Games largely due to No Man’s Sky and the regular stream of updates for that game we have been working on since launch. No Man’s Sky continues to be a major focus for the studio and our PlayStation community can expect a lot more from us in the future. Secretly in the background though, a small off-shoot team has been working on something altogether intimate and beautiful. We announced The Last Campfire in December 2018 at the Video Game Awards with a teaser trailer. Today we are able to announce that The Last Campfire will be coming to PlayStation 4 in Summer 2020. To celebrate, we have put together a new trailer that gives a little glimpse into the emotional journey this small team is crafting. The Last Campfire is the culmination of several years of work by a couple of members of the team who had the urge to make an artistically focused single-player adventure game. The result is which hopefully looks a little like an animated movie, and delivers an adventure with an emotional impact. You play as Ember. You are trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home. At its heart, it is the story of rekindling hope in an otherwise hopeless world. Hello Games was born out of a close-knit team of four friends working together to create our first game, Joe Danger. We are still a very small studio, and while No Man’s Sky takes up a large slice of our bandwidth, we want to nurture creative new ideas from small teams. We are excited for The Last Campfire, and what this team builds next. We really hope you enjoy The Last Campfire when it comes to PS4 this Summer. Another journey begins. – Sean View the full article
  4. Challenge your wits and reflexes in the incredible platformer La-Mulana 1 & 2, available now! La-Mulana 1 features the archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi and his adventure in exploring ancient ruins that supposedly harbors great treasure and the secret behind the origin of life. In La-Mulana 2, Lumisa Kosugi, his daughter, investigates the sudden appearance of monsters in the ruins while also searching for the whereabouts of her now-missing father. This non-linear metroidvania throws the player into the unknown, with plenty of deadly foes, wicked puzzles, and diabolical traps that stand between them and the ultimate truth behind the world. Join us for this exclusive interview with creator Takumi Naramura about game design, story development, and lessons learned! What inspired the aesthetic? The art concept began with imagining what modern beautiful pixel art would look like if it evolved from the limited color palette frequently used in retro games. However, just making it more colorful wouldn’t necessarily make it better. I think the limited color combinations and contrasts were the key to beauty of that time, so I tried to make it so that the colors of the walls and backgrounds in La-Mulana as a whole resonated beautifully with one another. How did you balance the characters’ light-hearted humor with the game’s underlying dark and somber setting? Personally, I don’t really read books. When I was a child, grown-ups told me to read books, but I rebelled and read only manga. In other words, I don’t have the foundation or know-how for constructing novels, which I make up for by utilizing a more playful writing style, rather than a serious one. But there are many retro games that take place in a “serious” world or setting but have comical dialogue. I really like that kind of mood or atmosphere; if it’s usually lighthearted, the impact of any serious story development becomes greater. Was there anything you learned from designing and developing La-Mulana that you applied to La-Mulana 2? If so, what was the most valuable lesson? The first version ever developed was designed without much thought. When that was remade, it was completely redesigned so we could be proud of it as a consumer-facing product [as it was no longer just a passion project]. Although it’s a game whose story is more structured around lighthearted dialogue, I thought it essential for it to also convey a deep and immersive setting. During the development of La-Mulana 1, I studied ancient civilizations and collected a lot of materials like photographs and books. Though I kept it at a Wikipedia level in my research to avoid being overly serious, and limited my book exposure to more suspicious ones, like those closer to occult genres rather than fine research. The research that did not go into the first’s remake was used up in the sequel, La-Mulana 2. Speaking of which, the greatest focus for La-Mulana 2 was its in-game mythos (that was based off of Nordic mythology) as it was important to link this mythos to that of the first game and create a consistent game universe overall. The left is a sketch of an immortal war zone based off of Midgard in Nordic mythology. I followed the tradition of a map portraying an area surrounded by seas, then plugged in map symbols accordingly. It’s a bit hard to understand this map because its size is reduced in game, but the important part was to have it impart onto the player an air of mystery and ambiguity when they look at it—such an atmosphere is crucial for La-Mulana 1 & 2. How did you find the balance between difficulty and the player having fun when designing puzzles? To be honest, I’m not very good at thinking up puzzles, which led to difficulty in thinking of ways to entertain players through them. Nevertheless, instead of providing explanations and excessive tutorials, I intended the puzzles to be that once you continuously attempt it, you will gradually be able to understand it [like trial-and-error]. In the beginning, puzzles were prepared so they could be solved using clues located in the same scene. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the clues, scattered throughout multiple areas, and generate the solution. Eventually, the player will end up using the entire map to solve puzzles. This method of puzzle-solving was not the aim in the first, original version. In addition, those who played the first version were a huge help. From the numerous uploaded playthroughs, I saw many players evacuate the area immediately after solving a puzzle because they were wary of any traps I may have set. I believe this taught me what the essence of La-Mulana was in reverse: when it came to entertaining players, the answer was to play to their sense of distrust. Is mythology something you were always interested in? Most of Japan’s elementary school boys are interested in ancient civilizations, aliens, and ghosts. For my generation, if you were to mention “archaeologist,” the first thing that would come to mind is Indiana Jones along with his iconic wide brim hat and whip. 80s Hollywood movies were also influential. At the time of La-Mulana’s remake, I watched all four Indiana Jones films, along with The Mummy and Tomb Raider, but only Indiana Jones was used as reference. The 12 crystal skulls from the fourth Indiana Jones film was a concept I wanted to use since La-Mulana. But now, there are studies that reveal these crystal skulls are actually out-of-place artifacts. That’s how I found that the deeper you delve into and research ancient civilizations, the higher the chance that the romance behind all the mystery fades. Because of this, I centered my studies around sources like Wikipedia and occult-like materials. My imagination has run wild ever since I can remember. Of all the different mythologies in the world, I’d have to say Egyptian is my favorite, which is why I made sure to play games like Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed: Origins. But since there are similar myths all around the world, I liked to play with this idea that maybe each culture’s mythology was based on a same historical and global event. La-Mulana is the outcome of these imaginations that culminated in my adulthood. In La-Mulana 2, the shopkeepers are cameo characters from other video games. Where did that idea come from? Most of our fans from the early days of Nigoro were into retro computer games. I thought that component should not be forgotten while doing the remake, so I parodied the titles of retro PC games for the shopkeepers’ names. For La-Mulana 2, we had the opportunity to add bust-up illustrations for them. I strongly believed in still preserving the parody, which led me to reference the games in these illustrations as much as I could without getting in trouble. However, some of the storekeepers were changed during the porting process as there was a request to have these characters rewritten so that their resemblance to already existing figures does not anger their respective creators. This bothered me quite frankly, as they did not understand the concept of parodies whatsoever. I thought, “If I have to redraw them so they’re not parodies anymore, then I might as well call up my indie game friends and ask them to make a cameo!” And that’s how that collaboration and cameo came about. Could you ever see your game become adapted for the big screen? If I did this though, I would totally get in trouble because then I’d be doing nothing more than shamelessly appropriating Indiana Jones. You’re trying to set me up, aren’t you? But, we at Nigoro do deeply wish to widen our scope outside of games someday. View the full article
  5. MLB The Show 20 launches today. Here are our Top 10 Reasons that you should get it: 1. Brand New Online Game Mode: Showdown Take on a gauntlet of challenges to earn huge rewards. Start each Showdown with a draft and pick your squad MVPs. In each draft, you also will select perks, which boost your team’s performance in clutch situations. Then, play Moments with your newly crafted squad. Conquer the Final Showdown to earn huge rewards in the form of Program progress, Stubs, XP, Packs, and other items. 2. Brand New Game Mode: Custom Online Leagues Allows You To Play Seasons With Friends* Playing video games with friends is fun. Beating your friend in Game 7 of the World Series in your own Custom League is even more fun. In MLB The Show 20, you can create or join the gameplay experience that’s customized for you and your friends. Choice of 40-Man Live MLB Rosters or Diamond Dynasty Collection Season long format with Postseason Flexible schedule Competitive or Relaxed Atmosphere *Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. 3. Relationships Matter More In Road To The Show Our Full Baseball RPG Relationships matter in Road To The Show. We all do better when the team is clicking, so build those relationships with your teammates. Doing so brings out the best in them and in you. Challenges have been improved and expanded to give you more targeted options, better outcomes, and bigger rewards that you can see in real-time. New Challenges identify and surface the highest leverage moments for you to impact your team’s win expectancy. Choose your challenge based on what attribute, cap or personality you want to advance. New multi-reward Challenges include on-field Personality gain opportunities, speeding up your perk progression. Rewards now earned for completing new “Boss Battle” Challenges. 4. Minor League Rosters Make Road To The Show More Realistic For the first time ever in MLB The Show history Minor League Rosters will be in the game at launch! Through a collaboration with Scott Spindler (AKA RidinRosters) and his team you will now see the future of your favorite team’s franchise on day one. You’ll find these guys in Road To The Show, Franchise, and March To October. 5. Franchise Allows You To Relocate and Customize Your Team For the first time ever in Franchise Mode you can change your team’s name and logo. Bring your idea to life with our Logo Creator tool. Not the artistic type? Then search through the Logo Vault and download one of the thousands of stylish logos uploaded by players just like you. Have you always dreamed of your favorite team being a little closer to home? Then change the location of your team and pick the stadium they play in for home games. 6. March To October Gives You More Of What You Want Variety is the spice of life, right? Well this year March to October has greatly broadened the variety of unique game situations with which your team will be challenged. So be ready to evaluate the situation and execute clutch play from the very first at-bat of each game! New Gated Rewards System New Call-Up Opportunities New Dynamic and Beginner Difficulty Options More Compelling Variety of High-Leverage Situations New Trade Hub Enabling Strategic Trade-Making More Trades and Call Ups And with The Show 20’s addition of 1500+ real Minor Leaguers, when you choose to make a suggested roster move you will immediately get a Player Lock game (with a chance for a Player Boost) with one of the actual top prospects that your favorite team is in the process of grooming! 7. David Ortiz, Mickey Mantle, Mariano Rivera, And Other Beloved Legends Have you ever wondered how David Ortiz would do against Nolan Ryan in his prime? Or how Mickey Mantle would stack up against Ken Griffey Jr.? Then you’re going to love the list of Legends that are in MLB The Show 20! Play with all of these Legends in a home run derby, get them on your Diamond Dynasty squad, or add them to the pool of free-agents in Franchise. 8. Perfect-Perfect Hitting System Rewards Great At Bats Hit the sweet spot and get rewarded. Perfect-Perfect batting is a true hitting reward system that allows the best players to shine. Whenever your swing timing and plate coverage indicator are both the best you will trigger a perfect timing and perfect contact feedback grade. 9. Defense Is More Fun And Matters More Than Ever With Extreme Catch And Throw Home Indicators Do you go all-out for that hard sinking line drive, or will it eat you up? The Extreme Catch Indicator will help you decide if your outfielder is confident enough to make the big play or if it would be smarter to play it off the bounce. Hitting the catcher at the plate from the outfield is not easy. Neither is hitting the needle in the new Outfield Throw Home Indicator, but you’ll have to do it if you want to make that play at home in The Show 20. Reaction time and first steps are huge differentiators in the MLB. With the new First Step System, you will feel the hesitation of an average fielder or the smooth quickness of the elite players. In MLB The Show 20 player ratings matter more than ever! 10. Featured Programs and Bosses Return In Full Force To MLB The Show 20 In Diamond Dynasty* you build a custom squad to face-off online against other players from around the world. Some of the best player items that you can get will be found in our Featured Programs. Progress far enough in a Program and you will earn the coveted Boss Choice Pack. That pack lets you pick one of the three bosses (each boss is guaranteed to improve your squad)! How do you progress in Featured Programs? By playing Missions, Showdown, Moments, Conquest, by Collecting items, or just by playing the game and earning XP. *Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. Order MLB The Show 20 now and get a jump start on Opening Day: View the full article
  6. With the recent release of our 108th God, Smite has broken new ground with the first-ever playable character based not on mythology or ancient legend, but on history: Hua Mulan, the Ascendant Warrior. To celebrate Mulan’s arrival, we are excited to announce the new Smite Mulan Plus Bundle — available free to all PlayStation Plus members. This incredible bundle features exciting content that celebrates Smite’s Chinese Pantheon. Mulan joins over 100 other Gods in Smite, the world’s most popular action multiplayer online battle arena. Choose from Gods spanning over a dozen Pantheons, including Greek, Norse, Japanese, Voodoo, and, of course, Chinese. The Battleground of the Gods has never been more exciting – or deadlier! And best of all, Smite is absolutely free to download and play on PS4. What’s included in the bundle, you ask? The Smite Mulan Plus Bundle unlocks the following content: Mulan Nu Wa Empress Nu Wa Skin Master Guan Fu Guan Yu Skin 3-Day Account Booster 100 Gems Who is Mulan, and why are we so excited about her release? Hua Mulan is a well known legendary figure who heroically took her father’s place in the army of China. Disguising herself as a man, she worked relentlessly to rise through the ranks, maintaining this pretense for 12 years. At the end of 12 years of service, she was offered a high rank, but turned it down in favor of returning home to her family. But that was not the end of the end of her story… or her fight. For now, a new danger threatens her land, and Hua Mulan must once more take up her weapons in defense of her home. Mulan’s inherent skill as a fighter was honed with over a decade of intense training and battlefield experience. Not content to master a single weapon in her army’s arsenal, she would go on to perfect her skill with the sword, spear, and longbow. In Smite, Mulan wields all three of these weapons in combat to deadly effect, combining their power in her appropriately named Divine Mastery ultimate ability to deal truly devastating damage to her opponents. Redeem the Smite Mulan Plus Bundle on PS4 today to play Mulan free, and enjoy the rest of the content celebrating our Chinese Pantheon! View the full article
  7. Not long to go before the release of Persona 5 Royal! This new release builds on the worldwide success of Persona 5 with the addition of new plots and characters. Fans can expect a whole new depth to the experience with new takes on the storylines of this beloved RPG. New to the world of Persona? We’re spotlighting the cast of characters and the storylines they’ll be finding themselves in. New characters. New Personas. New Palaces. It’s not going to be your regular school year. Check out more below! Stealing bad intentions from the hearts of corrupted adults Play in modern-day Tokyo, where the main character has just moved to attend high school under close watch as he serves probation for a crime he was falsely accused of. During the school year, he and other students awaken to their powers to summon Personas. It’s up to this group of young adults to leverage their Personas to break into the hearts and minds of adults, reversing their negative and corrupt thoughts before they cause harm to others. So, how does this ragtag group of “problem children” go about removing the evil from the hearts of corrupted adults? The Phantom Thieves, as they are called, explore what is known as the Metaverse — a supernatural realm born from humanity’s subconscious desires. In the Metaverse lies Palaces — physical manifestations of peoples’ motivations. Some of them are good, and some of them, not so much. The Phantom Thieves must leverage the power of their Personas and break into the Palaces to get ahold of Treasures which symbolize the corrupt thoughts of their targets. Once they take these Treasures, corrupt thoughts disappear from their target’s psyche and they are redeemed for the better. The Phantom Thieves pick out their targets one by one and steal the Treasures from their Palaces to cleanse their consciousness, turning once malevolent people into virtuous citizens. A teacher who asserts his authority with his fists. An artist who takes credit for other peoples’ work. These are the types of targets that the characters pick out to reform. Starting with people from their schools, the characters move on to other targets and eventually go on to reform the entire city as the story unfolds to new heights. The Phantom Thieves go about their missions by night — by day, they’re but a bunch of unassuming high school kids making their way through their lives with the rest of the lot. The game opens with scenes that raise all sorts of questions — How did the characters come to start summoning Personas? What happened that led to all of this? What’s going to happen to our character, who starts off by getting caught? It’s an RPG that plays out almost like an interactive movie, creating more mystery and intrigue as players go through. Once you start, Persona 5 Royal is going to be a hard one to put down. Players are sure to relish the excitement of living a double life. By day, forge relationships with classmates and live what appears to be a typical Japanese high schooler’s life. By night, however, make your way through the Metaverse and break into peoples’ subconscious, redeeming people of their evil thoughts. It’s going through such contrasting experiences that make the Persona series so fun to play. The Phantom Thieves Outcasts. Misfits. Problem Children. Teenagers with rebellious spirits. Heroes. Whatever they may be called, these are the guys set to transform Tokyo for the better. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the characters and Personas to look out for: Main Character Code Name: Joker Persona 5 Royal’s chief protagonist, Joker is a 2nd-year student transferring to Tokyo in the spring to attend the Shujin Academy. After realizing his powers to summon Personas, he leads the group of Phantom Thieves to rid the city of corruption. Initial Persona: Arsene Characterized by his large silk hat and jet-black hair, Arsene’s Persona takes inspiration from one of French novelist Morris LeBlanc’s characters, who is known for his extraordinary thievery. Ryuji Sakamoto Code Name: Skull A 2nd-year student at Shujin Academy and one of Joker’s classmates. An odd one out, Ryuji is known as a problematic kid in the school running a foul mouth. However, he is among the kindest and warmest of people to those in his circle of friends. Initial Persona: Captain Kidd New Persona Awakening: William Nicknamed “Captain Kidd,” William is an aristocrat-turned-pirate who wreaked havoc in medieval Europe. He is rumored to have been funded generously by his peers for his nautical quests. Morgana Code Name: Mona Just about everything about him tells you that he’s a cat, but Morgana will never admit to it. In fact, you’ll often hear him throughout the game protesting, “I’m not a cat. I’m Morgana!” He provides transport for the group in the Metaverse with his powers to turn into a bus. Initial Persona: Zorro New Persona Awakening: Diego A master swordsman in Mexico during the time of Spanish colonial rule, Diego is a Robin Hood-like figure, a masked outlaw who defends commoners against tyrannical officials and other villains. Ann Takamaki Code Name: Panther Joker’s classmate at school. Many think she’s beautiful and unique because of her American heritage, but it’s a blessing and a curse because it keeps her from integrating smoothly into the student population. Initial Persona: Carmen New Persona Awakening: Celestine Celestine was a French mezzo-soprano who was most famous for her role of Carmen in the opera of the same name. She was strong-willed to the point that she would even write and edit her own songs for her shows. Yusuke Kitagawa Code Name: Fox A devoted painter, Yusuke is a 2nd-year student at Kosei High on a full art scholarship. A disciple of esteemed Japanese painter Madarame, Yusuke has a unique sensibility at a level far beyond the norm. Initial Persona: Goemon New Persona Awakening: Gorokichi One theory suggests that this new Persona takes on the childhood name of the legendary Japanese outlaw, Goemon Ishikawa. The legend goes that he took on the name ‘Gorokichi’ during his time studying the ways of the Iga-ryu ninja before eventually going rogue. Makoto Niijima Code Name: Queen Queen is a senior at the Shujin Academy and president of the student council. She boasts a sharp mind with a tight set of values and a strong sense of responsibility. At times, Makoto can also be too straightforward and uncompromising. She is known as the brains behind the Phantom Thieves. Initial Persona: Johanna New Persona Awakening: Agnes Agnes was a pope in the middle ages who ascended to the throne on the back of her unrivaled intellect. This, while pretending to be a man the entire time. Futaba Sakura Code Name: Oracle One year younger than Joker, Futaba rarely goes to school and mostly stays at home. She’s not a big fan of mingling with people but makes up for it with superhuman programming and mathematical skills. She serves as strong behind-the-scenes support for the Phantom Thieves. Initial Persona: Necronomicon New Persona Awakening: Al Azif Al Azif is the original Arabic name for Necronomicon, the most important textbook of magic in Cthulhu mythology. Haru Okumura Code Name: Noir A 3rd year student at the Shujin Academy, Shun is daughter to the president of a prominent food business. She sports a gentle appearance and sophisticated demeanor. Possibly owing to her upbringing, she tends to shy away from social interaction as she doesn’t see much of a point in it. Initial Persona: Milady New Persona Awakening: Lucy A new persona with the same name as the vindictive heroine featured in the Three Musketeers. Lucy is a beautiful woman who, despite being a married woman, was said to be an influential lover to various noblemen. Kasumi Yoshizawa, bringing the story to new heights Kasumi Yoshizawa is a mysterious new character with lots more to her than meets the eye. Kasumi Yoshizawa Code Name: Unknown Kasumi is a transfer student who enrolls at Shujin Academy at the same time as the protagonist. Because she’s been an award-winning gymnast since middle school, Shujin Academy has high hopes for her future. Her stream of achievements and amicable personality give us the impression of her being spotless. Yet, she seems to harbor the same sets of doubts and fears that plague the rest of the Phantom Thieves. Kasumi awakens to her powers to summon Personas, but the why and how behind this is shrouded in mystery. Despite all the rumors circulating about Joker’s past, baseless or otherwise, Kasumi harbors a healthy admiration for Joker. But whether her admiration for him is enough to get her to join the Phantom Thieves is another question. It’s not going to be as simple as that. Persona: Cendrillon French for ‘Cinderella,’ Kasumi’s Persona is embedded with hidden symbols, from her shiny dress to the watch she sports on her chest. Fans are going to want to see how her character and Persona end up affecting the rest of the Phantom Thieves! Find out when Persona 5 Royal comes exclusively to PS4 on March 31. View the full article
  8. Hello, PlayStation fans! My name is Adam Volker from Flight School Studio. Through our publishing partnership with MWM Interactive, we are bringing our small-yet-mighty indie title, Creature in the Well, to PS4 on March 31. To celebrate, we’ve got an all-new trailer celebrating some of the insanely nice things people have said about the game. Scope it out! In Creature in the Well, you play as Bot-C, the last remaining robot engineer tasked with maintaining an ancient weather machine. The machine deep within the mountain was built to protect the city of Mirage. But, it’s been dormant for centuries, thanks to a sinister Creature. Spread across eight dungeons, the game is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler with a twist. We think of it as pinball with swords. You charge up energy orbs, then bounce and ricochet them to unlock rooms in each dungeon. Artfully Inspired Because the pinball-inspired gameplay of Creature in the Well gets frenetic and hectic, we needed a visual style that was not only striking but also simple enough that the player could easily follow the gameplay. So, we looked toward comic books for inspiration, like Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, for the world of Creature. He is one of my all-time favorites and has such a masterful grasp on mood and atmosphere. We’ve heard a lot of nice things about the art style from players and as an artist, it really is touching to hear that people are responding to the art. Recently, we were humbled to learn that we are nominated for an IGF Award for excellence in visual art. Insane! Tools for the Job The Creature may have dozens of arms, but you, as Bot-C, have a lot of heart, courage, and over 20 unique items to help along the way including strike tools, charge tools, and really cool capes. We designed the tools to encourage you to find your own playstyle, trying to make sure each one felt different from each other. For example, my personal favorite is the folded edge axe, which essentially creates a multi-ball scenario, splitting the ball into additional orbs of energy. It rules. What’s next? We have some very cool things in store for Creature in the Well, like a digital “art of” book with 70 some pages of art made by yours truly and a soundtrack release featuring the beautiful work of our composer, Jim Fowler. We’re even working on a beautiful collector’s edition physical version of the game with iam8bit. In gearing up for this upcoming release, my co-creator, Bohdon Sayre, and I have played a lot of Creature in the Well using the DualShock 4 controller and I genuinely love the way the game plays with it. This is a bit specific, but, the flat-topped face buttons and the soft clicks on the shoulder buttons really fit my playstyle. And, I’m not just saying that. It’s a big reason why we are SO HYPE to release for PlayStation 4 on March 31. View the full article
  9. Pack your bags — it’s time to make a return trip to the city of the undead. The Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City demo drops on March 19, followed by the Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance arrives on March 27. Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City Demo The bustling industrial metropolis of Raccoon City was the place that Jill Valentine once called home. Die-hard fans, newcomers who started with last year’s Resident Evil 2, and PlayStation aficionados are surely familiar with the city’s ultimate fate, but Resident Evil 3 sheds new light on events that happened both before and after Resident Evil 2.. To that end, the Raccoon City demo will put you right in the thick of things, so here are a few tips on how to make it through: 1.) Tread Lightly While you may be tempted to run everywhere to make a swift escape from Raccoon City, the foes you’ll face along the way can be surprisingly agile. Sometimes it’s best to slow down a bit to avoid running into the open arms of a nearby zombie… or worse. On the flip side, there are times where running is your only option – say, if a certain bioweapon hell-bent on eliminating all traces of Jill Valentine decides to drop in…. Either way, Jill can put her training to good use by deftly sidestepping most attacks. With just the right timing, you can even pull off a perfect dodge, giving you a faster recovery and an opportunity to turn the tables on your attacker. 2.) Stop, Look, and Listen Jill has to make her escape among the ruins of Raccoon City. As you navigate the city streets, keep an eye on your surroundings and listen for nearby enemies, and you might just avoid becoming zombie chow. Always keep an escape route in mind when you’re entering a new area — sometimes the best solution is not to fight at all. You might also come across some bits of the environment you can use to your advantage, too. That doesn’t mean you need to use everything right away, though. Sometimes it’s best to leave an explosive barrel or stunning electrical box where it is to use later. It pays to be aware of your surroundings and to plan ahead! 3.) Be a Member of S.T.A.R.S. With Raccoon City falling into chaos so quickly, a lot of debris was left in the streets. You’ll find various items and zombies in unexpected places, of course, but various bits of construction detritus cover the streets, as well. You can surely guess how volatile red barrels work, but what about the sparking generators that are scattered around the city? We don’t recommend getting too close, but they should have their uses in a pinch. This isn’t the first time Jill has had to deal with the undead, having lived through the horrors of the incident in the Arklay Mountains. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in her shoes for a moment and think about how she’d deal with a situation. How many bullets do you have left? What enemies are you willing to fight? Is it better to power through and risk injury, or is it better to hold your ground? If you want to see the end of the demo, you’ll have to think about how to best use the resources you have. Resident Evil 3 Mr. Charlie Challenge We also have a fun challenge for those of you looking for bragging rights – there are 20 “Mr. Charlie” figures scattered throughout the demo in hard to find locations. These fun little bobble heads might remind you of RE2’s “Mr. Raccoon” or RE7’s “Mr. Everywhere,” and have been deliberately placed in obscure locations. If you’re up for the challenge, try to find all 20! You’ll have to check every possible nook and cranny to locate each and every one. It won’t be easy, so be sure to share your success when you’ve smashed all of them! Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta An open beta for Resident Evil Resistance will also be starting on March 27, giving you a chance to make your escape from a twisted experiment as part of a team of four Survivors, or to take a seat in the Mastermind’s chair and attempt to crush the Survivors instead. Resident Evil Resistance will be included with Resident Evil 3, and the open beta runs right up until launch, so it’s the perfect time to start learning the ropes of this unique asymmetrical online game! That’s all for now — while the Resident Evil 3 demo on March 19 is just a layover, you won’t have long to wait to reach your final destination. Resident Evil 3 launches with Resident Evil Resistance included on April 3. View the full article
  10. Hi everyone! Antonela here, Senior Brand Community Manager at 505 Games, working on Control. We’re thrilled to announce that the first expansion for Control, The Foundation, is launching on March 26 on PlayStation 4. If you’ve already purchased the Control Season Pass, then great news, you’ll get The Foundation as part of it. Since launch back in August 2019, the incredible team over at Remedy Entertainment have been hard at work on all-new content, including this premium expansion, which I’m going to tell you more about today. Here are five things to know about The Foundation. The Story In The Foundation, the Astral Plane is colliding with our reality. Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, must travel through the caverns of the Foundation to prevent the Astral Plane from consuming the Oldest House. The missing Head of Operations, Helen Marshall, may hold some answers to the mysteries surrounding this threat. As she travels deeper, Jesse will learn more about Marshall’s disappearance, and about the enigmatic Board. Jesse’s Mission The Foundation is an all-new level, which can be accessed through the Hotline Chamber in Central Executive. Important note, in order to access The Foundation DLC, players will need to have completed the main game. Within The Foundation, there’s not only main missions to work through, but multiple side missions to get stuck into as well. On average (because this question tends to come up a lot) players can expect to get around 4-5 hours of all-new gameplay out of The Foundation. Abilities and Skills Our community love Jesse’s abilities, as do we! As part of The Foundation, we’re adding skills to her supernatural arsenal. Take Control of an all-new ability (exclusive to The Foundation) called Shape and an upgrade to the Service Weapon called Fracture, allowing Jesse to transform and shatter the Foundation’s environments. Jesse will also have access to Shield Rush, an upgrade to the Shield ability that allows Jesse to charge at her enemies, knocking them back during combat. This upgrade will come as part of the free March update, but more on that later! The Hiss Sharpened The Foundation introduces the Hiss Sharpened, a new enemy type which can be found in the caves under the Oldest House. This new Hiss-type is particularly challenging, so get ready to put your skills to the test as they approach you with their melee swings, pickaxe in hand. What’s more, Hiss Sharpened will come at you from different directions, so think about how you can use your abilities to take them down. (Top tip: Look at how you can use Shield Rush and Levitate to your advantage!) Free March Update One more thing. We’re launching a free update alongside The Foundation. In response to player feedback, we’ve improved the functionality of the map, added the option to reallocate Ability points using Essence at Control points, and other quality of life improvements. There’s also the Shield Rush ability upgrade and many more improvements under the hood. On behalf of everyone at 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment, we want to thank our incredible community once again for all the amazing love and support since launch. Your kind words motivate us, your photo mode shots continue to surprise us, and we cannot wait to get your feedback on The Foundation. Speak soon! View the full article
  11. Step up to the plate and start your Road to the Show with new modes, more choices, and loads of other updates with MLB The Show 20. If you haven’t seen the Coach’s Couch video series, it’s a great way to catch up on all the additions, and see some fine puppetry in the process. Meanwhile, not one but two Doom titles land on March 20 — the gloriously grisly Doom Eternal, and the ‘90s classic Doom 64. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! Chop Is Dish PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 16) Chop is Dish tells the story of one cook who was robbed by some mystical creatures. Some strange monsters had suddenly appeared in his forest and stole his master chef’s chunk of beef. Our cook needed this meat for his ultimate dish, and now it’s gone — he has to act quickly and dangerously by pursuing the thieves and recovering his grand ingredient. Doom 64 PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 20) Celebrate Doom’s 25th anniversary with the release of Doom 64, originally released in 1997, and now available for the first time on Playstation consoles. As you battle through more than 30 action-packed levels, be on the lookout for enhanced weapons and secrets to help you put an end to the demonic threat. Doom Eternal PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out Mar. 20) Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to stop the final destruction of humanity. Also includes Battlemode, a new 2-vs-1 multiplayer experience in which a fully-armed Doom Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons in a best-of-five round match of intense first-person combat. Epic Word Search Collection PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy) Epic Word Search puzzles are enormous! There are more than 1,500 words hidden in each massive, scrollable grid. This collection contains: Epic Food Word Search, Epic Journeys Word Search, Epic Animals Word Search, and Epic Sports Word Search. Explosive Jake PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out Mar. 18) Explosive Jake is a classic arcade game. Not only humans are afraid of dark and deep dungeons. Our hero is a little skeleton with an unhealthy love of explosions, trying to escape from dangerous castle dungeons. Help him avoid enemies and explode his way out. Kamiko PS4 — Digital Kamiko is a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs. Fight as priestesses and battle against demons while solving puzzles to make your way through the stages. Look no further if you are looking for an arcade action game with a twist! La Mulana 1 PS4 — Digital, Retail Experience a classic tale of exploration, puzzle-solving, and deadly action! Take control of archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi and navigate through puzzles, traps, and deadly Guardians to claim the Secret Treasure of Life. Will you succeed in unraveling the secrets of La-Mulana, or will you fall victim to the dangers that surround you? La Mulana 2 PS4 — Digital, Retail Experience a classic tale of exploration, puzzle-solving, and deadly action! Renowned archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi has gone missing, and only his daughter Lumisa can find him! Enter Eg-Lana, an upside-down version of the legendary ruins of La-Mulana. What will you find at the end of your journey: triumph, or defeat? MLB The Show 20 PS4 — Digital MLB The Show 20 is what baseball dreams are made of. With new ways to play, greater customization, and more exciting new paths to rake in rewards — this is the biggest and best Show ever. The Show 20 is your ticket to play America’s pastime your way. Neverlast PS4 — Digital Stop the demon invasion by destroying the three runic portals before it’s too late in this fast action first-person fantasy game! As a reckless hero from a bygone era and your castle is under siege from the dark forces. Destroy all three runic portals that have been summoned to your manor before it’s too late! R.B.I. Baseball 20 PS4 — Digital Legends. Start. Here. Unleash greatness with your MLB crew in R.B.I. Baseball 20. R.B.I. redefines arcade baseball action with massive advancements including brand new batting, pitching & baserunning controls, all-new broadcast-style pitching camera, major visual improvements & more authenticity. Rainbows, Toilets & Unicorns PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 17) Rainbows, Toilets & Unicorns is a fast-paced shoot ’em up / bullet hell where you’ll have to progress through waves of enemies and beat 15 bosses. There are five different and completely crazy worlds. On your trip into the crazy world of unicorns, you can vent your unjustified frustration and face all your most unfounded fears! Red Death PS4 — Digital Blast through waves of arcane enemies and take down monstrous bosses as you defend the earth against an unknown calamity. As a prologue to Project Starship, vertical bullet hell shoot’em up Red Death sets a collision course against a full-scale invasion bent on eradicating humanity, presented in nostalgic 4-tone style! Roundguard PS4 — Digital Castle Springbottom is under attack! It’s up to the Roundguard to save the king and recover his gold! Fling your hero into the face of danger and bounce off hordes of dangerously cute monsters to reach the bottom of the dungeon. With only one life, you’ll need to learn how to navigate hazards, make strategic choices, and master your hero’s skills if you hope to defeat the final boss. Thunder Paw PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy) Thunder was out playing with his ball in the fields, when he suddenly heard a loud explosion near his house! He rushed home, worried about his parents, only to find no one was there. Just a single letter that said his parents had been kidnapped! It’s up to Thunder to rescue them! TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 19) Racing across an over 60 km long ultra-technical track at breakneck speed requiring realistic riding skills… that is the challenge that awaits in TT2! Lots of new features lie ahead: open world, reworked physics, classic motorbikes, and more. Fine-tune your motorbike, upgrade its performance and monitor its data in real time to stay competitive. NIOH 2 Playlist Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker The Grudge (2020) The Current War The information above is subject to change without notice. Pardon our dust! In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in The Drop as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list. We will, of course, strive to correct any mistakes as they arise. Thanks for your patience! View the full article
  12. Last week, we asked you to share some inspiring women in your favorite games. From adventurers to directors, witches to superheroes, you shared your favorite lady in gaming using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: Jesse rises to the occasion as Director in Control, shared by AreeLyBadPun. ccf_photomode shared a detailed portrait of Freya from God of War. Amicia finds the light in the horrors of A Plague Tale: Innocence, shared by Joshcoomber_vp. Aloys stands proud in this Horizon Zero Dawn share by MindJackedJimmy. Batgirl watches over Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight, shared by virtua_photo. YouSpoonyBardd shared Lara Croft dropping into a new location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Search #PS4share and #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? Theme: Demons Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, March 18 Next week, we’re shining some hellfire on demons. 😈Share your favorite devilish characters from the game of your choice using #PS4share and #PSBlog. View the full article
  13. The fight for justice gets bigger, badder, and quirkier! My Hero One’s Justice 2, out today, brings back the original cast from the first game, while also introducing plenty of new fan favorites. With over 40 playable characters, improved battle mechanics, new team interactions, and an exciting new Mission Mode where you get to run your own hero agency, players will be sure to have a blast! To help you get ready for battle, we at Bandai Namco have put together a quick guide on how to master some of our staff’s personal favorite new characters. Sir. Nighteye Sir. Nighteye is the one of the few heroes who wears glasses (just like me!) and obviously the best dressed one among all. Always calm, collected, and stylish, even in the face of peril. Oh, and he sees into the future! How awesome is that? – Andrew Tedjo, Media Manager Tips and Tricks Contract Draft is a quick attack that has a lot of range, perfect for doing damage to an opponent while keeping your distance (so you can analyze them, of course). Tip: If you hold triangle for a few seconds and then release, he will fire 3 times in rapid succession. This is a good way to attack while also retreating. If your opponent is attacking you in close quarters and it’s hard to escape, perform No Visitors. This is a grab that transitions into a counterattack. Tip: Follow up with Bottom-Up Management and Top-Down Management for a truly boss combo. For a really cool Plus Ultra All attack cutscene, choose Mirio Togata and Deku as your sidekicks. Twice Twice is an interesting character because he opens up some serious opportunities for mind games. Twice’s quirk allows him to make copies of his opponent at any time (as long as he’s made the proper measurements!) This can severely change-up the neutral game. At any moment he might use YOU as a weapon. – Sam Wilkinson, Community Specialist Tips and Tricks Use your opponent’s fighter against them! When up close and personal with your opponent, take your opponent’s measurements with Yard Research. Tip: You can perform this move while in mid-air! It does not work if your opponent is guarding, however. After you’ve taken your opponents’ measurements, you can make a clone of them! You can control this clone to attack your opponent. It only lasts for a few seconds, however, so time your attacks wisely. If you complete your team with Toga and Mr. Compress, you will unlock an entertaining cutscene when you perform your Plus Ultra All attack. Mirio Togata Mirio Togata is my favorite because he is very strong, but always super optimistic and cheerful. He is a lot of fun to play because he is full of surprises – just like his quirk. His Permeation quirk is really unique and it’s cool to see how they’ve managed to translate it into this game. – Alex Luong, Associate Digital Marketing Manager Tips and Tricks Make use of Mirio’s Permeation by doing the Invisible Eye Break. While in Invisible Eye Break mode, your opponents’ attacks will phase through you! You can only hold this mode for around 3 seconds. Catch your opponent off guard by using Vanish Soleus. Mirio will phase through the ground while rushing at the opponent, ending the move with an uppercut from underneath. Tip: If you want to be even more tricky and feint the move, hold R1 immediately after initiating it – Mirio will still phase through the ground while rushing at your opponent, but will pop up right in front of them instead of finishing with the uppercut. If you’re cornered by an opponent, a good move to use is the Blind Touch Eye Gouge. Mirio will guard, then transition into a grab. Mina Ashido Mina Ashido is the perfect blend of fun, fashionable, and fierce. Her breakdancing moves make for a flashy fighting style that’s hard to ignore. – Stephen Akana, Brand Manager Tips and Tricks Mina is a great example of a character that has both close and long-range attacks. Use this to your advantage by mixing up your attacks to keep your opponent guessing! The attack Acid Rain is a perfect blend of both defense and offense. When performing Acid Rain, Mina puts up a temporary acid barrier that deals damage to opponents that get too close. Tip: Immediately follow up Acid Rain with another attack to surprise your opponents. Mina is known for her sweet breakdancing moves! Execute the Breaking! attack to show off your dance skills while also attacking your opponent. You can also hold this attack while moving to cover more distance! You can only hold this move for approximately three seconds, so plan it wisely. Nejire Hado I like Nejire because she is fun, affectionate, cheerful, and strong. She’s the only female member of the Big Three, and I think it’s great that she can be a role model to the younger female students of U.A. – Angela Chen, PR Specialist Tips and Tricks Nejire’s wave motion quirk is well suited for mid to long-range combat. The movement of her attacks a little on the slower side, so keep that in mind. A good opening move is the Blast Wave. The attack actually continues for a few seconds after you’ve let go of the button, so you are free to dash towards or around your opponent afterwards. You can also follow up with some quick combos! Tip: Trap your opponent in a corner with Blast Wave, then follow up with a sidekick attack! We like using Mirio Togata or Tamaki Amajiki for this! Nejire can fly if you hold the jump button. If you press the jump button twice before holding, you can get even higher. Follow up with a quick Battle Juggle move in mid-air to deal damage to your opponents from a safe distance. Tip: Keep in mind that all of Nejire’s Plus Ultra moves must be done from the ground, and not in mid-air. Overhaul Although he’s a germaphobe, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. His quirk allows him to destroy and restore objects immediately. This allows him to attack up close or use long- range attacks. I like playing Overhaul because it allows you play from a variety of ranges, and his attacks have huge range! – Ben Le, Digital Marketing Coordinator Tips and Tricks The Offering: Anti-Ground is a solid attack with an incredible range. It can do damage to an enemy from across the opposite end of the arena! Perfect for keeping enemies (and their germs) away from you. If you want to surprise your opponent, perform the Dome Strike attack. It unleashes an attack directly under your opponent — they won’t know what hit ‘em! A few of Overhaul’s attacks involve him touching the ground. If you want to confuse your opponents, perform the two attacks mentioned above, but hold for a few seconds before releasing. This way, your opponent won’t know which attack you are planning to unleash! So there you have it, folks! We hope our tips and tricks can help you be PLUS ULTRA in your fight for justice (or injustice, if you choose to be a villain)! While we covered a few of the cool new characters in this guide, there are other new characters that you can play as, such as the mighty Gang Orca, or the always cheerful BMI Hero: Fat Gum, to name a few. Be sure to experiment with different characters, both as your main fighter and as your sidekicks. Every character has unique abilities to bring to the table, so play them all to find your favorite combo. My Hero One’s Justice 2 is available for PS4 now. View the full article
  14. Hi everybody! My name is Jonathan Hawkins, and I’m the founder and creative director at White Elk. This week we launched Covert for PS VR, and we are excited to not only share a new VR game with you but also help you share VR with your friends and family! Covert is a unique co-op game that pairs the PS VR with a smartphone or tablet. The player in VR is a thief; their job is to sneak through enemy bases to complete different mission objectives. The mobile player is a hacker; they guide the VR player through these secure locations by using their birds-eye view perspective; they can see where guards are located, and they can crack safes, and hack into computers! They connect to the VR player through our free companion app (available for all the most recent iOS and Android mobile devices.) The game features eight unique missions, six hours of gameplay, and an engaging story filled with a cast of colorful characters. Your guide on this journey is Stacy, a gadget genius. She is the last known member of the infamous League of Thieves, a world-famous thieves guild, that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. They have been double-crossed by their old hacker, who put the League’s former leader and master thief, James Bourdain, in jail. Stacy recruits you and your friend to join the League of Thieves, to get revenge and pull off the heist of the century! After working on Eclipse: Edge of Light, which is a game about being alone in an alien world, I wanted to create something social. I noticed that when I shared VR with my family and friends, everybody wanted to try it out, but there weren’t a lot of games that allowed you to have a shared experience with the person in VR. I wanted to create a VR game that I could play together with my wife. So, I challenged myself and the team at White Elk to create something unique and explore a brand-new gaming genre. This proved to be quite the challenge as there wasn’t anything like this ever created before. A lot of the different ideas, mechanics, and scenarios that we tried out didn’t work, but we learned from those failures. Ultimately, we had to focus on creating simple communication tools between the VR and mobile players so they could smoothly play the game in the same room or across the country. For example, the hacker can guide the thief through the level by double-tapping on the map to create markers that the thief can see in the world. They can tap on hackable doors and devices to draw the thief’s attention. A fun “blind gadget ” also provides them a way to give the VR player a “Get Out of Jail Free ” card, so they can escape tricky situations when facing multiple enemy guards. Once we had created these tools, it was a lot easier for us to design many different fun scenarios. I can’t count how many times I heard, “No, the other left. ” Communication is hard! Ultimately, I feel we were able to overcome these challenges and accomplish our goal of creating a social VR game. We have received many emails and messages from people who had a fantastic time sharing Covert with their kids, parents and significant others. It’s a fun couch co-op game, where you can take turns passing the PSVR back and forth, or reconnect with an old friend in a different city. My wife and I had a great time playing, and I hope you all do too! :) Thanks! -Jonathan Hawkins PS: We have a patch for Eclipse: Edge of Light with Move support coming soon! View the full article
  15. We here at San Diego Studio, PlayStation, in collaboration with Nike, are extremely excited to announce the Javy Baez Moment Sweepstakes. We’ve partnered with Nike to design an exclusive MLB The Show 20 Air Max sneaker to celebrate this year’s launch. Starting on March 17, 2020 at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) you can be automatically entered into the sweepstakes by playing the Nike Javy Baez moment in MLB The Show 20 for a chance to win one of fifty exclusive pairs of the shoe*. By completing the moment you will be given a blue pair of the sneakers for in-game use. Full sweepstakes rules can be found here. Those who pre-order or purchase the MVP Edition (physical or Digital), 15th Anniversary Edition (at GameStop) or the Digital Deluxe Edition (at PlayStation Store) will receive four days early access getting you into the game on March 13! MLB The Show 20 launches on March 17, 2020. The standard edition is $59.99 USD/$69.99 CAD MSRP. We could not be more excited for our 15th Anniversary! Look forward to a new class of Legends, new ways to play, including with your friends! Check The Show Nation, and follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates about MLB The Show 20. *No purchase necessary. Must be 13+ and resident of the US, D.C. or Canada. Void where prohibited. View the full article
  16. Last month, we announced the official release date for Sakura Wars – April 28. We are back to raise the curtain on even more exciting news! First, we have a new trailer giving you a close up look at the members of the Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division and Sakura Wars’ trademark LIPS feature, presented as a time- or context-sensitive interaction system. Through LIPS, what you say and how you say it will allow you to build strong relationships with your team… or it could get you in seriously hot water. But let’s take a step back for a moment and discuss how LIPS, or the Live & Interactive Picture System, actually works in the game. This core gameplay system in Sakura Wars influences how you interact with characters and even the environment around you! Usually presented in a time- or context-sensitive fashion, LIPS appears in four different scenarios: Standard LIPS – The most common, in which you are presented with a series of dialog options to choose from. Or, you can choose none of them, which itself is an answer! Click LIPS – These are typically seen during special events involving face-to-face conversations with context sensitive actions. For example, clicking on someone’s mouth starts or continues a chat. Analog LIPS – Encountered in moments where you’re asked to provide a response, and it’s up to you to decide how much emotion you’ll put into that response based on how much you fill up a gauge on screen. Environment LIPS – Similar to classic point-and-click adventure games, you are presented with a puzzle that you must solve by searching your surroundings for clues. Many of these conversations will have a direct impact on your trust and affection levels with your other squad mates. Not only does this carry over to the later segments of the game along with the combat (as you unite your forces against a host of demons ready to feast on the capital, no less), but it will also put you on a path towards one of the many character-specific endings (which can be considered the more important priority). Sakura Wars puts a big emphasis on character relationships and romantic storytelling. We mentioned before how the game is structured like an anime, with entire chapters primarily devoted to each of the girls, so you’ll spend a lot of time really getting to know them and the conflicts you’ll help them overcome. Let’s discuss a couple of examples. Let’s take Claris. On the surface, she is a very kind and gentle person. She also presents a sophisticated persona that has carried her through life. She is a huge bookworm, who will become fully engrossed in a book and lose complete awareness of her surroundings. Say the wrong thing to her, though, and there’s a good chance she’ll tear you down with her more… scornful side. Moving on, we also have a big update regarding the physical Launch Edition. Previously, we announced this version would include a reversible cover, along with a sticker set featuring the main cast. Now, we’re thrilled to announce a new perk for those who pre-order (or already pre-ordered) the Launch Edition: you will also receive the Theater Costume Add-on Bundle! This set includes new costumes for Kamiyama, Sakura, Hatsuho, Azami, Anastasia, and Claris inspired by costumes from the Flower Division’s various stage productions. First details about the Digital Deluxe and Standard Editions But that’s not all, as we’re revealing the details of our digital releases! Those who go with the digital version of Sakura Wars will have a couple options available – the Standard Edition, or the Digital Deluxe Edition. Regardless of which one you choose you will receive an Imperial Combat Revue PS4 Dynamic Theme along with the Neko Ears Add-on Bundle. By upgrading to the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will also receive: Legacy of Love Add-on Bundle Charming Accessories Add-on Bundle Swimsuit Add-on Bundle There’s a lot to celebrate with this title. Not only is it the first mainline entry of the series in over a decade, but it also serves as a soft reboot to the entire franchise. Whether you’re a fan of adventure games, character-driven stories that weave together action and romance, or maybe have a deep-seated love for anime like I do, there’s a whole lot we think you’ll find mighty appealing. Be sure to check out Sakura Wars when it launches April 28 on PS4! View the full article
  17. Hey, everyone! Derek here. It might feel like it’s been awhile since our last update — to the Spelunky 2 team, however, it feels like almost no time at all, since we’ve been hard at work and seeing the steady progress we’ve been making each day. I wanted to share some of that progress with you here right now! First off, we’ve been working on making the game look even nicer, adding more details to each area and making sure that the ones that were already in there popped out better. Thank you to the fans who gave us their feedback about that after viewing the last trailer! I think we’ve struck a good balance now, where the graphics are crisp and easy to parse, but the details still stand out enough so that you can easily soak them up as you play the game. Effects like lighting and liquids are more vibrant now, too, contributing to that feeling of a dynamic, living world that has been our goal since day one. Content-wise, one of my goals with Spelunky 2 was to make each run feel even more like a personalized adventure. Of course, players of the original game created a lot of their own stories through their choices during the game, and in my opinion those are still the most meaningful. We want to keep supporting that kind of creativity by adding more variety to the game. This can come in many forms — new items that, in the Spelunky style, are carefully designed and have a lot of obvious and non-obvious interactions with the rest of the world. But there will also be more characters in the vein of the shopkeeper, who can help or hinder the player in unexpected ways. Fans who have been following Spelunky for a long time may even spot some familiar faces within the vibrant community of new NPCs that will be joining them in Spelunky 2! One thing we haven’t talked enough about yet is audio. Eirik Suhrke, who worked on Spelunky 1, is creating a dynamic, multilayered soundscape that is much more immersive than the first game. Each area not only has its own unique musical theme, but every creature, trap, item, and surface has its own suite of sound effects associated with it. Landing on grass in the Jungle will sound very different than landing on a conveyor belt in Volcana, for example. It’s perhaps a more subtle change but adds a lot to the distinct feel of each area. There’s so much more that I could talk about! Deathmatch, which was a bit of a sleeper mode in the original game — we’re trying to expand on the concept and make it stand tall next to Adventure Mode. Or the ways we’re tying the feeling of progressing through the caves into the feeling of building a small community of friends and family. Or even our improvements to the journal and menus, which don’t seem as important but nonetheless contribute a lot to the overall experience. But I’ll save it for another time. Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience. Although we’re not quite ready to announce a release date, we’re getting closer and closer, finally getting to implement the deepest parts of Spelunky 2 that have been collecting dust in my notepad for years. From me, Eirik, BlitWorks, and Lollipop Robot (our amazing QA team) — we can’t wait for you to join us on the adventure! View the full article
  18. Greetings PlayStation fans! We are very excited to announce today that our acclaimed roguelike RPG of spaceship exploration, and tactical turn-based combat with cards, Deep Sky Derelicts, is coming on PS4! The game will be available at PlayStation Store starting March 24 for $24.99. It’s been two and a half years since Deep Sky Derelicts was introduced to the players and has subsequently received recognition by the fans of the genre. Among them many PlayStation players who have been requesting to see the game on their favorite platform. Meanwhile, the game has been expanded and enhanced with fresh content and multiple new features, which now creates a perfect moment to bring it on PS4. In Deep Sky Derelicts you find yourself in a grim dystopian future at the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy mankind has long scattered across. As the result of this star expansion, human society has split into two distinct classes: rich aristocrats inhabiting rare habitable planets and stateless outcasts forced to live off scraps from derelict. You take on the role of such an outlaw, an adept scavenger, who is tasked to explore dangerous alien spacecrafts in search of the fabled Mothership that holds something so valuable and wondrous that it is worth risking your life for. At the outset, you must build a squad of scavengers which you’ll lead through a number of missions on board of seemingly desolate spaceships. Along the way, you will get into countless random encounters and lots of weird characters, who will give you equally weird missions to accomplish; you’ll fight all kinds of alien creatures, malfunctioned robots, zombies and other exotic enemies, including bosses, which will challenge your tactical prowess; you’ll collect hard-earned combat trophies and find precious loot, which you can either sell or keep for use by the members of your crew; finally, in-between the missions you will return to your scavenger base to sell loot, buy equipment, heal wounds, turn in completed contracts and take new ones, upgrade and resupply. Deep Sky Derelicts takes a step forward from the standard rogue-lite formula and offers a fresh take on turn-based combat with cards. All weapons and equipment are infused with cards representing various attacks and combat abilities to boost tactical depth, variability and to add an element of randomness in every combat encounter. During fights you will have to adapt on the fly to your dynamically changing arsenal while the overall control over your characters’ decks is available outside of battles, albeit only indirectly. To compensate for the lack of the direct deck management, Definitive Edition introduces crafting of custom equipment, which gives you a chance to create new gear that has the cards you wish. Last but not least, another key element of Deep Sky Derelicts is its distinctive art style and overall aesthetics that add to the already immersive sci-fi player experience in spades. Snowhound team has spent a lot of time and effort to create this enchanting dark hand-drawn comic book 2D look and feel made in an exquisite retro-futuristic visual art style. Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition launches on PS4 on March 24 — mark the day and be sure to keep your eyes peeled at Playstation Store! Until then, feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments below. Happy scavenging! View the full article
  19. When Nioh first launched in 2017, its unique vision of feudal Japan and the terrifying yokai inhabitants made it stand out from the ever-growing selection of titles in the masocore genre. The stance system was unforgiving but immensely satisfying, ensuring calls to git gud echoed around the gaming world like never before. Three years later, and with the samurai adventure’s follow up on the horizon, the stance system remains at the heart of Nioh 2. But this time, Team Ninja have granted players with new Yokai Abilities in their fight against the demons lurking in Sengoku-era Japan. What this means is that while all those hours sunk into the original game will put you in good stead for the fight ahead, there’s plenty of new challenges to overcome and skills to learn if you are to be victorious. As the gorgeous launch trailer arrives and with the game less than two days away, we’ve put together some expert tips to help you make the most of your new abilities and survive the first few hours of Nioh 2, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or are new to the series: 1. Choose weapons that suits your style Nioh 2 offers a wealth of starter weapons to choose from, with your character carrying two from the get-go. Favorites from the original game and its DLCs return, but it’s the new double hatchets and switchglaive that many players will be keen to try. The hatchets allow for swift hacking at your foes, and holding Triangle allows you to toss one of the blades towards distant enemies. The hatchets are relatively weak, but their lightning quick attacks make them a good choice for players who prefer speed over brute force. The switchglaive, meanwhile, offers three very different styles depending on your stance. Hold the blade in a low stance and it can be used much like a dagger, slicing quickly. Mid stance transforms it into a spear-like weapon, with a medium reach that allows you to keep attacking yokai at bay. Switch to a high stance to turn the blade into a lethal scythe, spinning around you and slamming down onto your opponents with incredible force. Pro tip: Choosing a combo of weapons which offer different approaches to battle is a good place to start. One heavy hitter alongside a faster blade is recommended for those new to the series. 2. Ki is key Your stamina, or Ki as it’s known, is just as important as your life gauge in Nioh 2. Every dash, dodge and weapon swing depletes it and if you find yourself fully out of Ki, you won’t be able to attack or avoid an incoming blade. The result of this is often a quick death. While Ki will gradually recover over time, the Ki Pulse is your secret to success. After each attack, a blue glow will surround your character. A well-timed tap of R1 when this appears will create a Ki Pulse, causing your stamina to jump significantly. Learning to do this is the key to survival as it allows you to go on the offensive for longer periods. Pro tip: Running Water: Heaven is a Samurai Skill which allows you to dodge away from an enemy and perform a Ki Pulse at the same time. It’s a game-changer in the middle of battle and is a skill you should aim to unlock as early as possible. 3. Know your stance Nioh’s protagonist fights in three different stances — high, medium and low — meaning you can use each of your weapons in three ways with a tap of R1 + Triangle, Square or X. Mastering the differences between these is vital to establishing yourself as a true yokai slayer. Low stance: Holding your blade downwards allows for quicker attacks, this is useful for taking on crawling and slithering yokai Mid stance: Swinging towards the body of your enemy allows for medium power attacks. A great all-rounder and good stance to start most skirmishes High stance: Slamming your weapon down from above, the high stance allows for crushing attacks which are useful for chipping away at the Ki of your opponents. But be warned; miss one of these attacks, and you leave yourself open to the sharp end of your enemies’ blade Pro tip: With some practice, you’ll learn to change stance mid battle, allowing you to perform a Ki Pulse at the same time and giving you the opportunity to rain continuous blows down on your opponent with lethal results. 4. Embrace your Yokai Abilities Yokai Abilities are new to Nioh 2, thanks to the half-human-half-yokai protagonist, and offer a fresh advantage in battle. Early in the game, you’ll be introduced to the Burst Counter, activated by pressing R2+Circle. The Counter briefly activates your yokai form and teleports you through your enemy’s attack, leaving a spectre of yourself behind which, if hit by the incoming attack, massively damages your opponents health and ki. Timing is everything with the Counter, but get it right and you’ll be well rewarded. Additional yokai abilities can be gained by finding Soul Cores during your journey. Pro tip: Watch closely for a red flash around your enemy. This is your signal to activate the Counter and deal some serious health and ki damage. 5. Steal your enemies’ abilities with Soul Cores Soul Cores are a new item and are dropped by the more powerful yokai you face. Once attuned at a Shrine, the Cores give you the ability to use some of the notable skills of the yokai you stole it from. The first one you’ll come across is taken from the huge ape-like Enki and imbues you with the ability to jump in the air and toss a spear down onto your enemies, dealing massive damage and often turning the tide of battle. Assigned to R2 + Triangle or Square, you can equip two of these skills at a time alongside your Burst Counter. Pro tip: Your ability to perform yokai abilities is locked to your Anima Gauge, a new gauge which appears as a purple bar below your Ki. This can be replenished by defeating enemies and absorbing other Soul Cores. 6. Learn to use the Yokai Shift When your Amrita Gauge is full, the ability to activate Yokai Shift opens to you. Press the Triangle + Circle buttons together to complete a full metamorphosis from samurai to yokai. While in this form, you become almost invulnerable and your attack power massively increases. In the early hours of the game, there are three different forms you can take, based on which Guardian Spirit you choose. These allow for differing abilities, so choose wisely based on the enemies you’ll face: Brute: armed with heavy weapons and the ability to repel attacks, the Brute yokai form swings devastating attacks from close quarters Feral: quick and dangerous, the Feral yokai can dodge enemy attacks while chaining together rapid attack combos Phantom: The Phantom Yokai keeps its distance, launching projectiles at its enemies before moving in for close-up attacks Pro tip: Having trouble taking down a tough opponent? Return to a Shrine to change your Spirit Guardian and try a different approach in your Yokai form. 7. Call for help from beyond the grave The world of Nioh 2 is littered with the souls of fallen warriors, shown as both red Bloody Graves and blue Benevolent Graves. Activating a Bloody Grave raises a samurai from the earth for you to go head-to-head against, with the chance of gaining some powerful loot if you defeat them, but it won’t be an easy fight. Benevolent Graves, new to Nioh 2, allow you to call on the support of a fallen player’s spectre, who will appear as an NPC and fight alongside you until your mission is over, or they are defeated. You need Ochoko cups to call on an aide, which can be found by defeating souls from Bloody Graves. Pro tip: Righteous Jasper is a new consumable in Nioh 2 which, when used, creates a Benevolent Grave where you stand. This can be used by other players to call on your spectre for support. 8. Explore the Dark Realm In Nioh 2, powerful yokai have the ability to drag you into The Dark Realm. Once there, your ki will struggle to recover and yokai will become more powerful. You’ll find chests locked and shrines unusable, making it dangerous for even the most experienced warrior. To escape the Dark Realm, you’ll need to find the yokai who has dragged you in. While they won’t be taken down easily, once defeated, they’ll drop useful loot, and chests and shrines will unlock. Pro tip: Yokai are more powerful in the Dark Realm, but since the protagonist is half yokai, it might be a good place to test out your new yokai skills… 9. Find inner peace at Shrines The Shrines you’ll find scattered throughout Nioh 2 offer a brief respite from the challenges of your journey. Pray at them to replenish your health, restock your items and act as a respawn point should you be defeated… But be warned, your departed enemies will be resurrected too. Shrines allow you to use amrita to level up your character and claim blessings from the adorable green Kodama you’ll discover hidden in each level. Offer up an Ochoko cup and you may even be able to summon another player to help you on your quest. Pro tip: Shrines appear as green dots on your map. You’ll know you’re near when you hear the high-pitched chanting of the Kodama. While many of Nioh 2’s biggest challenges will still lie ahead of you, with these tips, you stand a better chance of survival during the first few hours of Team Ninja’s samurai epic. The thrill of taking down a massive brute of a boss is one of the game’s most satisfying elements, but you’ll need to hone your skills if you’re to face Nioh 2’s most lethal opponents when it launches on March 13. Good luck, samurai. View the full article
  20. Just a few days ago, I caught up with Hermen Hulst, formerly the managing director of Guerrilla. In his first interview since becoming Head of Worldwide Studios, Hulst provides insight into his new role overseeing PlayStation’s international network of game developers and creators. Our talk covers a lot of ground: from upcoming film and TV projects based on Uncharted and The Last of Us, to the upcoming PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn, to what’s next for PlayStation’s international network of game studios. Listen to our full interview here, or read on for some key excerpts, edited for brevity and clarity. PlayStation.Blog: For years, you’ve been the head at Guerrilla, the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn and the Killzone series. What have you been up to lately? Hermen Hulst: First off, just let me say that it’s a great honor for me to lead such an incredibly talented team. Since I’ve been appointed as the Head of Worldwide Studios I’ve been spending some time at various studios, going around listening to teams. Obviously I knew a lot of people already [from my time at Guerrilla], but I’ve met a ton of new devs. And I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of how we can work even more closely than we already do. I’m obviously involved in projects that I wasn’t before. I’m really pleased to see how well fans and press are responding to Dreams. It’s such an ambitious game. PSB: There are PlayStation fans out there who have heard of Worldwide Studios, but they don’t know exactly what it is… How would you describe Worldwide Studios? HH: I think I would define Worldwide Studios as probably the most global network of game creators that exists, or has ever existed. I mean, we’ve got studios across the world from Sucker Punch in Seattle to Media Molecule in Guildford to Polyphony Digital in Tokyo. It’s truly global. And pretty much all of these teams started as independents. Typically they have their own identity, their own name, their own studio culture. But at the same time, they’re all very much part of this global network that is Worldwide Studios. So there you have it, in a nutshell. PSB: Since you’ve come on board, have there been any changes at Worldwide Studios? HH: I think Worldwide Studios is in a really good spot. We have been, and we are still, very much a quality-oriented group of developers. We’re storytellers, and we like to create new experiences. And those are values that for a long time have been part of Worldwide Studios. And they’re going to continue to be part of Worldwide Studios. But we’re always looking to how we can improve things, how we work together, how we’re organized. We’ve had a couple really great appointments of new leaders at the studios recently. You probably heard about Nicolas Doucet as the new head of Japan Studio… Alan Becker, who I’ve worked with for many, many years recently retired from Sony Interactive Entertainment. So Nick is a great appointment, he’s been creating innovative showcases for PlayStation since his early days at London Studios. He worked on EyeToy… he’s one of those guys who can tinker with hardware and bring innovation to the platform. And Yumi Yang has been appointed as the new head of Santa Monica Studio. You know Yumi Yang, she’s been there from the beginning. She knows the people… she’s been such a vital part of establishing all these processes that have generated 20 years of great games coming out of Santa Monica. She’s one of those people that gets creative talent. And I think the creatives love working for her because of that. Actually, while we’re talking about Santa Monica Studio, I’d like to give a shoutout to Shannon Studstill, whom I’ve partnered with for many, many years. I’m really grateful for her, she left recently. And with her special brand of leadership fostering talent, she’s been so great at succession planning. And that’s exactly why we have Yumi there now, all set up. PSB: From your perspective, what makes Worldwide Studios special? Can you chalk it up to the structure, people and talent… or is it the freedom that’s provided to these folks? HH: I think all of those elements are crucial to it. What’s unique about Worldwide Studios is that everyone here loves making games with a lot of heart and soul. It’s never just a job. People at the studios are so connected to the titles that they make. And I think what’s key here is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s commitment to giving creative teams time to realize their vision. It takes time to create these heartfelt experiences, to create innovative experiences. And Sony really gets that, so I’m very grateful for that. I should also mention the PlayStation community. I think it’s one of our greatest strengths at Worldwide Studios and PlayStation at large. Increasingly, I see deeper connections between developers and the community. PSB: You’ve been with the company for a long time, you know what goes into a hardware launch year. A lot of challenges and opportunities that studios face, including Worldwide Studios. What are the teams focused on right now? HH: You know, these are the most exciting times when you develop on a console. We are super hard at work at the moment… and honestly, I can’t wait to talk to you in more detail about that. Let me just say — we have some of our biggest exclusives on PlayStation 4, either having recently released like Dreams, or coming out very soon like MLB The Show on March 13 (editors’ note: early access date, with pre-order), The Last of Us Part II on May 29, we’ve got a really great new IP that I’m so psyched about, Ghost of Tsushima. So there’s a lot coming out on PS4 as well. PSB: Is there anything you can tell us about your vision for the future of Worldwide Studios, whether it’s going into next generation or beyond? HH: We’re very committed to dedicated hardware, as we were before. We’re gonna continue to do that. And we’re very committed to quality exclusives. And to strong narrative-driven, single-player games. At the same time, we’re going to be very open to experimentation, to new ideas. Just trying things out to see what works. I think that’s also very much part of the DNA of Worldwide Studios. PSB: Speaking of experimentation, there have been rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition that might be coming to PC… can you confirm or deny that? HH: Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer…. There will be more information coming from Guerrilla, from the new studio directors [Michiel van der Leeuw, JB van Beek, and Angie Smets] pretty soon. PSB: PlayStation is no stranger to publishing titles on the PC, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the largest games to make that leap. Is there anything you would say to PlayStation fans? What does it mean for the future? HH: Sure. I think it’s important that we stay open to new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation, and show people maybe what they’ve been missing out on. And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance. We don’t have plans for day and date [PC releases], and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware. PSB: What do you think of Dreams? HH: I think what Media Molecule pulled off is just pure wizardry. These guys are empowering players to make and share their own games. If you reflect on that… not only did they create a new engine, and not just an edit suite, but a digital content creation suite on top of it. I’ve been speaking with a few graphic coders from other teams about Dreams, and it’s hard for them to even get their head around it… [they’re] puzzled about how Media Molecule pulled it off. PSB: PlayStation Productions is out to expand the reach of PlayStation IP by bringing it to mediums like film and TV. There’s not a lot of info out there — can you tell us about the strategy? HH: I would say the purpose of creating PlayStation Productions is to introduce our stories, characters, and worlds to new audiences while making content our fans will be proud of. The approach is to bring together film and TV directors, work with people who have a ton of respect and passion for our gaming IP. We’ve got IP dating back for more than 25 years now, and we’ve been delighted to find quite a few PlayStation fans among these film and TV creators. What I’ve also come to understand is that our IP is perfectly suited to adapt to linear storytelling. In a film and TV market, where IP and franchises are king, we’ve built up one of the most exciting IP libraries in entertainment…. I should mention that we are including the game makers in this expansion process. We want to ensure that we’re very authentic in that approach. It’s really important that the game makers are a big part of it. We’re not just creating direct copies of our games, we’re really making an effort to adapt their stories to best fit that medium. PSB: We know about the Uncharted film. What other projects are underway? HH: We’re very excited. The Uncharted film starts shooting this month with Columbia Pictures. It’s got a great cast — Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and recently announced Antonio Banderas. It’s going to be a really fun movie, [it] will help reach audiences who maybe haven’t heard of Uncharted before. A big one recently announced — we’re partnering with HBO on a The Last of Us TV show. We’re so excited to be working with the award-winning team that brought you Chernobyl, with Craig Mazin co-writing the show with our very own Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog. There’s a lot more to come on PlayStation Productions, but that’s what I can tell you now. There’s even more in the full interview! Hulst also shares how he broke into the gaming industry, whether he inverts his Y-axis, and what his 1994-era self would say if he could see 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn. View the full article
  21. We recently sat down for a PlayStation Underground play session through a segment of Trials of Mana — an exciting new action RPG that launches April 24. You might not be aware, but the game’s a full remake of a classic 1995 RPG that originally released exclusively in Japan — Seiken Densetsu 3. The new game has been built with an impressive degree of reverence for the 16-bit classic, alongside fresh new ideas — and there’s a part of the PS Underground playthrough that demonstrates that perfectly: the boss battle against Fiegmund, the Water Benevodon. Meet Fiegmund — my how he’s grown! During Trials of Mana, your party of courageous companions must face off against eight powerful beasts called Benevodons. These are creatures of pure destructive power that once brought the world to the edge of chaos. In other words, they’re bad news. Inside the labyrinthine caves of Frostbite Fields, a particularly nasty example lies in wait — Fiegmund. Here’s how Fiegmund looked back in 1995: This is what Fiegmund looks like now: How far visuals have come in 25 years! Of course, it helps that Fiegmund always looked great. The original Trials of Mana has some first-class sprite work, and that gave the team a fantastic reference point when recreating this fearsome foe. You can see how the new version successfully captures all the key elements, from its razor sharp fangs, to the unsettlingly spiky haunches. However, adapting a 2D sprite into a 3D model has its challenges. In this concept art we can see how the team had to visualize everything from how the beast’s body would realistically look, to little details like the bottom of its feet! Reimagining a boss fight Of course, it’s not enough to make Fiegmund look better — it has to fight in a much more complex way too. Back in the long, long ago of the 90s, Fiegmund leapt around the battlefield (with surprising grace for something so large). The key to victory was to take every opportunity to deal damage before the brutish Benevodon launched itself out of reach. That’s still the case in this new version, but the battle also throws in additional complications. Unlike the original game, Fiegmund has three dimensions in which to operate — and it takes full advantage of them. It leaps to the ceiling and sides of the area, staying well out of reach of most of the team’s attacks. It also throws new attacks into the mix — launching powerful icicles from above and attacking with painful ice attacks. It’s another brilliant demonstration of how the developers have taken elements from the original Trials of Mana and reinterpreted them through a modern lens. The DNA of the original is there, but the execution is fresh and exciting. It’s not easy beating green In the PlayStation Underground footage, you can see the team handily beat Fiegmund — but how exactly did they do it? We’ll walk you through some of the tactics they used. This frigid foe is equipped with many powerful attacks, but the deadliest by far is Frozen Crack. Fiegmund leaps well out of harm’s way and drops a number of powerful icicles down onto the battlefield. If you fail to deal with these in time… well, let’s just say that you’d best have some healing items to hand (although at least the team shouldn’t have any trouble finding an icepack for their bruises). Dealing with these powerful icicles should be your priority – and there are lots of ways to do it. In the video, for example, we see Kevin acting as Ice Removal Specialist, using brute strength to take them apart before Fiegmund can launch its brutal attack. But that’s just one method. Trials of Mana features a lot of flexibility over how you develop your party. For example, you can choose different classes for characters, which let them take on different roles in battle. In addition to the improved leveling system, there’s also a brand new feature that’s been developed for this version of Trials of Mana – Abilities. After each battle, you’ll earn Training Points, which you can spend on various upgrades to your characters, such as boosting HP or increasing strength. In our game, Kevin has been built up as a very powerful front-line fighter, but you could choose to spec him very differently (if he’s even in your party at all). If you were using less physically strong or lower level characters, for example, you could use the game’s tactics system to order your party to attack the same target as you. With their powers combined, your team should be able to whittle those icicles down to shavings in seconds. There are other strategies you could use too — but we’ll let you work them out for yourself when the game’s out! With the icicles iced, Fiegmund plummets to the ground. Now it’s stuck on his back, flailing pathetically. You’d almost feel sorry for the beast – at least until you remember it’s an evil entity of ultimate destruction. Regardless, it’s vulnerable. The party now has a brief window of opportunity to pull out their awesome abilities and magic to deliver some serious damage. By coordinating their attacks, the team is able to send Fiegmund to an explosive end. When is Trials of Mana out? That’s just a very brief look at one of the brilliant bosses in Trials of Mana. Hopefully you can see how lovingly recreated it has been — and how the new mechanics and moves that make the battle even more dramatic. That mix of classic Mana series concepts with new ideas sits right at the heart of the whole game. You’ll be able to experience it for yourselves on April 24 when Trials of Mana releases on PS4. Preorder now, and you’ll get six exclusive PSN Avatars, as well as a Rabite Adornment — a special accessory that allows you to gain more experience from battles (up to level 10). View the full article
  22. Warzone will be live on March 10 and free for all players. An epic new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience, Warzone takes place across the expansive and dense city of Verdansk. Drop into this sprawling city as over 100 players entangle themselves in an intense battle with a tactical path to victory. A Massive Battleground Warzone takes place across the city of Verdansk which may be a somewhat familiar battleground for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. This dense and massive map features more than 300 points of interests and a variety of landscapes for different types of engagement. A mix of areas including the cityscape of downtown Verdansk complete with tall buildings, the more rural Krovnik Farmland, and urban areas with many interiors prime for looting, decorate this expansive map. Players can explore Verdansk on five different vehicles – ATVs, Tactical Rovers, SUVs, Cargo Trucks, or Helicopters. Ride with your squad to your next destination, take out a rival, or drive to escape the closing circle. More than Battle Royale; Introducing Plunder While the battle will vary every time you drop in, Warzone will have two game modes at launch that both require distinct strategies. Battle Royale pits your trio against all other squads in a quest to be the last team standing. The deadly gas in the closing circle tightens the combat while heightening the intensity of the match. In Plunder, a respawn mode, players race to collect the most Cash which can be found across the map or gained by eliminating opponents or completing contracts, objective based tasks that reward Cash and other loot. Plunder relies on exploring the map to find Cash and other useful items, like Killstreaks, strategizing to complete contracts, and being ready to take down or defend against other opponents. Additional Information On launch day of Warzone, we will bring more details including a deeper dive on Battle Royale and Plunder, plus strategies and tips to master both modes. In celebration of launch day, Playstation Plus users will be able to get the exclusive* and free Call of Duty: Warzone Combat Pack at Playstation Store. More information to come with launch. Warzone is live on March 10 starting at 8am PDT for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare and available at 12pm PDT to download free, for all players. *Timed exclusive content until Oct. 1, 2020. View the full article
  23. With last week’s release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, countless fans finally have a chance to relive the thrill of that first Mako reactor run. From returning to Midgar, recreating the game cover of Cloud gazing up at the hulking Shinra building, and hearing the impressively reimagined soundtrack, it’s easy to imagine how FFVII Remake is inspiring some major nostalgic feels. After all, who doesn’t immediately get transported back to memories of the original? Well, me for one. I didn’t play FFVII when it was first released. Until recently, I had never even played a Final Fantasy game. The legendary series has always been one of my biggest cultural blind spots, either due to age (in 1997 I was five), or from willful ignorance. JRPGs didn’t always click with me as a kid, and while I saw snippets of different FF titles while gaming with friends over the years, it never quite drew me in enough to play an entry on my own. Even in 2018 when I finally booted up FFVII on PS4, determined to give a celebrated classic a shot, I still couldn’t connect. There were elements of the game that excited me (The summons! The soundtrack! Tifa!), but even after reaching a certain pivotal plot point (you know which one!), I found myself losing steam and ultimately I didn’t finish it. Maybe I was coming to it too late, maybe my expectations were too high. But ultimately I figured I was firmly on the “Final Fantasy isn’t for me” train. Which is why after a hands-on experience last month, it’s blowing my mind that Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2020. At first I thought it was just the updated graphics. That opening sequence drifting through a fully realized and lived-in Midgar is nothing short of stunning. Seeing Cloud leap into action at the beginning of the Mako reactor run genuinely sparked joy in me. He and the AVALANCHE crew are stylishly realized, and seeing them move through the world was a delight. Their personalities shine from small quips during battle to longer fleshed out cutscenes, and I was immediately endeared to the bombastic Barret and sweet, kindhearted Aerith. It helps that the world they are moving through gleams with eye-catching environments. From the glowing metal walkways of the Mako reactor, to the harried and burning alleyways of Midgar’s business district, I couldn’t stop pausing to take in my surroundings. Square Enix’s updated vision of Midgar had successfully piqued my interest, but I felt like I was finally cutting my teeth as a true Final Fantasy convert during the fast-paced and kinetic combat. Y’all, I was having the time of my life during these battle sequences. Switching between Cloud and his party members is a fluid choreography that I was thrilled to learn, and once I had the hang of balancing my ATB charges and abilities, I felt like I could conquer Shinra and the world. That’s not to say I always had the hang of it — there were some particularly harrowing moments in a post-demo boss battle where I felt like I was using every ATB charge to force feed my party Potions. But once I found a steady rhythm, mastering the dance between characters and abilities felt natural. More than that, it felt exciting in a way that I had never felt about Final Fantasy before. This increased tenfold when I used a Summon for the first time. Unlike in the original FFVII, Summons are something that require teamwork to get the most out of. With a Summoning materia equipped, one character can unleash a Summon, but then all party members can use their ATB charges to guide it in battle. It makes the Summon so much more than a cool animation and hefty attack. Instead they are an active and lasting part of the fight that encouraged more of that kinetic back and forth that I was thriving on. I might not have a lot of feelings tied to the original game, but I definitely felt something powerful when I unleashed Shiva during a fight. It’s a feeling that stayed with me well after my playthrough, and again once I sat down to play the demo at home. It may have taken 23 years, but for the first time in my life, I think I’m fully on board the Final Fantasy train. I can’t wait to see where it takes me when Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to PS4 on April 10. View the full article
  24. Mortal Kombat and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn were both unleashed on the world in 1992. Their dark stories and authenticity quickly seized the public’s imagination. Now, 28 years later, these storied franchises have finally united in Mortal Kombat 11 with Spawn joining the roster as the latest playable fighter. It’s a match made in heaven, or is it one made in hell? The Custom Skin – NetherRealm’s uniquely sinister take on Spawn. From the outset, Spawn’s many passionate fans here at NetherRealm were obsessed with giving this devil his due. We knew that to portray Spawn properly, we first needed to nail the presentation of his trademark weapons — his iconic cape and chains. The iconic Spawn outfit. To perfect these items, our studio leads formed a cross-discipline strike team. They met regularly for over six months to develop the tools necessary for our designers and artists to fully explore their imaginations. As a result, Spawn’s cape and chains are fully integrated into his core gameplay. Not only can the cape be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon, it can also be used to help Spawn take flight! In Spawn’s Fatality, “Rest in Pieces,” his cape and chains work together to orchestrate a symphony of blood. As Spawn’s cape grabs the beaten opponent, his chains tear him or her apart. This Spawn outfit directly references his comic book origins. With these foundational elements in place, our game designers then set out to showcase Spawn’s many other abilities. They came up with numerous moves inspired by the original comics, including creating illusions, conjuring demons and blasting opponents with Necroplasm. This attention to detail extended to other disciplines as well. The story team dug deep into Spawn’s lore to build emotional connections between him and our Mortal Kombat characters so that we could explore them in his in-game dialogue. We were excited to discover just how much Spawn had to say. Spawn’s Commando outfit means business. Our excitement only grew when we learned that actor Keith David, the original voice of Spawn, would be reprising his role in Mortal Kombat 11. Keith voiced the character in “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn,” the Emmy award-winning HBO animated series, so it was a dream come true — not only for us, but for Keith himself. He came to the voiceover sessions positively thrilled to be back in the role, and his enthusiasm shines through in every aspect of his performance. The Matinee Skin Pack features “Osh Tekk Vandal” Kotal Kahn, “Swashbuckler” Erron Black and “Space Marine” Jacqui Briggs The new Spawn-inspired character skin, “Hellspawn” Jacqui Briggs Very soon, gamers across the globe will get to share our excitement for Spawn when he joins Mortal Kombat 11 on March 17 as part of the early access period for Kombat Pack owners, followed by wide (à la carte) availability on March 24. Kombat Pack owners will also have access to the “Hellspawn” Jacqui Briggs skin and Matinee Skin Pack on March 17. We hope you enjoy! View the full article
  25. Ready for a challenge? Nioh 2 drops you into a deadly supernatural world filled with skilled swordsmen and ruthless mythological creatures. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry — turns out you’re half Yokai and can call upon your own otherworldly abilities when the need arises. Create your character, choose a guardian spirit, and then start hunting some demons. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! Covert PS VR — Digital Recruited by a mysterious client, you and a partner take on a series of high-profile heists. Utilize gadgets to infiltrate the various facilities as the crafty Thief in VR and breach through security systems as the clever Hacker on a mobile device. Cooperation and trust will be necessary to sneak past guards, hack through laser grids, crack safes, and much more. Hidden Through Time PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 12) Embark on a colorful hand drawn journey of discovery through the ages! From missing dinosaur eggs in the stone age, to a king’s crown in medieval times, can you find them all? Discover, create and share worlds with your own hidden treasures in Hidden Through Time! Jump, Step, Step PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 11) Jump Step Step is a gorgeous and funny programming game with bonsai trees, a crazy robot and a broken rocket. Bob is short-circuited and goes mental. Please send him a series of moves to guide him back to his ship. Without your help Bob will probably tell himself to step on a spike and die. Langrisser I & II PS4 — Digital, Retail You are the arbiter of fate in a world ravaged by wars through generations of heroes who battle for peace, order, or chaos. Command Ledin, Elwin, and their companions in their quest to obtain the Sacred Sword Langrisser and restore peace to a war-stricken land. Decide who your allegiance lies with in Langrisser I & II, remastered for modern consoles. Monster Viator PS4 — Digital Unable to remember who he is, Culter is mysteriously able to communicate with monsters. He soon comes across Aira, a shepherd who controls monsters with a harp, and they set out together to uncover his memories. A fairy-tale like adventure with a legendary Hero with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth, and a witch unfolds! My Hero One’s Justice 2 PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out Mar. 13) My Hero One’s Justice 2, the over-the-top follow-up to the smash hit 3D arena fighter, makes its heroic debut! Make full use of characters’ Quirks as you clash head-to-head in epic battles across huge arenas! Includes a bonus for purchasing the previous game, My Hero One’s Justice: special customization item set for Izuku Midoriya. Neon City Riders PS4 — Digital (Out Mar. 12) Looking for a 2D action-adventure mixed with super-powered urban gangs in a post-cyberpunk neon scenario? Take on the role of Rick, a masked vigilante who needs to explore the decaying futuristic Neon City in search of items, superpowers and companions to free the turfs from the four super-powered gangs’ claws! Nioh 2 PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out Mar. 13) Journey to 1555 Japan, a country gripped in endless warfare where monsters and evil spirits stalk a land of natural beauty and menacing peril. Hunt down your enemies as a rogue mercenary wielding the supernatural powers of the mythical Yokai. Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and the new and terrifying Dark Realm? Super Destronaut: Land Wars PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy) Inspired by arcade classics, this new arcade experience mixes a first-person viewpoint with classic invader style shooting. Together, this unique mashup will test your skills across 30 different challenges.For a change of pace, try arcade mode which mixes different playstyles like combo breaker and snail mode! 1917 Spies in Disguise Wonder Woman (2017) The information above is subject to change without notice. Pardon our dust! In the coming months, you may notice the occasional discrepancy in The Drop as we’re updating the back-end systems we pull game info from to populate our list. We will, of course, strive to correct any mistakes as they arise. Thanks for your patience! View the full article