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  1. Wes (Minion) told me to PM you about the UFGL site.

    I can't get logged into there, it says invalid ID or PW

  2. can't find it...where at the store do I have to look for it?
  3. Sorry to drag this old post up, New news though. My son called me today and told me that their new EP was just released on I-Tunes. He is very excited and asked me to go and write a review of the album. They feel the more reviews they get, the better chance they have of getting signed. SO....I have a favor to ask. If you have an I-tunes account, please go and write them a review. Go to I-tunes, Music, Select ROCK from the genres tab, new and noteworthy(top middle of page), see all, pg.2, WINDSOR DRIVE BRIDGES EP. You don't have to buy anything to write a review, but if you want to; by all means Write them a good review. Thanks guys, Dan
  4. That's alright, I read it again and it is STILL funny as fuck.
  5. Thanks guys, I just watched that new live video and was like "holy shit, I am going to need a second opinion" I go and see them play about once a year.......and that footage was MUCH better than I remembered them. They have been together and touring since high school, and are really trying to get signed. Like Chili said though.....there is alot of luck and politics involved. I just hope someone signs them. They have really worked hard and sacrificed alot to make their try at the bigs.
  6. I am not sure about the i-tunes things X. Their music isn't really my style.......a little soft for me, but that seems to be what is selling right now. Kind-of Coldplay/Killers.
  7. Well, My son and his band just put up a few new videos on their myspace. They are still trying to get signed and have recently been contacted by hopefully it will pan out for them. On the right side of the page, about 1/2 way down; right under the tour dates; you will find "Bridges (live performance)" Please click and enjoy. You have to pause the player on the very top right so the songs don't play over each other. Dan Sukow is my oldest son. He is playing lead guitar (Red sunburst Strat with a white pick guard), If you are facing the stage he is far left. This is LIVE footage of them. To say the LEAST, I am pretty impressed. Give me some feedback and let me know if I am just a biased dad, or if you think they really ARE as good as I do. Thanks
  8. I have a Vizio 42" 1080p LCD...5,000 to 1 contrast ratio Bought it at walmart and love it. My Dad works there since he retired so I got an extra 10% off. Basically that paid for the extended warranty and the HDMI cables. If I remember correctly I paid about $700.00 for it. I recommend a LCD over a plasma.
  9. I never come over here to the UF site. But I felt compelled to see this Recruit thread.
  10. The problem with Lesnar is that he is just too fucking strong to submit. And stop talking about him like he can't defend against being taken down. Hello.........Div1 National Champ out of you really want to take his big ass down?? Another thing......the dude is scary fast for a huge man. Only weakness I can see in his game right now is conditioning..........he was looking pretty gassed at the end.
  11. Macoo and I were in Schiller Park yesterday man
  12. LOL.............I just been waiting for the invite man.........been waiting for 2 years now. I got a Bennelli super black eagle that is just dying to kill a few ducks.