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  1. you must remember that when the PSN is back you will be required to change password so maybe it wont work until you do!
  2. When i got the PS3 it was in December and Xbox Live was down for some reason.. they ended up giving free stuff to everyone!
  3. yeah.. can we stop posting on this thread.. every time someone posts, i get hopes that it's to say it's back up again!
  4. If that's the case then it fucking sucks. Im usually one of those that rush and int order to get to decent positions before the enemy sees me i need to be fast. but waiting 15 seconds to spawn is crap it changes my whole game, i cant hardly get of the spawn cause by that time everyone else is already posted in good positions waiting for dumbasses like me. the mic sucks the lag to respawn sucks would really like to lean would love to roll prone Pistols encumbrance.. i mean really, weapons loose so much strat without encumbrance to worry.. that has always been a deciding fact for me, if not then what's the diference between a LMG and an assault? cause accuracy in this game is hardly notable.. a guy carring a assault and a SMG cant run as fast as one with sniper .50 and LMG, makes no sense. i would like the option to equip or not equip stuff for the sake of encumbrance..
  5. tha't bleeds BADASS!!!
  6. yeah.. i still cant believe we dont have pistols.. i
  7. yeah.. but it's still capcom.. so i have faith on them.. I love me sone resident evil. but agree that /6 is a bad choice!
  8. Found this on That pretty much sums everything up!