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  1. LMAO, thats just awful
  2. Im actually pretty damn excited about this.... If this is any good, i'll be required to go get a ps3 again. Im really hoping they deliver.
  3. the only thing in noticed that was teddy bear ish was the fact that the smoke after the flash bangs by the filing cabinet makes the shape of a teddy bear.... its very subtle, and you have to really look for it. Around 1:24/1:25 look right infront of his cross hairs.. you can see the shape of what would be a teddy bear
  4. lol... its obviously fake, its just funny... but I tried it after i saw it as well, just to confirm... I didnt see it on the forums, so i posted it here
  5. Pretty good, but couldnt gotten their point acros in like 30 seconds instead of 3mins
  6. While I agree with your point Irish, The thing that pisses me off is the media itself, and their notion of them feeling like its totally acceptable to talk about peoples private issues. I mean, do we REALLY care that Tiger cheated on his wife? Is that news? A man, cheated on his wife.... that shit happens every fucking day, yet... OH MY GOD, TIGER WOODS?!!?!!?!! A Black Guy Cheated on his hot ass White Wife?!!?! What a fucking surprise... I. Hate. Stupid. News.
  7. Thanks... I was wondering this...
  8. I was flipping channels, and every fucking station was having coverage of it, which prompted me to post my rant thread.. lol
  9. ..... its on every damn major news network... its not THAT serious folks.. the guy is an amazing golfer, end of story. Why should anything else matter in HIS life? God, i hate the media and their slant ass coverage
  10. Anyone watch that game? Drew Brees was quite fearless, and picked apart the pats defense...
  11. Happy thanks giving to all !!!! Be Safe Everyone!!
  12. I cant believe you guys are still talking about havoc's penis.... Let it die.