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Found 6 results

  1. According to Midland, TX has once again came out on top of Best Preforming Small Metro Cities 2008 Rank 2007 Rank Metropolitan Area 1 3 Midland, TX MSA 2 6 Coeur d'Alene, ID MSA 3 1 Bend, OR MSA 4 2 St. George, UT MSA 5 18 Grand Junction, CO MSA 6 10 Warner Robins, GA MSA 7 30 Longview, TX MSA 8 14 Bellingham, WA MSA 9 7 Prescott, AZ MSA 10 27 Odessa, TX MSA 11 17 Las Cruces, NM MSA 12 47 Cheyenne, WY MSA 13 32 Yuma, AZ MSA 14 81 Santa Fe, NM MSA 15 42 Bismarck, ND MSA 16 33 Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA MSA 17 36 Fargo, ND-MN MSA 18 12 Charlottesville, VA MSA 19 29 Auburn-Opelika, AL MSA 20 54 Gainesville, GA MSA 21 5 Winchester, VA-WV MSA 22 43 Greenville, NC MSA 23 35 Sioux Falls, SD MSA 24 41 Billings, MT MSA 25 25 Iowa City, IA MSA
  2. Oh Shit!!
  3. What do you guys think of this kid? I was impressed with him all of last year and of course because of his school being Hawaii and his loss to Georgia, I figured he'd go late in the draft, which he did. But watching him in the Hall of Fame game, and I know its mostly a game of those looking for jobs, but watching in that game, I think the Redskins made a good choice.
  4. We finally get a Pro team. Now they talk about Spin off Businesses. What kind of Businesses is there? Also there are 125 jobs coming with the Team. What kind of jobs might there be?
  5. TOW-19

    Jokey jokes

    Q: What is the punishment for bigomy? A: Two mothers-in-law. Q: When Bill Clinton was president, why did Hillary always want to have sex with him in the morning? A: Because she really did want to be the first lady. Q: Why do women pay less than men for car insurance? A: Because they can't get blow jobs while driving. Q: Why did Dorothy get lost in Oz? A: Because she had three men giving directions. Q: What other activity, other than poker, starts with holding hands and ends with a staggering financial loss? A: A failed marriage. Q: How do you respond when your girlfriend tells you you have to be more affectionate? A: You go get two more girlfriends. Q: What is the difference between "oooooh" and "aaaaah?" A: About three inches.
  6. Guest

    APC Site MIA?

    Where's my clan's site damnit? I feel homeless... is this one of those hacker jobs I've heard so much about?