Urgent Fury Presents the POW II TacMap Tournament

Urgent Fury is notorious for enhancing the tournament experience with their Signature Scenario Based TacMap Tournaments. Over the years these events have had various twists to make the tournament event more interesting and POW II is no different. Prisoner of War was by far one of the most popular adaptations to the TacMap experience added by creators […]

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune announced for the Vita

Remember that Indiana Jones type of 3rd person adventure game Uncharted? Well in a bizarre chain of events, Nathan Drake is sent out on a mission to collect cards and do battle with them! From the Playstation blog’s Chris Reese, he describes Uncharted: Fight for Fortune as a turn based card game exclusive for the Vita!

SOF Studios Creative Director David Sears joins Commander Fury for an unrestrained Interview on TwitchTV

Every once and a while Commander Fury gets that interview of a life time, such as Harvard Bonin, Jr. of Santa Monica Studios, Travis Steiner formerly of Zipper Interactive and even Doc from The Tester Season 1. But when he got the call to host a live broadcast interview with David Sears, Creative Director at […]

World Renowned Creative Director and Shooter Entertainment Pioneer, David Sears (SOCOM), Joins SOF Studios.

Southern Pines NC – August 7, 2012 – Independent games publisher, Special Operations Forces Studios, Ltd. (SOF Studios), is honored to announce the hiring of 22-year games industry veteran and AAA Creative Director, Mr. David Troy Sears. David, the visionary Creative Director behind shooter entertainment’s pioneering franchise, “SOCOM: US Navy SEALs” and most recently ground-breaking […]

2 New Characters Join Sony’s Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal

As promised today at San Diego Comic Con two new playable characters were announced for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Who are they you may ask? Read on to find out!

God of War Ascension Revealed

The next game in the God of War franchise has been announced

Battlefield: 3 Now ‘Banned’ in Iran…

Story by: CritiKiL First the Lawsuit, and now This? ~ Iran has banned this video game in all of Iran, which is very popular here in the USA. In the picture above, it shows the US invading Iran. With the latest incident leading to the killings via Drone-airstrike by NATO, this video game is the […]


Commander Fury is Urgent Fury’s “boots on the ground” for the biggest game release of the year!!! As he finds himself braving the cold & crowds at his local GameStop to celebrate the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the 2nd Annual Urgent Frequency Veterans Day Thanksgiving Call Of Duty Midnight Launch […]

Modern Warfare: 3 Early Pirating ~ “Don’t Get Caught!”

  Story by: CritiKiL Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t come out until Nov. 8. But pirates have already obtained the video game — one of the most-anticipated of the year — VentureBeat has learned. The PC version of the game, or at least part of it, has been circulating among pirates in the U.S., who […]

Record HD Game Videos w/Notebook (New: AverTV USB HD-DVR)

Story by: CritiKiL Ok, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! Many of you have Computer consoles or mini towers which incorporate HDMI capture cards for the Best recording of media that you watch or games you play through your HDTV. While that can get pricey or while many of you who only […]