E3, MVPs, H-Hour, Chicago, PS4 so much going on

So it has been a crazy week for Urgent Fury with E3 and all but so much more is going on too… We recently posted a video recorded with NO_Fear and myself talking about what community meant to us, strolling down some Socom memory lanes, H-Hour and such:

E3 was by far one of the most exciting which should not be a surprise since it was in fact probably the biggest console releases in gaming history with XBox and PlayStation going head to head this year. We saw many games on all consoles and PC and played plenty as well. I know I can be labeled as a PlayStation fanboy time and time again, but that is my personal preference and has been thanks to Socom. To each his own.

Since there have been millions of posts about the console wars I won’t dive deep into it, and even as I finally write this, Microsoft has done a u-turn on some of their policies after the out crying of the gaming community and frankly horrid preorders. I really think they just approached the concept the wrong way and well PR was a complete disaster. I actually support getting control of the used game market and ensuring that publishers get their due from retailers. I do not support publishers going after Joe who sells his game to Johnny over like Craigslist or eBay, only businesses that make billions off of giving Joe $5 for a game and then turning around and selling it for $5 less than retail.

I did get my hands on some PS4 play with Blacklight Retribution and I am very happy with the Dualshock 4. It was very well thought out, comfortable and not an overwhelming change. I would say it is a natural evolution.

Blacklight Retribution, a F2P Shooter, was pretty cool. It will release with PS4 I believe from Zombie Studios.

Walking the floor there are several blockbusters coming to current and next gen consoles, so prepare to be broke this holiday season no matter what console you choose. Honestly between the meetings and such, I did not get to experience near enough games this year.

Of course you have seen us all over the announcement of H-Hour: World’s Elite’s KickStarter by SOF Studios. We really talk in the video above how much of an impact the early Socom Games had on all of us, and how David Sears is looking to bring back that style of gaming we have been looking for. Make sure you head over and support this project with a pledge http://bit.ly/ufsupportshhour


We also announced that this Saturday, June 22nd we will be hosting a live Q & A with David Sears on our Twitch Channel, so get your questions ready… we will have the chat on a limiter to make sure that we are not getting spammed.

We can’t forget that we have added a PS4 Giveaway. To clear it up, we are giving an actual PS4 away, we are doing the pre order and will ship to the winner. This is limited to the US. Sign up now: http://bit.ly/winaps4


Along with all of this going on at E3, in a PlayStation blog post today (where you can see my ugly mug) Kristine outlined our involvement as MVPs for PlayStation at E3. It was an amazing experience for all the MVPs, especially those that were at E3 for the first time. We had some very direct feedback sessions with PlayStation as well as some get sessions with several developers. This program provides engaged members of the PlayStation community direct access to the right people. With this access your voice can be heard through the MVPs.


Now that we are done with E3 and all, we turn our attention back to the competitions at Urgent Fury. We have the Urgent Fury on Tour Chicago event coming right around the corner. Get your teams signed up, this is a guaranteed prize pool, so if only 8 teams sign up they are all going home cash in hand, if only one team shows up they are getting $7500 for doing almost nothing, we might make them play the staff lol. Remember there is a 64 team cap, we will not increase this, so it is first come first serve. We have now had a few teams register this week and expect to end up with a waiting list when it’s all said and done. Team Pre Registration is $280 and will be $320 at the door if there are any spots left.



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SOF Studios Creative Director David Sears joins Commander Fury for an unrestrained Interview on TwitchTV

Every once and a while Commander Fury gets that interview of a life time, such as Harvard Bonin, Jr. of Santa Monica Studios, Travis Steiner formerly of Zipper Interactive and even Doc from The Tester Season 1. But when he got the call to host a live broadcast interview with David Sears, Creative Director at SOF Studios, the excitement was almost too much. However Commander Fury tightened up his boot straps and uttered an enthusiastic “HOO-YAH” and said let’s do it.

Recently SOF Studios announced the arrival of David Sears to the team, and August 23rd at 9pm central standard time this is your chance to ask the man behind our beloved Original Socom Series where he is going to take SOF Studios. Head over to their site and register on their forums so you can post your questions. Commander Fury will be reviewing these questions and including many of them during the live broadcast.

To listen to the interview and participate in a live chat, join us at www.twitch.tv/urgentfury and jump right into the chat, we will try to include live questions as well (time permitting). Be sure to follow Urgent Fury on Twitch as we have upcoming tournament broadcasts for the UF Dust Championship starting the 5th of September.

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Innovation and Originality are something shooters have been missing lately

SOF Studios announced today they are currently developing “an Entertainment Industry first”  by using hand selected personnel from the world’s most elite Special Operations units.

On their new webpage, SOFs shares that the characters in their untitled Tactical Shooter will be profiled from actual Army Special Operations, Army Ranger, Army Special Force and Nave SEAL veterans.

We understand that more  about each member’s profile will be revealed in stages and there are hints of character visuals to be added as well.

Unlike the normal process that developers follow, SOFs is planning on offering an extremely high level of transparency as the project progresses.

The first step in this process is by encouraging shooter fans to head to their website and “Jump In” by filling out a profile questionnaire. This gives Gamers a personalized voice directly with the team at SOF Studios.

To help reach out to Shooter Fans, SOFs has built alliances with Long Standing Communities like The Sea Snipers, TheRealSocom.com and Urgent Fury as well as the up and coming Happy Thumbs Gaming YouTube Channel. It is alliances like this that will make this game very likely to be a truly Fan-Driven game.

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