Loot Entertainment is taking it back to the Old Skool with Q*bert™

Nothing better than going to Pizza Hut as a kid and having tables with built-in arcade games like Centipede, Asteroid and of course Q*bert™. That was my childhood in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas growing up. I could not believe it when Loot announced Q*bert™ on the PlayStation Blog. But then again, why not? We had […]

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune announced for the Vita

Remember that Indiana Jones type of 3rd person adventure game Uncharted? Well in a bizarre chain of events, Nathan Drake is sent out on a mission to collect cards and do battle with them! From the Playstation blog’s Chris Reese, he describes Uncharted: Fight for Fortune as a turn based card game exclusive for the Vita!

2 New Characters Join Sony’s Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal

As promised today at San Diego Comic Con two new playable characters were announced for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Who are they you may ask? Read on to find out!

Assasins Creed is coming to Vita

As rumoured at Gamescon 2011, Assasins Creed is coming to vita! Assassin’s Creed for Vita is to be called ‘Assasins Creed III: Liberation’ and as said in Gamescon, there is a new character and story line, Assasins Creed III: Liberations, will feature a female assassin! The game will be on sale the same day as […]

“KickBeat” Announced for Playstation Vita

  Isn’t it great when someone offers you something amazing that you never even realized you wanted?  Zen Studios has done just that for me with the announcement of KickBeat for the PS Vita. KickBeat is, at it’s core, a rhythm game.  Now before you roll your eyes and jump to another article, bear with me […]

MLB 12: The Show – So real. It’s unreal.

I love baseball. I mean, I really, really love baseball. As a kid growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 70s, I remember loving the Tigers before loving just about anything else. Through the years, my passion for the game has only grown, and as a father, it’s been the source of great joy to share […]

Unit 13 Review on the PS Vita

  Anyone who has read my article on the PS Vita will know that I was very complimentry about the new handheld. But the hardware has to have good software to show it off and the first of these new games is the third person shooter, Unit 13. Developed by Zipper Interactive, Unit 13 is […]

Sony PS Vita Review: A Handheld Console to be reckoned with

When I first saw the PS Vita on display at the Eurogamer Expo last year, I thought then that this could be a really good piece of kit. Not just that it looked good or had dual analogue sticks or even that it had a touch screen; the main reason was that it was so […]