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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

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I will be picking up MoH tonight and will be playing late into the night.


Will be diving head first into the MP, I will give you my impressions and opinions of the multiplayer. Planning on recording some more gameplay video as well. The beta was great, hopfully the full MP is even better! Probably will do the SP later.


Stay tuned.

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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Rendering right now. Haven't been to sleep yet :o


You have a number that is calculated, it is called skill. I think it has to do with stuff in the game like KD, completed objectives, helping team mates, etc. The lowest I was tonight was 66. That was pretty cool :)

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The reviews I've read have been pretty negative.

Interested to see what you guys think about it.

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Heads up, the game is NOT easy. It is 12v12 on smallish maps. Hit detection is VERY good. No BS like MW2. Aggressive, fast paced, action.


I did have some complications recording last night so the audio is not synced at all.

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The best way I can describe this game is, real life. The MP is about as close to a real life fire fight as you can get. I may not be the best judge of what a real life firefight is.... but in COD, you can parade around the map like you just won 5 grand, in this game you can't. Whether that be due to map size, the amount of players on the map, or game mode. Fans who must rely on a COD simulation most likely will not like this game. If you are not already proficient in COD (on a skill rating... I'd say 1.5KD+ and a KPM above 2.00) and have good awareness, your transition will be much smoother. Anything less and you will likely take more time to get acclimated to the game because you will feel like you are being shot from places you can't see. There is no kill cam, so when you are first picking up the game, you will never learn what your mistakes are. Please be aware that it took me around 6-8 hours to become proficient on the PC beta (some of that was due to playing on a keyboard). I consider myself to be a fairly good COD player and there still was a fairly steep learning curve.


It is my guess that those who have played both COD and SOCOM will really find this game to be fun for them as I see it as a combination of the two. If you have played BFBC2, you will probably feel right at home. Just much smaller maps and no vehicles.


One cool thing about this game is how many games you can play in 1 hour. Matches typically last from 5-8 minutes. There is no pregame lobby between matches, the next map just starts loading. So if you just like to hop on for an hour or two during the night, you will get anywhere from 10-25 games in on the night.


It is unfortunate that this game releases just a few weeks before BOps, that will really hurt this game down the road. But if BOps is a bust, this is definitely a viable fall-back option.

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Anyone else play the Single Player yet? When you get to riding the ATV's it takes forever for you to start moving when you have to start moving on foot. Your stuck on the side of your ATV while your waiting for the checkpoint to start.

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I have played a few hours online now, and I can say it is worth renting to anyone who is curious. I am glad I bought it, and see it as a great change of pace to MW2. I found it to be that perfect in-between of MW2 and Socom can successfully run and gun, but your not going to world beat anyone without communication.


I like that you can choose whether to listen to both teams, your team, or people on your FL only (my favorite option in all of gaming yo!). Communication will be key for most of the game modes, yet a guy can hold his own as well. Some of the game modes are:


Domination (IDK what it's called....something about territories)

Demolition - again, its named differently, but thats the objective. You have two objectives to plant on.

Demo X 5 - This game mode was one STR8, Lash, and myself dominated bitches at. You have 5 objectives, but have to do them in a specific order. Your enemy has the higher ground, but you get a TANK! You must plant on offense, and defend on defense. Many a round we planted all 5 times, and turned around and shut the other team out by killing them X amount of times before they planted.


And those are the only game modes I played last night. Hit detection is SPOT ON. I noticed a few latency issues, and its so fucking annoying that the game freezes temporarily everytime someone on your FL logs on or off, but Im sure they will patch that. Weapons list is pretty stale, but it does offer some interesting choices. I guess Lash got some F2000 that blew his


You level up each style based on how you play vs opponent skill vs KTD. If your more of a defensive player, you can score high, but have to do to focus on UAV's and team bonuses to really make a difference. If your offensive, you need to have a high KTD, and any streaks need to hit their mark.


You have Rifleman, Spec Ops, and Sniper classes. I chose to level them all evenly so far, and sit around level 5 on all 3. You unlock an add-on (extra mags, red dot, suppressor) most the time, then every 3rd or 4th time a new gun. I LOVE the bolt-action Sniper rifle you get....even tho it sucks coming out of scope to re-chamber a round, its....get this....ONE SHOT ONE KILL! You hit them anywhere in their torso and they go down!


The landscape is amazing, good graphics, and they really make you feel like your in a war torn region. The sounds and tracers and what not really add something to this title. I found myself not wanting to log off, but knowing I had to to make it to work today.


You can have 2 guys in the tanks BTW....LOL. Its pretty funny when the poor bastard on the machine gun is yelling at the dumb bitch who is driving....especially when the guy on the machine gun THINKS the guy driving is STR8_HATE and the damn Bradly fighting machine rolls over due to his dumb ass driving off the side of a bridge. I went ballistic, then I hear STR8 say 'It wasn't me dude...Im up at the next check point...'


Sorry if this review jumped around. Its early and I stayed up too late playing. I loved it, and can't wait to log some more hours tonight!

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Do you concur with this statement:


"There is No Clan support guys. The way you create parties is awkward and there IS NO WAY to create private rooms for clan battles, friends vs friends battles or even map exploration. The overall playability of MP without factoring in party system is just ok/good. It brings nothing new other than finding a nice pace of gameplay which I enjoyed (not as quick twitch muscle reliant as CoD is) and no auto aim which is awesome. But overall I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone to buy but rental is definite. The Campaign is that good."

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Sort of....


See I feel like for a small group of guys to get together and game it up without any expectations of using this as a tournament game this is right up your alley. For a clan, this game is hot garbage. 4 people is the max to a party size, and it seems to be the biggest complaint on the EA boards this morning. You also CAN'T create private matches at all.


Its sad too, cause honestly, the gameplay and mission objectives are AWESOME. I love its potential, but no this is NOT a clan game. The clan support is a clan TAG you can add....thats it.

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yea tool that is true and also in the party you cant even hear the other members in your party also you can even be separated when entering a game to me the game is good but they should of held back the release. that is why im glad socom pushed the game back to 2011 they dont want something like this to happen

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I'm going to start with the bad.

- Mic options are limited. No muting other players.

- No dedicated servers (on console games). But console gamers are used to this.

- Limited spawns. Both sides are generally given two spawn locations depending upon which side of the map your team occupies.

- Players are either A) REALLY good or B) REALLY bad.

- Only 720 video output. Very noticeable especially since I play COD in 1080.

- Lack of prone. <-- Very difficult adjustment for COD players.


The good

- Balanced game. Nothing like Painkiller (which btw is a 300% increase on heath), Commando (300% increase on melee range), Akimbo, no-scopes, unlimited tubes, etc.

- Aim assist can be turned on/off.

- Sounds are AMAZING. I love it when your ears get blown out when there is an explosion. Shooting indoors sounds really great as well.

- Other than the lack of 1080, the visuals are fantastic. When I played this game on PC at max settings... WOW. You can tell that the console games' graphics have been dumbed down but still are fantastic.

- Tool said, the hit detection is perfect.

- Some might argue that the classes are limited. You are given 3 class types.

  • Rifleman - (gets a smoke grenade)
  • Special Ops - (gets a frag grenade)
  • Sniper - (gets a frag grenade)

Each has its own guns. You can change your setup during the middle of a game. So if you need a silencer because you are going to go flank them, you can put it on mid-game.

In my eyes this will encourage people to fulfill a role. Which will, hopefully, make for better play in public lobbies.

Rifleman guns: M16A4, M249, F2000 / AK-47, PKM, F2000

Special Ops guns: M4A1, 870MCS, P90 PDW / AKS-74U, TOZ-194 Shotgun, P90 PDW

Sniper guns: M21, M24, G3A4 / SVD, SV-98, G3A4


- Game modes are very fun and fast paced.

  • Combat Mission - Coalition forces must clear 5 objectives while OPFOR must defend them.
  • Team Assault - Team Deathmatch
  • Sector Control - Domination
  • Objective Raid - Demolition
  • Hardcore - All game modes in HC mode

- The game implements a scorechain system as opposed to a killstreak system. You earn points for helping your team. Kills, assists, capturing flags, planting bombs and even calling in scorechains earn you points for your scorechain.

Scorechain Rewards

50 points - Mortar Strike or UAV

100 points - Rocket Attack or high grade ammo handout

175 points - Missile Stike or Flak Jackets for team (protection against explosives)

250 points - Artillery or FMJ ammo handout (wall penetration)

350 points - Strafing run or Counter UAV

450 points - Air Strike or Ammo handout (not sure what it is specifically)

600 points - Cruise Missile (basically a predator with a bigger kill radius than an AC130 round) or Ballistics vest (extra life)


Defensive support action guarantee you points while offensive support actions only earn you more points by the kills you get. If you can kill a large group, you will be guaranteed your next scorechain.


I like the way Wings summarizes MoH in the following video

WingsofRedemption's MoH Videos


NextGenTactics' MoH Videos



If you are looking for a game that you can hop on and have a good time playing, look no further.

This game was acclaimed to be a competitor for COD. At this point no. However, I do see this game as a "testing" ground for EA. They don't want to recreate COD, they want to make a different and better version of it. If this game is successful, I would expect their next release to be a COD killer.

Single player is fantastic. In my opinion, the AI is too dumb even when you are playing on Hard difficulty. At any rate, it is still very engaging.


If you don't have the money or just want to try the game out, the single player alone will be worth the money. If you can get into the MP and bear through the learning curve, you will fall in love with it.

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