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  1. You left with me. Did I ever ask you to leave? Nope. You left because you wanted to. Same for every clan today that decided that we will NOT subject our clans to the new ways of UF. This has nothing to do with 'taking' from UF. UF lost these clans on their own accord, with nothing to do with me. I made a decision based on what was best for VR Hush, and as a fellow clan leader I hope you would do the same for yours if you were put in a similar situation.
  2. Ive thought all weekend what I would say in this post. How do I summarize all the good times, all the bad, and my intentions for the future? It seems like just yesterday I was introduced to this concept in online gaming...a cheat free environment where the rules were followed and relished instead of manipulated and scorned. I have some of my best gaming experiences here at Urgent Fury. I remember the first Ronin tourney where Maverick and I had a 1.5 hour campfest on MW. My heart pounded, my palms were sweaty...whomever won would go to the semi's, and we both wanted it ferociously. I remember the first Horseman tourney and how intense they were...they made Socom Confrontation bearable. If that isn't a glowing review then I don't know what is. Then I remember the change of hands and the promise of a bright new future. I remember drinking the koolaid and helping out. I remember failed tournaments and just misses...I remember alot of events that transpired I wish wouldn't have happened. It occurred to me recently that things were on a collision course with failure, and I ceased to want to be apart of it. These thoughts came before the bungle occurred with In Country and before the removal of my staff position, and even before Shane felt it necessary to peruse my PM's to ensure I wasn't causing a second Revolution. They came before each VR member was removed from the Rangers. They came when I saw the divide between the three Directors and how desperate two were to remove the one from power. They came when I realized that the goals of the Directors for the future of UF was not congruent with the motto of Urgent Fury. The luring of major sponsors to UF only meant that UF would be forced to do things the way the sponsors saw fit. Sure during initial talks everything would be 'oh thats a great concept' and 'this fits what were looking for' but when the actual go time comes it would be 'We need more participants' and 'open up to expansion'. I realized then...I don't WANT expansion. If I wanted that I would be playing in a larger arena. If adding random clans to tournaments was something I desired, I would be at GB or another anyone can join tourney site. Its the fact that UF was exclusive that always drew me back. I want to get online and know my opponents. Maybe I'm just too old for this anymore, but thats what I loved about UF. Tow can come in and say something poetic that smacks of old school Tow, but he is the smart one. He sold when the time was right and when stock was at its highest. The writing was on the wall, and I say bravo Jay. Now you couldn't get a box of cracker jacks and a #2 pencil for this place. While all thats being said, his clan *****es about UF on their forums, as we all do. Hell, I've heard from Staffers HERE that Shane is on damage control and is spreading rumors that I have done all this on purpose and have planned to create a tournament site for 6 months now. See Shane, difference between me and you is that I don't NEED to spread rumors. I have your actions and fact well on my side. What I do is my business, and I won't bother with the details here. I respect the old school enough to not break your rules. I won't talk about what was in Staff section not because of a non-disclosure agreement that would never stand up in court (notice I signed it 'Tool_Minion'?) but because it was never necessary to begin with. I respect the efforts of Staff. I understand why some things need to remain behind closed doors. Violent Revolution officially withdraws from future Urgent Fury tournaments. Some of you will be missed, others I hope to never cross paths with again. In the end, I hope the Urgent Fury directors take a deep look at what they bought and what they've done to it. I can't understand whats so hard about remembering it's simply a video game, and that we are SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING FUN. VR will get that back. I promise. [-VR-] Tool_Minion
  3. And you sir are correct on both counts.
  4. Thats true Daniel. One is not the same, but they were tied together by the Directors. They removed all VR members from the Rangers and Judge while I completely agree with your assessment and how comments like that do not help, I respectfully disagree that the Rangers weren't involved.
  5. I had one of the best weekends ever in Buckhead. Spent every night at the strip clubs and when my buddies aunt (she was 26 and a premier stripper at the gold rush? I cant remember the name of the place) got off work we went to Buckhead and hit up all the VIP rooms. Never left the club before
  6. Im not quite that far into it yet. I would like to try them out for work tho....
  7. OK, I peed when I watched that. The ending was the best IMO.
  8. Its only because your so old, you typed that message on an Apple-1.
  9. Nope, been married 33 years, and although she IS an alcoholic, she hasn't had a drink in 20. At least come correct kitty cat!
  10. Whatever you do, do NOT let Mikejaxon near your sig template. He's horrible.
  11. I think everyone's just a tad tense these days. CB, you know better. If you don't talk to yer Uncle, he will help you. It is frowned upon to put apps in at multiple places as well as not confirming your plans to discontinue your tryout within the community. Once you have some people do it to you, you will understand better.
  12. Multi designed my non-animated sig templates, and Whitesky did this my current animated sig template. He does NOT charge nearly enough for the time he puts into these...just pinning him down with his current workload can be difficult.
  13. Tapatalk is a free mod to install, it only costs the end user to purchase for use. Idk if you have to be on vb4, but it is a different dl for earlier versions. Tapatalk + EVO = BI-WINNING
  14. While I understand that this issue was brought to the table in a 'back door' style, as a user of UF I would question why a clan member would go directly to a non-tourney staff member? If I were to answer honestly I might breach a non-disclosure agreement, so I won't. However I am well within my realm and rights to ask Bandit if he could take a guess at the reasoning behind this. Tapatalk + EVO = BI-WINNING
  15. I will ask politely if I might be allowed to respond, or if my recent removal from staff would mean my views are moot. Tapatalk + EVO = BI-WINNING
  16. Thanks BMN, but mine isn't so much a revision but what I intended to post upstairs when I logged in to see I was removed. Obviously that became my first concern, as I felt I was really given an unfair shake. Its evident that the decisions by Urgent Fury have upset not just VR, but other long standing clans both in and out of the realm of CoD. I do hope that were not the only ones who are 'man' enough to admit to making mistakes; and by mistakes I mean some of the wording and jabs that were put out there. If we are, so be it.
  17. Good luck CB, and remember....keep your head low when your starting out or you won't last long. And no gay shit.
  18. And let me be the second. I took the weekend off because my wife was on spring break and I wouldn't get to hang out with her for the next 8 weekends. I didn't stay on top of things like I usually do, and people said and did things that I don't approve of and have never been about. I don't agree with Urgent Fury's ruling. I'm allowed that, and even though I didn't agree, I wouldn't have handled it like it was. I prefer to do things behind closed doors and without the drama...but that's not how it went down. Urgent Fury has changed, and not all of it is for the better. I meant what I said in my previous post...I intended to step down as Staff regardless as I couldn't sit back and watch the transformation take place and have a part in it. I loved UF for what it stood for...not for how many clans participated, or how many sponsors we had, or if we had a theater in PS Home. I loved it for the fact that I knew I would get a fair shake everytime I entered play. The day that changed I knew I could no longer tout the party line. If UF comes back to its former ways and starts dealing with things the way it was designed to, VR would be happy to play here. I still stand by it has the best Staff around and you'd be hard pressed to improve upon it. I wish E-L and SHO luck in their match, and hope that things get turned around soon. Minion
  19. Well I just got my extended life this weekend, and it seems to last about 12 hours of constant use.....and today it got it's test for Beamed out of space with my HTC EVO via Tapatalk
  20. I dont feel that I've bad mouthed anyone. I asked a question and got my answer. Beamed out of space with my HTC EVO via Tapatalk
  21. I love mine, but be sure to go ahead and get the extended life battery. It's the only issue I've had with my phone. Beamed out of space with my HTC EVO via Tapatalk
  22. Its way different than I thought it would be Cp. It is sooo so simple to use, you can't really go wrong with it.