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The Urgent Fury CLAN NETWORK

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On this list, you will find the clan banners and links to some of the best clans that Urgent Fury community has to offer ON THE PS3. Check out their websites to look into their recruiting status, chat with them on their forums or just check out some of their exciting artistry on their unique clan website designs.


These are listed in alphabetical order. If you would like your clans banner and website info listed here, just send a PM to UF Admin -Rooster- with the following info:

> A clan banner no more than 500p high x 100p wide.

> We need NO MORE than 5 sentences describing your clan that we will print beneath your clan banner. If you supply more than 5 sentences, then your text will be shortened down to the desired size.

> Let us know in the PM if you are a PS3 clan, an Xbox clan, or BOTH.

> And lastly, your website address.


All newcomers to the UF Community may only submit the above info once you have completed your first UF tournament. We need to see that you CAN belong here before you can belong HERE. ;)


Thank you.










101st Screaming Eagles

The 101st Screaming Eagles, a clan built on the morals of Honor, Integrity, Teamwork and Loyalty above all else. We Win, Fight and Die as a team, with no man left behind.






All right, if the applicant is young, tell him he's too young. Old, too old. Fat, too fat. If the applicant then waits for three days without food, shelter, or encouragement he may then enter and begin his training.




Canadian Killing Squad

The [cKs] Canadian Killing Squad is an elite, organized, and tactical SOCOM clan that is structured by an internal chain of command. We are respectful, honorable, and serious when it comes to our clan. We structure ourselves to gain much more from the game that couldn't otherwise be had. When it comes to the game whether in practice or battle, we hold [cKs] to the highest standards and expect those we play with and against to do the same. We treat all other clans and SOCOM players alike with respect and dignity.




Clan Blunt Force

Clan Blunt Force is an original SOCOM 2 and Urgent Fury clan that is built on Honor, Integrity, Teamwork, Loyalty and above all else Family. If you re looking for an online brotherhood built on trust and clean gaming, then we are here for you. Either way stop buy and say hi to everyone on the website, I am sure you will be surprised how comfortable you are almost immediately.

We are a PS3 clan






Us West 1 / Teamwork-based Clan





Dirty South Mob

DSM was created during Socom 2 and we are a legit clan who will play the game with the utmost respect for our opponents. We play with Honor and Integrity & play games the way games are meant to be played. With the release of Socom Confrontation for PS3, we have decided that DSM will only be a Socom clan.




HeLix Gaming

Founded in 2007, HeLix Gaming is a U.S. based multi-platform organization that provides avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to improve either their gaming experience in general or aid in improving their skills; thus in turn enhancing their results. HeLix offers a unique clan environment and knowledge to excel and promote full gaming potential.







The first ever back-to-back UF champions. We're a laid back, tight knit clan who's always looking for skilled, dedicated gunners to join our ranks. We've been here at UF since 2007 because we love the thrill of competing against the best clans the PSN has to offer. We're a Playstation only clan and our two main competitive games are Call of Duty and Socom.






Natural Selection

[*N*] Natural Selection is a PS3 gaming clan. Our main area of interest is Socom but we are always on the lookout for new games to partake in. [*N*] members are respectful, talented individuals who enjoy competitive gaming. We are always on the lookout for new recruits so if you are interested please come find us at We look forward to seeing you there.





old dude clan

The old dude clan is a multi-game gaming community built for mature adult gamers only (30 years of age & older). [odc] takes great pride in it's simple & sensible code of conduct that promotes fair play, no cheat, and respectful gaming, which makes for a FUN environment for all.

[odc] is a multi-game organization, but primarily SOCOM based / PS3 platform clan.





Old Gentlemans Club


The Old Gentleman's Club was founded in March of 2004, and has grown to more than 50 members today. Membership is taken seriously, and all Gentlemen are at least 25 years of age. Teamwork, leadership, tactics, and brotherhood are the foundation upon which the clan has been built. The men of [OGC] like fast cars, medium-rare steaks, and lap dances. They game because they can, or because their kids are in bed and their wives don't have a list for them.






The official Black Ops team of the Urgent Fury tournament. Ravenfall is the clan in which both Urgent Fury tournament creators Undertow and Sniper belong to, so you can be assured that the behavior that is expected of every clan and player here in this tournament community runs strong within each and every gunner of The Ravenfall. Ravenfalls tryouts are MADE to make our recruits fail, so that those who make it truly embody the strength, honor and dignity of this clan.

"Hear the call of The Ravenfall."






Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a multi-platform gaming clan with members on the PS3 and Xbox360. Following the philosophy of "friendship equals leadership", we believe that, as a member, respect is earned, not appointed; and that each affiliate should stand beside every member of the clan, never in front of or behind. Through the practice of respect, honesty, and pride, we were able to emerge as Urgent Fury: Riot Act Champions and are currently pursuing higher goals. We work our hardest throughout the day and when the dust has settled, when the twilight falls upon us, and when we are truly finished, we are able to sit back and say with confidence: "We Rise Above."





Socoms Clan Killas, are a seasoned Socom Online Gaming Community!

Our Roots are with Socom, but we (as a Community!), have advanced our "spread" to many other games...

We are on the Playstation 3 Console, as well as XBox 360!

Mature players are welcome to Join Us!






ToP BiLLiN is a multi-console adult gaming clan where friends can meet, have fun and compete on multiple gaming levels, from the casual to the hardcore. We believe in friendly competition, teamwork, fair & cheat free play all supported around a mature adult-oriented community.






WOLF clan


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Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Don't Like the Ads? Upgrade your experience to remove the ads for only $20.00 per year.

Thanks this will get updated. We will also be updating our directory in general so stay tuned to an announcement for this as well.


Sent from my DROID2

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Guest Attitude

One of our newer [RVN] members recently asked how many active clans are in Urgent Fury and we really didn't have a difinitive answer for him. I found this thread, but it does not appear to be updated as I see a few clans listed that I've never seen here. It also looks like too short of a list to include every clan that is active here.


Anyway, someone can update this list in their spare time? Also, [RVN] has a banner that needs to replace our missing photobucket image. Who needs to have it in order for it to be included?

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If your a clan leader for a clan here at UF then please check the general section about getting your clan on the list.

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we r new we dont have a banner nor signature if any of you guys can help us get starting to urgent fury please let us know..

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I'm glad someone posted here. I couldn't find this thread for the life of me.


Anywho, Ravenfall has an updated banner whenever you get a chance Rooster.



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Guys, Its written at the top. You need to PM me the info and it gets put on there. If I didnt get a PM with your info, It didnt get updated. RVN, I am updating your banner now. Packer, please send me your info.

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I believe you have to have participated in a full UF sanctioned event or tournament to be included on that list.


This is correct. I Highlighted it at the top.

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