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  1. I tried with 101 lol. Thats all i got.
  2. Well there was some scary people in WsW so you kinda seemed normal until now. lol.
  3. Hey Undertow your starting to scare me..seeing titles like that....But on a lighter not Public Rooms do suck.
  4. Definitely wont be a stranger. Yea I hope we see some UF action soon. I get my ps3 next month and get COD4, so I'm sure I'll be in one of the tournaments to come.
  5. Gotta be positive hog. Whats up Undertow. I have a new home, -Wu-Rusty was my old name.
  6. Sorry about that, it should be fixed now.
  7. I hate to be a site, but me and my bro put up a new Football Discussion site, so if your interested go and sign up.
  8. That sucks man, I never got to play with you but never good to see a fellow socomer leaving.
  9. True that, but it would be awful if they made a 4th.
  10. So you know the truth??? Thats too funny.
  11. lol, i didn't think this topic would get that big of a response, dang...didn't realize yall were sports junkies. LOL
  12. I agree with whoever said he should have a "*" next to his name.
  13. yup, just hate to see baseball going down the drain, trying to bring awareness.
  14. Barry Bonds in my opinion should not be allowed to still play after the whole steroids thing, let alone hold the record, sign this petition if you feel the same. Please and thank you.
  15. Im working McDonalds! lol ;D Its not much money but enough to pay for college, and thats all i need at the moment.
  16. -Wu-Rusty


    lol, good luck to all the clans trying to get in!
  17. What up Highway, good to see WeT in urgent fury.
  18. lol, ive had plenty of those nights ;D
  19. Or you can just wait and save up to get a regular one.
  20. "*Subject to our Terms & Conditions (click here), receipt of your product requires compliance with our eligibility requirements including: age and residency requirements, registration with a valid email address and password, shipping address and phone number, and completion of sponsor offer(s). The number of required offers will vary based on the product and some sponsor offers may require purchases to qualify. Only one account per person and shipping address. US Residents only. Members have a limited time to complete all necessary requirements."
  21. My bad, saw other clans recruiting/setting up scrimmages.
  22. No map packs preferred. We play prowler as our map.
  23. Any clans that can war on Saturday at 9pm Ct., please contact me with a pm or reply to this post. Or you can stop by our site at -Wu-Rusty [WsW]WuShuWarriors