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  1. Tow and Sniper, You guys did a helluva job! We have been members of this great community since UF3. Even though we are not regulars around here, you guys always made us feel welcome! For that I say "Thank You"! Good Luck, PhillyMac
  2. I would be interested, depending on days and time.
  3. I remember back in the Socom2, 3, and CA days, we had 30-35 loyal and active members, during the week we could fill a 8v8 room easily. Weekends we could almost fill a 16v16 room. We lost more members from our transistion into the PS3. We picked up a more members from RB6:V2, GRAW2 and COD4 who had never played Socom. Many of these guys did not like the "slower" pace of the game (as you could see from one of our guys......LOL.) So many of those guys do not take it seriously like us Veterans of Socom. We can barely get 4 or 5 guys on these days. Recruiting is impossible when you roll into a room with 2 members. We have pondered several options on the future of the clan: disband? join an active clan? or merger? In the end, Socom is just not the same as it was in the "good ole' days"! If it wasn't for those 5 or 6 loyal members, I would have probably left it all together.
  4. Many of you guys know us and have played with DSM and can say this is not our attitude that we portray. I apologize for DSM as a whole, we will not let one person ruin our reputation. We have always gave props to the UF, and to all the clans here! Again I apologize.
  5. PhillyMac

    Titans 8-0

    Not "wild" up here. I expect the Titans to lose.....LOL Now I was pretty upset last weekend when my boys "Nittany Lions" were upset by the Hawkeyes. Philly, you a PENN STATE fan, since all your other teams are from PA?
  6. PhillyMac

    Titans 8-0

    COL_GRINDER, Way to Rep our home team brotha!!!!! You know what is sad? That our backup QB Kerry Collins is winning the games as compared to our highly overrated QB Vince Young! Let's don't talk about our defense, it speaks for itself. I am not going to sit here and say we will go undefeated. But I do believe we will go to the SB! I will be the first to admit, that I am not a fan of Jeff Fisher, he is too predictable, and too conservative. But the Titans are getting the job done. Keep on bashing PHILLYFAN! Yes the Titans do suck, thats why we are still undefeated!!! ;D
  7. Same here. I've tried different things, but do not work. Not sure what time you guys have to be at work, but I usually get up around 4am, and get to work around 4:30am. But the upside to it is that I only work 4 days a week. Mon-Thurs, is not a bad schedule.
  8. PhillyMac

    Be NICE Thread!!

    Prane you Jackass!!! LOL!!! ;D You just wait............ Man, we used to have some battles with The Warriors.....
  9. PhillyMac

    Be NICE Thread!!

    Kind of hard to send you an invite when I don't play COD4 anymore..... ;D Don't worry BigD, We'll be shooting it up with y'all in no time once Socom is released. Like someone's saying is "COD4 is DEAD to me"!!!!
  10. PhillyMac

    Be NICE Thread!!

    DSM has been a part of the UF communitY since UF-3. Even though DSM does not play in each and every tournament like most of you guys, we have always made our way into every tournament we have applied for. We have always felt that we can call UF our home away from home. I would like to thank TOW for giving us our shot at the UF. We have made some really good friends with clans like SxB, BOU and LA. And thanks to everyone for accepting us into this community. We have played with most of the clans, and we have never had any issues with any clan. To my knowledge no one has ever had any issues with us. Whenever Socom is released, we will be around more battling it up with everyone.
  11. Many of DSM has been playing Socom again. Even though I traded my copy of CA by accident, I still have S3 and downloaded all the map packs. Man, those map packs take ya back in the day, don't they?
  12. DSM is having a get together on August 29-31 in Austin TX. Since many of our members are located in TX, we decided it would be better for us to meet in Austin. A few of us will be flying in from TN, PA and NV. We plan on staying at the Hilton (one block from 6th street). So you know where we will be partying....LOL. I know we have some friends in the UF community and if your located in the area, you are more than welcome to come party with us.
  13. PhillyMac

    Have You ever???

    After sending an email with a few very important spreadsheets to many of our managers at work. I noticed I signed it "PhillyMac".
  14. PhillyMac


    I just celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 25 birthday.
  15. Tow, I have sent our clan info 4x's to the Urgent Fury Network. Still has not been posted. >