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  1. The members of 101 had to pick 3 for me because I couldn't, I have so many I like. *All sigs are my own work, either under the alias of Trigga, Trigga47, mikepugs, or michaelpugs. Please don't use all or any part of these sigs without my permission. And the honorable mention, the one I like a lot but no one else did:
  2. Buying: First a PS3, so i can play these games... Confrontation NHL09 FIFA09 RB6V2 GTA4
  3. All are great, straightforward laws, but I love 27.
  4. You will Hog, don't worry. You'll be up at 4 AM craving the PS3.
  5. Someone showed these to me in school yesterday. Talk about a delivery! That was a windup my god!
  6. I'm willing to reclaim my old title...
  7. It entirely depends on the composition of the sig and what you are going for. I've made almost every one of my clans, including the one you pointed out (hanni's) path, and I have to agree. Anyone can plop a render they downloaded onto a template (like the one in the UF kit or the one I won via the sig contest) and have a pop out sig. The ones that work the best are the ones that have more internal design and thought put it. Things that make them stand out, not just because they're big, but because they're different and unique. It took me maybe 10 hours total to do over 30 sigs with the new template for my clanmates. Many of which you don't see because late in UF4 we decided to use a uniform sig with just the names changed. It's very easy to add renders and simple effects to a popout sig. I almost never make them unless I'm making it for this forum or if a clanmate needs one with the template. All of my leisure sigs are done within a rectangular canvas.
  8. Yanks were really dumb to do that to Torre... he is a really good manager but unfortunately Steinbrenner's an ass hole. Anyways... Colorado... who are they again?
  9. Red I don't think he's looking for a tom clancy kind of novel. Someone said Siddhartha by Herman Hess. Very good book, not too long, but provokes a lot of thought and opens up a new perspective on eastern religions. Plato and any of the Ancient greek philosophers are always good. Allegory of the Cave is like 4 pages long though, and very simple. Aristotle's works on happiness are enjoyable.
  10. Lol I live near philly so I see tis stuff all the time... hahaha
  11. What's funny is you forgot the apostrophe in world's, so it's CLEARLY not google. Google is always correct. LOL