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  1. if someone calls him, record it so we can all enjoy.
  2. Its is sad how someone/people could kill dogs for no reason. Especially this guys dog. The guy was a Navy Seal in a battle that had the most Seal casualties ever. I signed this petition immediately after reading this article.
  3. Socom Confrontation is one of the best Socom's, After the patches. They could just forget about all of us and not give us patches. So be grateful for what you have and are getting. Slant Six did a great job on both Socom Tactical Strike (PSP) and SOCOM Conf. Im probably going to get this game.
  4. Planet Earth, 300, and for an old movie,The Godfather (all three).
  5. Many interesting games are coming out this year and next and I want to know your guys' most anticipated game that is coming up... I have a 3 way tie...Modern Warfare 2, GOD OF WAR III, and MAG(omg look at new screenshots)
  6. Ya i loved the first one even though it was repetitive. The setting was amazing. Now maybe italy in the renaissance period
  7. Ya I am a teen, 16 years old (almost 17), and I'm in high school. I am a junior and i play soccer and i have honors and AP classes. For those who don't know what AP classes are, it is basically a college level class for high schoolers. Grades and going to college should be priority number 1. Being good at sports or getting a scholarship is something that is should be extra. If the kids are having trouble with grades then they should talk to their coach for time to get their grades up. I'm a little different then other teens though. I don't need to study for stuff and I usually get my homework done in school so I don't have to worry about it later. If you get your homework done in school than you can focus more on your sport. Managing your time is very key.
  8. "This is madness..." "This is SPARTA!!!!" "Spartans!! What is your profession?" "HAoooo!!"
  9. You dont need to pre order the game to get the demo... a demo will be available on the playstation store the night before the game comes out.
  10. You can never cure every virus... According to Darwin, a species will evolve. If you have a antibody for a virus, the weak ones will "die" but the strong ones will have a immunity to that antibody and will reproduce.
  11. ya but the speech in kz1 (didnt like too much) was epic gets you in this mood that wants to kick some helghast ass but makes you feel emotionally attatched. kind of feels like a ww2 feel with hitler.
  13. not yet, im going to pre order at gamestop this week or online.