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  1. His clan tags are engraved on his gun at the beginning...pretty cool
  2. I made it into one image without the animations. Works fine...
  3. ya I got it and sent you a message back.

  4. let me know if you got my aim from this morning


  5. Your already getting a $20 game(WipeOut) for free once you pay for the psn+. It's really worth it for people who like the psn games and psone games. From the looks so far, your gonna get one free psn game and a free psone game not counting the themes/avatars/xtra dlc and everything else.
  6. Lucky you. I live between two cities and I'm not close enough to either one to get
  7. I think you can run Steam on any kind of system. Steam is sorta like the access hub. You can see who's online and what game they're playing. Not really sure how to explain it.
  8. I hope we get Counter-Strike on the ps3 too, but I wouldn't want to play against someone playing on the PC.
  9. Love the sig Ruthless. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows.
  10. Or the game is boring
  11. College of Coastal Georgia Radiologic Science
  12. I got these last month: Sharkoon X-static 5.1 surround sound I love them, so far no complaints.
  13. Sounds cool. I should have mine downloaded Thursday. Can't wait to try them out.
  14. Bored at work...: You can wait for Tool to make you one with the RavenFall stuff at the bottom. Just wanted to play around with the image.