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  1. damn should have used spell check ;D
  2. This is what was posted up on our site by Midnightcavi a former close friend of Strikers. I was going to go around to all of the clans websites and post this once we had all the info on it. It looks like Snake beat me to it. ;D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MidnightCavi here, Dark Asylum (previously "WET"). How you been? I hope you don't mind my dropping you a line, as I have something interesting you might want to hear about. Remember me from Socom 3? Remember I played in a group called FZ? Remember Fuzionz? Remember Striker? By now you probably remember me, and remember the fact that I used to go over and play SCA at their house? I remember a while back seeing some cards and flowers being sent to Striker's home. Something about a sickness , followed by a tragic death. Well atleast it would be tragic if it were true. Yes you hear me correctly. Striker is very much alive and well. You didn't know? Your clan has been playing with him for a while now! Let me lay down a few names for you, perhaps you'll recognize them. -StrikerxXx -R3D3MPTI0N -P5YCH0 -MAGNUM4CE (Most Current) Now, your probably asking yourself a few things right now. Perhaps, how could this be true. Perhaps you think I'm lying? If I'm not lying, then what are my reasons for coming forth with this information. Well I'm not lying that's for sure, and I can answer any of those. I.E; Did Magnum4ce not play CoD4 last night with VENOM? I believe i overheard something like how they (Venom and wife) only have 1 ps3. Fuzionz was also playing that game as well. I was spectating at their home, of which I'll never go back to. Which leads to why I am telling you all this. Truthfully, lately things have been a miss for a while in my friendship with Denny (Strikerxxx), and Raleigh(Fuzionz). They both have been complete assholes to me lately, and last night i went to get them shakes from steak and shake and when i get back i get accused of trying to take money from their change, lol. Even though I personally just got my taxes back and have plenty of money. Who knows. He's 50+ years old and does not have a life other then work or ps3, and his son is basically a spoiled brat that can dish out the smack talk but can't take it. Personally I'm fed up. My reason for telling you this is basically because of how they both laugh at your expenses, because you all thought he really did die. I personally think that's childish. Now I'm not trying to gain anything by telling you all this, I simply just got fed up of them trying to make an ass out of me, so figured you might want to know that they are making a mockery out you. Needless to say, my friendship with them is over, as i'm tired of their bullshit, and could care less. If their are any questions I can answer them as easy as day turns to night. I have no specific motive in mind, other then just telling you whats up. "MidnightCavi" a.k.a "TheRequiem" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this what we have as of right now I actually spoke to the piece of S*it on Sunday and he told me it was suppose all be a big joke. Well NOT laughing you misserable excuse for a human being..... He said after it was posted up by the time he got on it was like 9 pages long and he didn't know what to do. Well heres an idea you could have let us before almost a year later like maybe one day after it was posted say hey all i'm not dead it was a big misunderstanding someone is playing a prank,something like that might have been nice. Well as all of you can see I am pretty pissed about this situation. I want all of you to know that I would in NO way knowingly attempted to mjislead any of you. I just wanted to say that if anything if I had known sooning I would have told all of you before this. Thank you Snake for making my job a little easier. I hope this does not reflect badly on me or my team but if it does well that for all of you to decide. Thanks -Twisted
  3. I personally wish to appoloigze for this unfortunate situation I know find myself and my team in. Myself nor any member of my team had any prior knowledge of these events. As Snake stated when the whole thing went down myself,Snake,and Creed had our boubts to the credibilty of this member having died as we could find no evidence to support the claims made by who at the time we all thought was deceacds son. We could also find no evidence to discredit it as well so we took it as fact being that it was comming from the mans son,that we have know found out was him all along. This man with his actions have caused many people much grief,I hope that God has mercy on his soul when he does actually die...... Thanks -Twisted
  4. He was playing under other names and saying to us he was his sone we all had our doubts but we took it for what it was worth. The man that we all thought this person might be was to our knowledge dead and gone. To find out about this lie of massive proportion on Sunday was the most unforgiveable thing i have ever heard of. We have since banned all his IP addresses as well as removed any post made by this discusting human being. I tried to help out a young kid who we all thought had lost his father and had it turn around and bite me right in the ass. Just goes to show you,you never know who people really are.....
  5. The Dark Asylum would like to wish all of our cellmates and friends a safe and happy holiday season. See you all in the new year. Merry ChrismaKhaunaQuanzRamada to all -Twisted Dark Asylum Soul
  6. Sorry my spelling still sucks..... ;D
  7. I would like to send out a formal appoligy to Snake Doctor and Creed for my comments I was just screwing around sorry if it was taken wrong. I hope nothing but the best for BOU and would like to bury the hatchet between us if that is possible. For almost a year we all work side by side and now it's like you all hate me or something. Well anyways before people reading start gagging over the mushyness of this post i will just say that I ma sorry for how thing went down I wish they had gone differently. Thanks -Twisted BTW the sigs still look awsome....lolj/k
  8. I wanted to let all of you know about revscotts new COD topsites you can have your site rated and promoted just like the socom top sites check it out Dark Asylum and a many other clans have already signed up,and I figured with UF going COD it would be a good place to advertise for your tournament and other clans sites. Well hope to see you all there. Later -Twisted
  9. Wow you know what there Big-D snake doctor whatever your calling yourself I'm not even going to respond to that but to say grow up. No it's cool I was just feeling unloved and it made me sad :'(. I guess I can hang up with the suicide hotline now. ;D Anyways we have submitted our application to the COD UF tournament should be a lot of fun hope to see you all there. BTW Nice sig Snake looks very familiar
  10. Wow not one response damn I guess I an my team are not welcome here. Well sorry to waste your alls time. ???
  11. In my oppinion a great web site requires two things. 1. Presentation IE the look,feel,and flow of the site. 2. Creativity to do the same old thing as everyone else doesn't make you stand out you just blend in like part of the scenery. I don't know about all of you but the camo soldier theme has been played to death! Every clan out there with the exception of some have all the same look some soldier standing holding a gun or the camo theme. I think it is time to start to use our creative sides and take clan web sites in a hole new direction. Take the camo box and blow it to hell!!!! Just my oppinion thought I would way in on the topic since it is something I hold very dear to me. I like allot of other people have put allot of time and effort into the design of my clans web site. It is always a work in progress but it is a labor of love well for me atleast. If any of want to stop by and give me some insight I would appriciate it. I just want to see what people think of all the hard work me and my team have done. Thanks for your time. Later -Twisted
  12. I wanted to stop by to let all of you know that I Twisted.Cross aka HIGHWAY as most of you already know have left WeT sometime ago and I have built my new clan in my image. The Dark Asylum is a place for all to feel comfortable and hangout we have an arcade with some pretty cool games. I will be doing some contests and other things to keep things interesting. So feel free to stop by register to the forums and check us out. BTW Sniper the site is looking awsome man. If you get a chance stop by I may have some business for you,not like you need it though ;D Later -Twisted
  13. I would like to invite all of you to enter our sanctuary of solitude. We have been very busy making it as cozy as possible for all who enter. You can find our Asylum here Thank you all for taking time out of your busy days to stop by. We at the Asylum are always delighted to have fresh meat! I mean guests in our dungeons or I mean ahh home hahahaha Remember when entering the Asylum keep your hands and feet to yourselves. You don't want to loose them.
  14. It`s a little mean but what the hell,we actually enjoy voting him out of our rooms he is a loud mouth shit disturber,and doesn`t know when to shut the hell up. Sadly I thought we could change him but alas no such luck,I took great pleasure in booting him from the clan and banning him from the forums,ahh revenge is sweet! Im glad we are all on the same page about this assklown,we should start a website called then we can talk shit about him all day long,on second thought to hell with that just vote him it`s more fun. Later HIGHWAY
  15. Will do man,good luck to all of you kill a few for me. Later HIGHWAY