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  1. Hope this makes it out before the next "End of the World." Thought I knew how to embed a video. Guess not. Anyway, the trailer looks sweet.
  2. I'm not a huge soccer fan but this was a sweet goal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcLI7Py6xlY
  3. I was at work and was just looking around and noticed that the place looked perfect for a game map. I was just going through the place thinking this would be sweet on BO's or some other game. Here's some images of the place I work on a rainy day at night. Anyone wanna share their place that would make a killer map? http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/6cd5a455.jpg http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/51455542.jpg http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/d201f578.jpg http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/e07e48f6.jpg http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/7e0a4d50.jpg http://i976.photobucket.com/albums/ae249/wrathupload/6f9aa258.jpg
  4. So i signed up for TheTester. I havnt noticed another topic regarding votes and what not.. but I guess i will be the first to post my account and beg for votes! lol Anyways i would imagine others will post links for UF votes here too.. it would be sweet if one of our UF people was reppin on the show! http://casting.thetester.com/inadub
  5. How did everyone like it? I already know most have seen it or are going to see it. I enjoyed it from beginning to end it was great in 3D. I enjoyed the Cat man he was awesome, the whole scene at the end with the Chess board epic too. It was acted really well too, I also would like to make sweet love to Alice...<.< >.>....well what she's legal duh. The Mad Hatter was awesomely crazy man haha, the hare was freaking funny too lol. It was a good mix of sinister and niceness? Lol well I liked it and it was worth the watch. What was with that dance man? Was it really needed at that moment lol...it was funny in the court yard though lol...
  6. I am tired of the old JyK template and don't have the time nor the experience to make what I think would be good enough for the clan. I have made about 20 and never was comfortable with them. I looked at the one below in this thread that someone recently did and it was pretty nice. So from Myself, Junk and the rest of JyK we ask for any idea's or examples any of you may have. I know Junk is buying a new site soon. We have talked about something like the U but it will be old by the time we get it. Plus several people have it. I always like RAVENS personally the most. So something like that would be sweet. Even without the bird flying in the background. Sigs are like cell phones. They go out of date in a year. In no hurry! Thanks
  7. Anyone watch that game? Drew Brees was quite fearless, and picked apart the pats defense...
  8. this is kinda an average saturday night thought id share some pics with you guys SOME SWEET ROBES dont lie you know imma pimp on this bike this jerk breaks the windshield wiper and i had to fix it in the pouring rain we had a noreaster hit us this weekend me and breanna on the couch with the skitzo dog im not sure wuts going on in this one me and breanna messin around waitin for someone to finish gettin ready so yea thats all imma share with you guys how bout you guys lets bring up the level of closeness here on urgent fury share some pics cmon you guys cant look that bad
  9. Anyone else been having this problem? Even since the psn update and MW2 i cant seem to sync trophies.. any advice would be sweet!
  10. James Butler of St. Louis intercepted a Matt Stafford pass in the end zone to stop a Detroit drive, which was sweet. Rather than kneeling for a touchback, Butler ran out of the end zone, was surrounded, then ran back into the end zone where he was tackled for a safety.
  11. CpDude05

    Netflix on Xbox

    WOW! Why didn't I get this earlier?? I love it, all the movies I can watch and tv shows. All for 8.99 a month, SWEET. There is a party thing i noticed, what do you do with it??
  12. I just watched the 2nd Transformer movie and I can't decide which movie I lusted I mean liked Megan in the best. Although the Cut offs on the motorcycle was sweet. And how during the big transformer battle did her white clothes stay clean and her make-up stay in place. Anyways...
  13. Wanted to give Tool_Minion some props on hooking my signature up...made some changes for me and it looks sweet! Here is the before image.. And the after is my siganture. So once again Tool...thanks for fixing me up!
  14. http://technology.todaysbigthing.com/2009/09/29 This is going to be so F**ing sweet !!
  15. Hey Mikejaxon can you make me a socom sig with the Name x_dead_eye_x in it. And the clan tag {opK}. And if you can make it with a cool frame that would be sweet. And I guess some Blue, black, red, and grey is the colors i want. let me know if you can do it. thanks!!
  16. Guest

    New Socom map pic leaked?

    i believe they said is in photoshopped, but would be sweet IMO to have this map....
  17. fuckin sweet!. really cool, so far. some of the powers that are unaccessable look pretty bitchen. its a definate rent, maybe even a buy. regardless its fuckin kickass fun. oh, and ive been curious for awhile, has anybody else seen the movie, "repo: the genetic opera"?
  18. FREAKIN YAAA BABY!!! Anyone that is around my age (36) remembers and LOVES G.I. JOE. This movie looks sweet! http://www.gijoemovie.com/
  19. Check them out Multiple Target made them for me. Its sweet. What do you think?
  20. So i know everyone is all hyped about Killzone 2, but i wanted to post up that Gamelobby has gone thru a make over, & i think it looks pretty fukin sweet.! I'm guessing with all this talk, KZ2 might make its way to UF.. (if it stays hot) Would you guys be interested in a KZ2 ladder.? (outside the game, or is it unneccessary.?)
  21. You are such a GLITCHER!! LoL j/p What I wanted to know what do you use to record and play in HD? I thought those videos you added to the PSN forums were sweet and were they in HD if not that's some nice quality you got there. Also anyone who records in HD and play in HD can respond to this I just saw Shane's videos posted and rather just go over to the cBF site and ask him I thought we all coulde use this info!!
  22. Do you drink diet soda? Do you use artificial sweeteners (equal, spoonful, nutrasweet)? If so you may want to to look at this page. The story told at the bottom of the forum is incredible. What exactly is this s**t they are feeding us? I'd like to know what you all think of it. http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?p=702969 know this has nothing to do with socom whatsoever....but wake up people! Oh yeah, it's in pretty much in every gum marketed today.
  23. I'd like to thank TooL M inion from [RVN] for the sweet new sig. Guy's PS skills have gotten amazing.
  24. Anyone have this game? Its SWEET!! I love it. I was playing at my boys house. I missed games like these. Anyone want to play online?
  25. That kid kicked a 57 yard field goal.!! It was sweet because it was "the winning kick" but turned out they didn't need it. lol

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