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  1. You guys are an awesome clan, good luck next time. It was a privilege to play with you guys.
  2. Does anyone know if they're going to release a demo on PSN, and when that's coming out?
  3. I quit 2 years ago lol.. my character's been deleted. Once you stop paying the monthly fee, SE keeps your account alive for.. like 3 or 5 months.
  4. :-X No I just have my ps3 here, and I have no idea where my FFXI discs are. I want to play it on my laptop though..
  5. OHHHHHHHHHHHH OKAY I thought they changed the subjob cap to 30
  6. Whoa whoa wait, they changed the subjob from 37 to 30!?!?!?
  7. Lol... I'll agree it's impossible to completely beat.. It takes forever, trust me. My only advice is to Level up BRD That's the #1 most wanted job as far as I know. I have BRD friends that have gotten 75 in a few months Of course, they had another 75 job.. so they knew how to do everything. When you get to level 50-55-60-65-70 You have to do the stupid Genkai (level cap) missions. Which suck ._. The level 70 one you have to fight a guy named Maat, who is whatever job you are. You aren't allowed to use a subjob. He uses the weapon skills of a monk (So you better hope he doesn't use Asuran's Fists)
  8. ;D o Roses o Wrote a card o A huge stuffed wolf plushie - Olive Garden - Movies at home - Cuddle - More cuddle - Sleep - IHOP =3 I can't see my valentine this weekend unfortunately =/ I had fun last weekend though =)
  9. Not if you're a BRD / RDM / WHM =)
  10. They ban the players that use the game to make profit. Everyone else was given multiple chances.
  11. That should help you out.
  12. To start off, look up the recipe for beeswax. Farm all the beehive chips yourself on a certain mountain in North Gustaberg (Bastok) It's a good profit because all you need is beeswax, distilled water, which you can buy from an NPC in bastok mines for really cheap, and fire crystals.
  13. It depends on what you're trying to do with it.
  14. Goldsmithing's a waste of money The only way you'll ever make money in GS is at level 100+3 I suggest alchemy.
  15. REALLY!? it used to be 13 a month when I played. +1$ for every character slot other than the first
  16. I'd really like to, I just don't have the plastic at the moment to do the monthly fee.
  17. That was a good two years ago =) I gave up after my endgame linkshell basically robbed me Leader took off with the LS storage character with like.. 300Mil on it and went to another server If you ever have.. like questions about the game I can always answer them, although I quit around the time the third expansion pack out.. so I don't know much about any of that stuff.
  18. 3 years... 250days worth of hours. Rank 10 Bastok Mithra 75DRG/75BRD/75SAM Alchemy 100+3 Sky and Sea access .....Yeah
  19. We raised money alright, but our of the donations we made, we sent the DIRECTLY to American Cancer Society
  20. I'm going to laugh so hard if it sucks. "Back to Socom 2 guys!"
  21. This is Socom we're talking about guys, I'll believe it when It's in my PS3