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  1. I dont care, im getting a part time job this summer, and saving up for Killzone 2, Socom, Borderlands.... and anything else that comes out!
  2. Well, i remember reading a game informer magazine about Borderlands... All i have to say... Holy shit, over 500,000 DIFFERENT GUNS?!!! You'd have to spend like 24/7 of your summer just inorder to experience 1000 of those guns. then to top it off, it has 500,000 different item / armor variations... thats mad crazy, and this game has 4 player online co-op.... For once, a FPS RPG that looks like its gonna kick ass, cant wait for when it comes out this September!
  3. I think the 20-foot wall is to simulate roping down from a Black Hawk. But i agree with the push up part, except for the fact that it increases your endurance and how much pressure areas of your body can handle.
  4. Ya Macoo, definatly should have mandatory service, but people are going to bitch and moan if we tried that. they'd probally say the government is taking away their rights and freedoms (Damn the founding fathers for having that in there) and say that the US is like the new Facism... Personally i think that if you want the right to vote, u gotta serve in the Armed forces.. Earn your rights.
  5. i lol'd right there. But we should bring the draft back, people Should fight for their country, not hide back at home and bitch about the war and how the troops are handling it. Second i get surgery on my ears im off to the Marine recruitment center faster then you can salute.
  6. Well, i've had my 60GB PS3 since launch and havnt had this problem, and i use a wired connection, but whenever i do use a wireless, i got 100% connection strength, so no problem.
  7. damnit tool, i thought i told u APCers not to say No on the thread. -.-
  8. if i wasnt hearing impaired, i would be in that Marine Recruitment officer faster then u can salute :/
  9. 11 views and no replies, You all afraid of the Deafy?!!! or are you avoiding him? :'(
  10. I smell shit... Jack Thompson must be behind that...
  11. So, who here is going to get it?
  12. I just Hope the 2nd one would have the damn subtitles -.-