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  1. I made this parody to show my dissatisfaction of socom 4 being delayed by Zipper. It is not the best Hitler parody on the internet, but I am sure everyone will get a laugh or two from this video.
  2. I can't stand anything that comes out of philly or boston. I remember watching part of one of the games in this series ... and I just asked myself "Maybe the will both lose?"
  3. The reason why I hate network TV, they just cancel shit without resolving anything. I never watched the show ... I don't watch a lot of TV because of this. I mean why ever get into the plot of a show when they just cancel things without resolving the plot.
  4. I restate my previous post. Penny stocks are not a good place "to get your feet wet." If you are a long way to retirement, save a few hundred dollars a month in a ROTH IRA. Even $100 a month is good if you are young. If you do it right, by the time you are ready to retire the money you make in the Roth IRA can be withdrawn tax free. My last post in this thread.
  5. penny stocks are a scam, if you want to lose your money go ahead and try them out. Most companies that trade on the pink sheets and bulletin board do not have anytype of business operation. Insiders sell stock to people like you and get rich. They pay to have their stocks promoted on various website, these payments are ofen in stock. These companies trade at pennies for a reason. If you have some decent coin, go talk with a financial adviosr and they will get you on a plan so that you can retire one day when you get older. Open a roth IRA with any money you want to play with. Buy yourself some shares of Google or something like that and in 20 years you will have a nice nest egg. I am a stock trader for a large brokerage firm and have seen the fraud mentioned above many times. Here is a great link from the SEC regarding micro cap stocks
  6. Penny stocks are a scam, DO NOT get involved in that mess
  7. Are these launch PS3 that are breaking or newer ones?
  8. Devil's Disciples is a socom only clan, we are on every night. We are looking to set up a scrimmage on Wednesday night.,62.0.html
  9. and the MPAA says piracy is taking all their money?
  10. lX-OSCEOLA-Xl

    The Wire

    The Wire was modern day Shakesphere There was a story within the story. Omar was the best character ever. They know when to end a series, I think FOX can take a lesson with what they did to prison break.
  11. lX-OSCEOLA-Xl

    Who dat

    Who dat is done. Go Bucs