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  1. I love this dam game ;D I can't wait I do admit it does take a clip to kill someone but I mean come on guys lets admit we are a bit spoiled from COD becuz I kno for sure the BF on PS2 was the same way and the lag come on fellas its a demo but thats jus my opinion loved the ps2 version and can't wait for the ps3 version to come out
  2. I jus hope its not disney dollars lol lol jk jk couldn't help it but yea Imma do it and good luck dude Im paying 4 college now and I would gladly help anyone who has to pay 4 it in the future ;D
  3. 1 dog a british bulldog named pj my mom named him but he's cool and yes if u want to kno its true they really do sleep all day and get up to eat and use the bathroom
  4. congrats LPK u guys deserve it
  5. personally I say Ill because of how amazing they play together and how seriously they kicked our asses BUT!!!!! I would be all to happy to hear someone finally beat them so because I think they might win they are not who Im rooting for GO LPK!!!! give em Hell
  6. lol thats cool didnt hurt to ask but I understand y now that I think about it no ones wants to give away play style thanks for at least responding lol ;D
  7. Im sure u gonna say no but I wanted to kno can people outside of those clans spectate the championship game for the crucible because it must be pretty amazing watching 2 teams from their division battle it out just thought I would ask but I have a feeling I kno the answer
  8. I jus would like to give my hat off to ILL they were a great team and Im glad I had the pleasure to play against them I learned alot from them tonight and thanks everyone I hope to see everyone in RA and ILL good luck for the rest of tournament and thanks again
  9. SXB I truly respect u guys cuz even when it seemed we would win u showed us the definition of heart with those comebacks in Bog Im glad to have played a team like u guys and I will try to to learn from u and have as much heart in our next match