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  1. The first match we play on UF, and the first match we lost in the UF as well ;D ;D ;D Good team, at least more organized then us Hope to play you guys in the RIOT ACT
  2. I'm really glad we got into curcible, and I have a lot of respect to all the clan in here the best matches my team ever played in this place,,, much respect to all of you again This place got my Clan back together after a huge drama, I was almost dispanding the CoD4 section until the guys got me into signing in here and take it as a last chance thank you UF staff for a great tournament,,, and I hope to play you all again in other tournaments BHZ Clan leader Handsome_Devil
  3. go to them with a copy of the papers you have that says its refundable, and try striate them out,,,, if it doesn't work sue them ;D ;D ;D
  4. can you give me the model number for your headset ?
  5. Black Tide Division iLL vs BHZ = BHZ DOM vs CBS = CBS TDH vs AoA = TDH DSY vs SHO = SHO Sidewinder Division Dark vs SWFT = Dark ---> vs OGC = ---> DV8 vs APC = DV8 DSM vs LPK = LPK
  6. well, I know when you are not on a chat or not on a game your PS3 disconnect the headset,,,, some headset allow the auto turn on, which is good for the PS3, and some doesn't,,,, maybe thats the problem you have,,,,,, now if its I advice you to get Motorola's headset, they have the best,,,, if its not then please let me know and I will see what I can find about this problem,,,,,
  7. Slow down there Belichick, we don't want you videotaping our gameplay from the sidelines. relax, I won't do so, I understand how you guys would like your tactics to stay only for you,,,, if I recored a game play its always my game play while I play,,, and i only use it for my clan purpose to learn from our mistake never had anything on public but two or three things, warhawk small practice, and a movie trailer we are making for CoD4
  8. I can't wait to play you guys again in the RIOT ACT, its going to be even more intense
  9. I've read in one topic, you can't give a CR permission to two CR section in the forums,so I research around for a bit. as I thought, you can use the group permission to make a clan rep able to access two sections,,, here is what I actually found and here is the site :- hope that help you guys to control the forums,,,,
  10. recored my game play, r u crazy ;D ;D ;D you want me to show my dominating skills and ideas to public, MOWAHAHAHAHA but if the UF allow me to spectate the game, yeah sure why not, I would do that
  11. What if I don't have ammo any more ;D ;D ;D
  12. true, but winning is fun as well :P However; thanks for the advice, it really helps.