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Found 19 results

  1. I saw this last night and it's the freakiest thing I think I have ever seen. I thought being a fish was bad. But being an Ant can be bad too. What happens is a certain type of Fungus can attach itself to the Ants. And when infected enough the fungus takes over the ant. His brain everything. It will make the ant climb up into the trees and attack itself to a branch and wait for the fungus to grow through the Ants body. It even makes the ant get into the right position for the Sun. Video Below.
  2. Finally, I'm going to get my Sunday's back! Right after the premiere of DEXTER comes 'Homeland': <br>A taut psychological thriller about a volatile CIA officer (Emmy® winner Claire Danes) who becomes convinced that a recently rescued American POW may be connected to an al Qaeda plot to be carried out on U.S. soil. Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis also star. It Centers on Marine Sergeant Scott Brody, who returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson, a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. Here's a clip about it and I KNOW this is going to be the TV-series of the whole damn year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILpqK44jZHw Here's the Teaser-Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzqTQKzciUY
  3. A standard, even boring, piece of Chinese military propaganda screened in mid-July included what must have been an unintended but nevertheless damaging revelation: shots from a computer screen showing a Chinese military university is engaged in cyberwarfare against entities in the United States. The documentary itself was otherwise meant as praise to the wisdom and judgment of Chinese military strategists, and a typical condemnation of the United States as an implacable aggressor in the cyber-realm. But the fleeting shots of an apparent China-based cyber-attack somehow made their way into the final cut. ----------- http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/china-news/slip-up-in-chinese-military-tv-show-reveals-more-than-intended-60619.html
  4. I think I talked about this game before. The game has been evolving since last time. If you don't know about it basically... It's a strategy game... You build your base... build a defense... and build monsters. Then you can attack other peoples bases. Theres more to it then just that. Now they added a strategy map like Risk. You have territories you can take over from your neighbors. But now this month they have added Allies options. You can Ally with other people kind of like a clan and go to War with others. Basically what I'm asking is... Is anyone else playing this game? It would be cool if we could Ally up. I've been playing this game for about 6 months now and my bases are really built up. But since the Ally options were added it War has started. And my team is weak. Only 2 members. And I'm up against a 50 member team. But they don't know I have UF. So if anyone is playing and is into this game send me a friend invite. http://www.facebook.com/shelbyfurniture
  5. Anyone try this game? I got it for my daughter because I thought it would be easy and simple for her. Which it is and she's as good as a 4 yr old can be. But then there's levels where she can't get through and I have to help. OK here's the deal these Pigs have stolen the eggs of these birds. And there wanting to fry them up and eat them. Well the birds are angry because of the theft so there going on the attack. You have a mounted sling shot and you load up a bird and fling it at the pigs which are held up inside different constructions. And your object is to eliminate the pigs. Each time you do you progress to another level. So You have to figure out what angle to fling the bird and what to knock down. Fun little game on the PSN store.
  6. He makes the joke at 5:50 about the deer attack. http://www.thejaylenoshow.com/video/episodes/#vid=1177735 Crazy shit that it traveled so fast and far. Keep your comments to yourself prane LOL.
  7. Just saw a commercial for this on ESPN today and thought I'd pass it along. http://www.surprizeattack.com/
  8. Im not bashing you guys for the ads here as I do understand them, but this is the second time with this site that some virus thing tried to get on my computer. I only have three tabs open, my site, socom.com, and here so i know its my our site and socom.com it has to do with these ads. Anyone else experiencing this.
  9. Look at their status blog... http://status.twitter.com/ ;D ;D Employer's rejoice as workers are forced to actually work.
  10. Me I think I hate the Dogs worst. I have it down to where I can time there attack and stab them. But when there are 2 or more I usually get it. Or when I'm tired I can't get the timing down. If I shot them and miss I either get it by the dogs or else someone shoots me because I wasn't ready for them. But yeah for me it's the Dogs.... The Chopper doesn't always get me.
  11. doesn anybody here has this game... on PS3? if so shoot me a friend invite. X--Hellraiser--X it gets boring fighting damn noobs that use the same attack again and again and again and again and again and again.... and so they keep using the same character again and again hoping that maybe this time they'll win.
  12. Check it out. WOW..They said he walked off on his own. http://youtube.com/watch?v=yyeLrLrLA48
  13. I saw this kid do this the other night and I wanted to see if anyone knew exactly how to do it. It's an actual move and it came up on the screen. You use the thumb controls in a combination. I just noticed on the kill screen and it had the instructions but it was too quick for me to memorize. And I didn't see the kid do it I just noticed him killing guys that way lots of times. It was called Whip Lash...
  14. as most people my age (24)and older grew up watching wrestling wwf and wcw at the time. well any way i was reading the maxim while in the bathroom and came across the cris benoit story.and at the end it had all the dead wreslers their has been 64 deaths of people under 50 a short list of people i watched that i had know fucking clue and it blows my mind EDDIE GUERRO---HEART FAILURE -ACHOHOL/PAIN KILLERS/STERIODS(2005) OWEN HEART --FELL TO HIS DEATH (KNEW ABOUT THIS ONE)(99) BRIAN PILL MAN----BAD HEART --PAIN KILLERS FOUND AT THE SCENE EMPTY AND OPEN(1997) RICHARD ROOD(RAVISHING RICK ROOD)--USED ANIBOLIC STEROIDS-O.Ded on valium and steriod gamma(1999) BIG BOSS MAN-HEART ATTACK?? DAVEY BOY SMITH-(BRITISH BULLDOG)-HEART ENLARGEMENT --DUE TO YEARS OF STERIOD ABUSE BRIAN ADAMS--OVERDOSE BUNCH OF PILLS BAMM BAMM BIGELOW-HEART ATTACK--2007 YOKOZUMA--34 YEARS OF AGE -HEART ATTACK(2000) MR.PERFECT---COCAINE--(2003) EARTHQUAKE THOSE WERE JUST SOME OF THEM I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THESE GUYS EVER AND SOME OF THEM I WATCHED WITH MY POPS ALMOST EVRYNIGHT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I DONT WATCH WRESTLIN ANY MORE CUZ I AM OLDER AND GOT SHIT TO DO AND O YEAH IT IS STUPID AS HELL NOW.... just thought this was interestin
  15. Hollow Ground was eliminated tonight in their last ditch effort war in an attack on APC. Hollow Ground, you guys made a hell of a run in this tourney considering the stiff and eclectic opposition we brought in this time around. Hats off to the lot o' ya and I'm hoping to see some of your guys in the upcoming Breakout and Black III tourneys. Take care. Give 'em a hand!
  16. Can Heliports attack bordering cities? Be it another heliport or HQ city? Is our HQ vulnerable to attack only from borderin HQ's ? Can POW camps attack bordering cities?
  17. URGENT! THIS JUST IN! We just received word that Commander Fury's humvee was hit in a roadside attack on his way to HQ. The Commander was on his way to deliver the latest intel for the week. The podcast may be late today but we are sending some back-up units to his location as we speak. Stay tuned... HQ out
  18. Guest

    How Army policy began

    This is how Army policy all begins... Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under it. Before long, an ape will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the Banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the apes with cold water. After a while, another ape makes an attempt with the same result - all the apes are sprayed with cold water. Continue until, when another ape tries to climb the stairs, the other apes try to prevent it. Now, turn off the cold water. Now, remove one ape from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new ape sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his horror, all of the other apes attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted. Next, remove another of the original five apes and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm. Again, replace a third original ape with a new one. The new one makes it to the stairs and is attacked as well. Two of the four apes that beat him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs, or why they are participating in the beating of the newest ape. After replacing the fourth and fifth original apes, all the apes which have been sprayed with cold water have been replaced. Nevertheless, no ape ever again approaches the stairs. Why not? "Because that's the way it's always been around here." That's how Army policy begins...

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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