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  1. Hey TOOL how do I stop in-game msging?
  2. So I received an email from a guy on SOCOM about a month ago. This guy and his clan were up to all types of shady stuff when we were playing against them. Right before I added him to my block list he sent me a message. Evidently it was the last message I have received. Now every time I log in and it says "you have received a message" I check my inbox, and it says "you have no messages" anyone have this problem? SONY has been no help thus far.
  3. I have been lucky with all my gaming systems. I still have my original SNES, PS2 (with the 100$ hard drive I bought to download 3 maps), and my original PS3. Looking at my PS3 I'm thinking maybe I should wipe it down, lots of cat hair all over it.
  4. My wife read some of this and said you all are wussies:) Shes from Iceland btw, and it gets back where she is from in the winter. Canada has some of the coldest places on the planet right now. Edmonton, winnipeg etc...
  5. I have read all the fixes for the party issue, and they don't always work. When I try to send an invite to friends sometimes it says they are offline (yet they are msging me ) I'm not saying this game is broke or not great, it is AWESOME but when im unable to play with friends, or it takes 20 mins to party up it becomes aggravating. Single player is absolutely mind blowing (possibly best campaign mode of any game I've ever played). I hope they fix the party by Fri and this game will be just about perfect (need some clan support). All in all this games release is leaps and bounds ahead of my favourite game that has been around for a year.... So the only thing that will bring me back to SOCOM is cold front, oh wait we need 1.60 first :-\
  6. yeah i wonder how long would it take /6..cause IW can make 2 patches in less than a week. Thank God! This problem has made the game almost unbearable online.
  7. thats wut the on the fly challenge section is for mate hmmmmm. Thank you sir. if you want we can set up a scrimmage for wed or next weekend would be more then happy to help you out mate Wednesday is only good for us late (11pm est). If you want something earlier on the weekend we can do that?
  8. thats wut the on the fly challenge section is for mate hmmmmm. Thank you sir.
  9. We're a bunch a SOCRACK heads. Thanks for the offer though, and we will take you up soon on MW2!
  10. Trying to find web addresses, to challenge good clans to scrimmages.
  11. Where can I find the section that has all the UF clan addresses?
  12. One of my all-time favourites. http://www.socom.com/en-us/Blog/Post?id=280

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